How To Become a Tattoo Artist In 13 Easy Steps

Learning how to become a tattoo artist can be intimidating, but the true challenge is in learning it properly...

Tattooing For Beginners: 9 Simple Steps

All of us that are passionate about tattooing and wanted to learn the “fast and easy way.” But the...

The 4 Secrets to a Successful Tattoo Business

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How To Become a Tattoo Artist In 13 Easy Steps
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Tattooing For Beginners: 9 Simple Steps
Tattoo Business
The 4 Secrets to a Successful Tattoo Business

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Kentucky Scar Tattoo Ban: A Wild Ride

tattoo cover up self harm

Image from Scoop Whoop

Right now, the news is filled with stories about legislators regulating what people can do with their own bodies. However, no one expected that tattoo artists would be the next group to face such scrutiny!

Over in Kentucky, there was a recent push to ban covering up scars with tattoos. But what caused this proposal, and what ended up happening?

Keep reading to discover the answers!

Who Is Doing What?

tattoo missing nails scar

Image from Daily News

This proposal actually came from the Kentucky Health Department. And it was intended to keep anyone from covering up any kind of scar on their body with tattoos.

There were some good intentions to this proposal, but the vague wording meant it would be very disastrous for tattoo artists and those who love getting tattoos.

Fortunately, thanks to a vocal uprising from the community, this wild proposal may end up being a non-issue!

What’s the Motivation?

faded tattoo given color

Image from WKYT

The initial motivation was seemingly just to update state regulations on this matter. Because they hadn’t been updated in over 15 years, state officials thought it was time to update what people could (and couldn’t) do.

Another possible motivation concerned melanoma scars. Some officials were considered that people might attempt to hide these scars and that this would cause further trouble down the line.

If you’re wondering how this ended up affecting tattoos, it all comes down to some ambiguous phrasing on the state’s part.

How Does It Affect Tattoos?

tattoo scar cat tattoo

Image from The Popple

While keeping people from covering up melanoma scars may or may not be a good idea, the state did not specify what kind of scars they were talking about. And this is where it starts getting weird.

Thanks to their phrasing, nobody in the state would be able to cover up scars of any kind. This included covering up things like stretch marks from pregnancy, which is one of the most common tattoo coverup requests.

And it gets even weirder! At the most basic level, a tattoo is a permanent scar on your body. Under the state’s vague wording, people would not be able to get any kind of new tattoo to cover up an old one. After all, they would technically be “covering up a scar!”

Fortunately for tattoo artists and lovers, this story seems to have had a happy ending.

What Ended Up Happening?

tattoo mastectomy scar

Image from Tattoo Cloud

Recently, the state of Kentucky has seemingly backpedaled on the issue. Thanks to the massive public outcry against this proposal, they will be going back to the drawing board on this matter.

That means that while a new proposal may be incoming, it should not be so inclusive as to affect people getting tattoos for stretch marks and mastectomies. And, of course, the new proposal shouldn’t affect people who simply want to cover an old tattoo.

It’s our hope that the new proposal focuses on matters of health and not matters of appearance. After all, that’s what the state’s health department is supposed to be doing!

Kentucky Scar Tattoo Ban: Final Thoughts

The Kentucky incident isn’t entirely over. However, the state backpedaling on their vague wording shows how important it is for tattoo artists and lovers to speak out against the legislation that affects our lives.

Want to stay in the loop about other legal challenges to tattoo lovers? Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 and get the latest scoop each week!

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Tattoo History

“It’s Real” Tattoo: Ink and a Mission From God

black grey jesus tattoo

Image From Tattoodo

Many of us get tattoos to celebrate special moments from our lives. But what about a tattoo to celebrate special moments from the afterlife?

Recently, a California woman named Madie Johnson got a very unique “It’s Real” tattoo. And she said it commemorated her aunt getting a glimpse of heaven after the aunt died and was then brought back to life.

Of course, religion and tattoos have gone hand in hand since the very first tattoos. Keep reading to discover more of her story and the history of religious tattoos!

