Tattoo Flash ImageAre You Looking For Amazing Tattoo Flash?

First of all, what exactly IS “Tattoo flash”?

Tattoo flash are tattoo designs that are printed or drawn onto paper, for the use in tattooing.

You will usually notice walls of tattoo flash in just about any tattoo shop. Or if not there, they will have them in large 3-ring binders for customers to flip through and choose from. A majority of the traditional tattoo flash were designed for quick and fast tattooing. These were either created by a single tattoo artist for display and/or to use in their own tattoo business. Or, they may also have been created to be sold or traded with other tattoo artists.

These days there are actual artists that do only tattoo flash, and sell them to artists or shops. This can be very lucrative for those tattoo artists.

Tattoo Flash Sizes…

When it comes to the actual sizes for tattoo flash, there are none. In fact, there is not a standard size because all tattoos are different sizes. I will say though that most tattoo flash sheets come on 11x 14 sized pages of paper or prints.

You will notice that some tattoo flash will come with an outline, and some won’t. If they do, these are basically considered “line drawings” for artists to work off of and are printed on their own separate piece of paper. This saves time for the artist to already have the outline in place.

Where to Find Flash To Use…

The majority of tattoo flash today can be found online. I’ve listed out some of the most popular sites online below this article for you to browse. What you do is go to the site and print out what you like, then take it to your favorite tattoo artist. There are literally thousands of designs to pick from. Just be sure that you have the rights to use the images or flash you print. Don’t take images from places like magazines or books, that may be copyrighted. The last thing you want to do is break copyright laws with your new tattoo.

You will find the tattoo flash on legit sites, like the ones below are safe to use and legal.

 Our Top Picks For Tattoo Flash…

Below we will list out some of our favorite resources for tattoo flash. These are all online resources that have extensive amounts of tattoo flash, and also, a high level of variety. These are the best of the best. Feel free to browse all of them and select which you think will work best for you. Here our our top four…

#1: Infinite Tattoos

Infinite Tattoos

Infinite Tattoos has over 15,000+ highly unique designs of flash to choose from. These span across 34 various categories as well. As soon as you join, you can select the images you want and simply print them out. You will also get two free bonuses as well: 500 Tattoo Designs and a Tattoo Ebook called, “You and Your Tattoo” (a $49 Value).
>>>>Read more about Infinite Tattoos here.


#2: Chopper Tattoo

Chopper Tattoo

Chopper Tattoo has been around for a while now, and for good reason. It is a very popular tattoo design/flash website consisting of a database with nearly 4000+ tattoo flash images to choose from. You can easily download and print out as many tattoo designs as you want. But you can also combine and create different tattoo designs to highly customize your own tattoo flash! The designs are updated fairly often, and you can choose from many categories as well!
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#3: Print My Tattoo

Print My Tattoo

With multiple awards and over 50,000 members, Print My Tattoo has become he Internet’s number #1 rated tattoo membership site online. You can easily search, save or even edit our collection of over 7,500 unique tattoo designs that are ready to be printed and used! These include not only tattoo flash designs, but tattoo meanings, celebrity tattoos and also designs in it’s own Ink Design database. PLUS tattoo videos, ebooks and a member area! Highly recommended!
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#4: Tattoo Me Now

Tattoo Me Now

Tattoo Me Now has also been around for quite some time. In fact, I think it may have been one of the first tattoo flash sites online, and it is still good. It has over 8000+ tattoo flash designs and 60,000 members! So yes, it’s big! It has a tattoo design gallery, a members photo gallery, high-resolution images, world class artists, a discussion forum and even tattoo videos!
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