The John Wick Tattoo and the Art of Good Movie Tats

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The John Wick movies continue to explode in popularity. And why not? Combining Keanu Reeves and tons of action is a recipe for a really fun picture.

Recently, fans have been discussing something else special about John Wick: his awesome back tattoo! Everyone wonders what it means and how it ties into the larger movie.

If you’re curious, keep reading to discover our breakdown of what the John Wick tattoo really means as well as our favorite cinematic tattoos!

The John Wick Tattoo

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There are actually several tattoos on this character’s back. The most prominent visual image, for example, are the praying hands at the center of his back. However, what captivated the most people was the text: “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.”

The text itself is Latin, but what does it mean? It turns out there are multiple interpretations of this.

A straightforward translation is “fortune favors the bold.” This is a classic phrase typically attributed to Virgil, and it basically means that good luck comes to those who are willing to take chances.

However, some people think the exact Latin phrasing means a slightly different translation. For example, Mike Smith thinks it more accurately says “Fortune will come to save the strong ones.” In context, this refers to Fortuna, a kind of goddess of luck, looking favorably upon those who show strength and resilience.

Now that you know about the John Wick tattoo, here are a few of our other fave movie tattoos.


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We’ve previously written about Jason Momoa’s awesome tattoos in Justice League and Aquaman. And in our opinion, they get a little cooler each time you see them.

While he has more tattoos than you can count in a single viewing, our favorite is the forearm tattoo. According to Momoa, this is meant to be interlacing shark teeth representing the spirit guardian of his family.

From Dusk Till Dawn

clooney tattoo

Image form Netflix Life

From Dusk Till Dawn is a very strange movie. It’s a vampire survival horror movie, but the plot takes its time unfolding. It stars George Clooney playing against type as a ruthless criminal who must fight the undead.

In the movie, he has one giant tattoo that runs from his arm up to his neck. It’s more visible when his clothes are torn, but even when he’s in a nice suit, you can see the badass tattoo peaking out.



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In the movie Wanted, Angelina Jolie is sporting a ton of tattoos. Here’s some fun trivia: many of those tattoos were already on her body, but a few were added for the movie.

On her back, we can glimpse animal tattoos, some sleek patterns, and some text. As for Jolie, her body was already covered in interesting ink before the film, including “strength of will” in multiple languages and inspirational quotes from playwright Tennessee Williams.

Final Thoughts

Now you know more about the John Wick tattoo and our other favorite silver screen tats. But do you know where you can get more of the best news from the world of tattoos?

Here at Tattooing 101, we have our fingers practically tattooed to the pulse of modern culture. Be sure to bookmark our site so you can stay in the know week after week!

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