“It’s Real”


Image From Fox 35

Madie Johnson’s ink inspiration was her aunt, Tina Hines. And Tina’s story is really intense: she died multiple times and kept being shocked back to life.

When Tina woke up in the hospital, she couldn’t speak, so she wrote two simple words: “it’s real.” She later verified that she was talking about Heaven itself!

The tattoo Madie Johnson received recreates her aunt’s religious revelation right down to the handwriting. In this way, she is carrying on a very rich history of ink and religion.

Slaves to Saints

saint michael tattoo.jpg

Image From Tattoos Win

Tattoos have had a bad reputation for many years. One reason for this was simple: tattoos were often given to prisoners and other unsavory people to physically mark them for their alleged crimes.

Early Christians who were sent to work in places like mines often received tattoos on their heads as an extra punishment. They ended up getting the last laugh, though: later Christians proudly wore religious tattoos as a way of telling the world about their faith.

Tattoos played another surprising role in the lives of the faithful: they were the signs of someone going on the ultimate road trip!

Religious Road Trips


Image From Wikipedia

Christian pilgrimages were a very popular way for believers to strengthen their faith. Such journies have also been immortalized in pop culture through literature such as Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

The Christians who went on these early pilgrimages typically got tattoos for two reasons. First, tattoos were seen as a form of protection: some of the faithful felt tattoos could ward off evil forces as they made their long pilgrimages.

Second, these tattoos served as the ultimate memento of the journey. Just like modern tattoo lovers, Christians would get tattoos in exotic destinations so they would have a permanent memento of their special trip!

Modern Faith, Modern Ink

bible arm tattoo

Image From Pinterest

How does the modern world mix Christianity and tattoos? With a lot of creativity!

Some people get 3D tattoos to illustrate the Bible lurking beneath their skin. Others get Soundwave tattoos that allow them their very bodies to make “a joyful sound unto the Lord” wherever they go.

As long as there are believers, there will be cool ways of displaying faith via tattoos. And modern Christians are finding new ways to carry on spiritual traditions that have occurred for millennia!

“It’s Real” Tattoo: The Bottom Line

We’ll be honest: we haven’t ever died and been brought back to life, and we don’t have our own “It’s Real” tattoo. But we still like to tell everyone about what’s “real” in our eyes!

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 to hear more tattoo stories to inspire and amaze. And of course, we’re always happy to provide ideas for your next tattoo!

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The John Wick Tattoo and the Art of Good Movie Tats

john wick measurig

Image from Digital Trends

The John Wick movies continue to explode in popularity. And why not? Combining Keanu Reeves and tons of action is a recipe for a really fun picture.

Recently, fans have been discussing something else special about John Wick: his awesome back tattoo! Everyone wonders what it means and how it ties into the larger movie.

If you’re curious, keep reading to discover our breakdown of what the John Wick tattoo really means as well as our favorite cinematic tattoos!

The John Wick Tattoo

john wick tattoo.jpg

Image from Youtube

There are actually several tattoos on this character’s back. The most prominent visual image, for example, are the praying hands at the center of his back. However, what captivated the most people was the text: “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.”

The text itself is Latin, but what does it mean? It turns out there are multiple interpretations of this.

A straightforward translation is “fortune favors the bold.” This is a classic phrase typically attributed to Virgil, and it basically means that good luck comes to those who are willing to take chances.

However, some people think the exact Latin phrasing means a slightly different translation. For example, Mike Smith thinks it more accurately says “Fortune will come to save the strong ones.” In context, this refers to Fortuna, a kind of goddess of luck, looking favorably upon those who show strength and resilience.

Now that you know about the John Wick tattoo, here are a few of our other fave movie tattoos.


aquaman arm tattoo.jpg

Image from MensXP

We’ve previously written about Jason Momoa’s awesome tattoos in Justice League and Aquaman. And in our opinion, they get a little cooler each time you see them.

While he has more tattoos than you can count in a single viewing, our favorite is the forearm tattoo. According to Momoa, this is meant to be interlacing shark teeth representing the spirit guardian of his family.

