Secrets of Juice WRLD’s Tattoos Explained


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Juice WRLD was just beginning to create a musical legacy for himself when he passed away on December 8th, 2019. Music fans have been grappling with that legacy even as they mourn an artist taken from us at far too young an age.

Interestingly, Juice WRLD impacted the world of ink as much as the world of music. And shortly before he died, he helped explain the story behind some of his wildest tattoos.

By understanding these stories, we can understand more about the man, the artist, and the legacy of Juice WRLD’s tattoos and his music.

A Numbers Game

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One prominent feature of the singer’s tattoos was the number “999.” It can be found on a flaming skull tattoo on his right hand and on his left wrist.

So, what’s the deal with the number? According to Juice WRLD, 999 was his lucky number. And if you spot any of his merchandise in the wild, you’re likely to see that number again.

Honoring Loved Ones


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One of the most powerful inspirations for any ink is the desire to honor our loved ones. And it turns out this drove multiple tattoos for the young singer.

On his right arm, he has a simple tattoo of the word “family.” The meaning here is obvious: it’s a reminder to focus on what is important, even when life is hectic and distracting.

Family aren’t the only loved ones that get a tattoo shout-out. He honored his girlfriend Ally Lotty with two different tattoos. The first was a bit of a pun: he has an arm tattoo that reads “I love A.L.L.” At first glance, it seems to be a general statement about loving the world. But when you see the periods, it’s clear that he is also loving and honoring his girlfriend.

She gets an even more explicit reference on his bicep. There, he has a tattoo reading “Ally’s World,” which Ally herself gushed about on Instagram.

Personal Values


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A few of Juice WRLD’s tattoos seem a bit short, and some of them may seem downright cryptic. In most cases, though, they help to reflect his personal values.

For example, the words “I’m Sorry” are tattooed on his left hand. This seems to be his way of apologizing to the world for any perceived offense.

One of his hands features the word “selfless” along with a cross. This seems to echo the values of Christianity, which we can also see with the angel tattoo on his chest. The most direct connection is his neck tattoo portraying the “Sacred Heart” of Jesus Christ.

His Struggle


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Perhaps the most bittersweet tattoo is the unfinished one on his left arm. It reads “Hellproof,” though it can be tough to read at first.

That’s because the tattoo is unfinished. The singer left it that way because he felt it symbolized his struggle and his journey, as if he had been through hell and came back to tell the story.

It’s an awesome story, but it serves as a sad reminder that the singer is now on a journey from which there is no return.

Juice WRLD’s Tattoos: The Final Word

We honor and respect Juice WRLD and anyone else who is an ambassador of ink. But do you know where you can find your next tattoo hero?

Come back to Tattooing 101 each week and we’ll hook you up with the latest news for all things tattoo ink!

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