Tattoo Artistry On Display: Top Tattoo Magazines

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or just to scope out the competition, the way to see the largest variety of quality art and artists is in the professional tattoo magazines. Of course, like all photography magazines, anything you see needs to be taken with a grain of salt, given the ubiquity of image editing software. If you can never seem to get your colors as bright or your whites as white as the ones in the magazines, take heart. They aren’t actually that bright, either. Still, you can get a sense of what out’s there, new challenges to take on, and new possibilities you never considered.

So, without further delay, the top tattoo magazines on the market today:

Tattoo Life and Tattoo Energy Magazines:

These are good all-around magazines, well regarded by the tattoo community. It aims to cover not just tattoo art, but tattoo culture in general.

Total Tattoo:

A British publication with an excellent reputation, this is a great source to see what they’re doing with tattoos across the pond.

Tattoo Flash:

As implied in the name, this magazine largely features tattoo flash art, that is, sample art on which tattoos are based. The art is submitted by artists from all over, and this is an opportunity to gain ideas from more artists than anywhere else, although since most photos are not of actual tattoos, their technical feasibility is untested. It is also ad-free, which is a nice touch.


The world’s most popular tattoo magazine, Tattoo is also one of the oldest. There may be others you come to prefer, but with art and interviews from the most famous tattoo artists anywhere, it is the standard that the others are measured against.

International Tattoo Art:

This is a magazine with overall great reviews, and is the best place to go to see a truly wide variety of tattoo art styles from all around the world. There are styles and techniques you can find to make your practice truly unique and interesting in your local tattoo community.

Tattoo Artist Magazine:

This is a magazine is truly devoted to the artistry of skilled tattooists. It is a made by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists, and if you really want useful information and inspiration, you could do a lot worse than with this magazine. It may not be the most entertaining ever, being a trade magazine, rather than one for the casual consumer, but it may be the best for a serious artist looking to get better.


Released by the same publishers as the venerable Tattoo magazine, Savage is targeted towards the serious body modification community, and contains examples of work which are definitely not safe for work. Still, it is well-regarded, especially for those with interests beyond just tattoo art.

Skin & Ink:

This magazine is published by the creators of Penthouse Magazine, and it has mixed reviews in the tattooist community. Thus, it is perhaps unexpected that its focus is largely on articles, and it has fewer photos than many other magazines. That said, if you don’t mind the mixed focus of the magazine, it may well be worth checking out.

Bound by Ink:

This magazine is fairly well-regarded, with decent artwork, but it is especially well-regarded for its articles and interviews.

Skin Art:

Heavily focused on tattoo photography, this publication is known not to shy away from the inclusion of highly disturbing art. If you really want to view some close up, vivid views of tattoo art without boundaries, this could be the magazine for you.

Rebel Ink:

A magazine tailored for those heavily into tattoo culture, it features many examples of full-body, extreme art. If you want inspiration from some of the most intricate designs out there.

Prick Magazine:

A tabloid-sized, monthly magazine, this has much of the same sort of content of any other tattoo magazine, with photos and interviews with a variety of tattoo artists. However, the way it stands out from all the others is the price: absolutely free. It may be smaller than the other magazines, but you know you’ll at least get your money’s worth.

Tattoo Revue:

Another old and well-established publication, Tattoo Revue is well-known for consistent quality over the years, and it is a solid choice whenever you are seeking tattoo art or interviews with quality tattoo artists.

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