So you are ready to become a tattoo artist huh?

Well, not so fast…

One thing at a time. Before you even start trying to tattoo, there are numerous things you need to do. The first and most important is educate yourself with as much tattoo knowledge you can. There are many ways you can do this, and we cover the ones you need below.

Take a look below to get started…

By educating yourself first, this will give you a solid working knowledge of the tattooing process, what to expect, and more. This will make things much easier to understand when you actually get out there and start tattooing…

1. The Elite Tattoo Artist Insider (Free Weekly Email Newsletter)

Elite Tattoo Artist InsiderThis is a great start for any new and interested tattoo artist. In this free email newsletter, a lot of essential ground is covered as far as becoming a tattoo artist is concerned. From, do you have what it takes to tattoo machines, inks, needles and more. If you haven’t started with any kind of information, this is highly recommended for beginners.
You can sign up for free here.




2. Elite Tattoo Pro (Online Tattooing Course)

Elite Tattoo Pro - Tattooing Course

Every new tattoo artist has to start somewhere. And the best place to start is with the right knowledge and information that they can refer to time and time again.

I’m talking about a “one-stop” instructional tattooing course that covers it all, including all the tiny details that make a tattoo artist great. Well, that course has finally arrived in the form of Elite Tattoo Pro.

This jam-packed course is what every new tattoo artist needs to get on the right path. Just about every detail of tattooing is covered in this comprehensive course from where to start, how to setup a tattoo machine, proper needle groupings, shading, coloring, safety practices, how to practice, landing an apprenticeship, troubleshooting, and even the best tattoo inks and machines to buy!

It’s all in there.



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