From Dusk Till Dawn

clooney tattoo

Image form Netflix Life

From Dusk Till Dawn is a very strange movie. It’s a vampire survival horror movie, but the plot takes its time unfolding. It stars George Clooney playing against type as a ruthless criminal who must fight the undead.

In the movie, he has one giant tattoo that runs from his arm up to his neck. It’s more visible when his clothes are torn, but even when he’s in a nice suit, you can see the badass tattoo peaking out.



Image from Gossip Rocks

In the movie Wanted, Angelina Jolie is sporting a ton of tattoos. Here’s some fun trivia: many of those tattoos were already on her body, but a few were added for the movie.

On her back, we can glimpse animal tattoos, some sleek patterns, and some text. As for Jolie, her body was already covered in interesting ink before the film, including “strength of will” in multiple languages and inspirational quotes from playwright Tennessee Williams.

Final Thoughts

Now you know more about the John Wick tattoo and our other favorite silver screen tats. But do you know where you can get more of the best news from the world of tattoos?

Here at Tattooing 101, we have our fingers practically tattooed to the pulse of modern culture. Be sure to bookmark our site so you can stay in the know week after week!

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Contaminated Ink Devastates Tattoo Industry

contaminated ink header image.jpg

Image from Fox News

Nothing travels like bad news. Recently, the tattoo industry got the kind of news that affects every tattoo artist and consumer throughout the world.

The FDA has discovered contaminated ink that has been sent to countless tattoo shops. Once this ink enters into your body, things can go from bad to worse.

Want to learn more about this story, including how to keep yourself safe? Just keep reading to discover the answers!

What Is “Contaminated Ink?”


Image from My State Line

The phrase “contaminated ink” is nice and scary. But it leaves an obvious question: just what is the contamination, anyway?

Long story short, this refers to any tattoo ink that contains microorganisms. And the process of getting a tattoo means that you may be at risk of letting these dangerous microorganisms inside your body.

If you’re wondering how dangerous “dangerous” really is, we’ve got the scoop below.

What Problems Does It Cause?

infected tattoo contamined ink.jpg

Image from CBS News

First of all, anyone getting contaminated ink in their bodies is at risk here. This isn’t one of those cases where you have to be especially allergic or sensitive to particular substances.

Anyone can get an infection from contaminated ink. And this can lead to lesions, rashes, and other skin issues in areas where the ink came in contact with your skin.

More concerningly, this can sometimes lead to permanent scarring on your body. It’s a pretty terrifying thought: people go to tattoo artists to help make their skin even more beautiful. And contaminated ink puts them at risk of walking away with rashes, lesions, and scars.

Where Does It Come From?

contaminated ink dynamic

Image from

Many tattoo lovers understandably panicked when they first heard about contaminated ink. Fortunately, we’ve got some good news: the FDA has already narrowed down some of the manufacturers that are to blame for this.

So far, the contaminated ink culprits include Scalp Aesthetics, Dynamic Color, and Color Art. Furthermore, we should emphasize that only certain ink colors from these companies have been found to contain contaminated ink.

As scary as it is to discover such a threat, it’s good to know that it’s being contained. And there are additional measures you can take to stay safe if you so choose.

How Can I Be Safe?

contaminated ink being safe.jpg

Image from 5 News

In the short term, it’s pretty easy to stay safe from contaminated ink. Make sure you go to only reputable tattoo artists and voice your concerns before getting any work done. They should be able to ease your fears and show you that they aren’t using any of the contaminated colors.

In the long term, it will be even easier: an outbreak such as this is almost certainly going to lead to more intense tattoo regulations in the United States, Europe, and beyond. While this will hopefully keep consumers safe, it may change how tattoo artists do business over the next few years.

Contaminated Ink: Final Thoughts

Now you know more about the contaminated ink. But do you know how to stay on top of all the breaking news from the world of tattoos?

Here at Tattooing 101, we bring you the best in breaking news and breathtaking art. Be sure to bookmark our page today to stay on top of all things inky!

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Embroidery Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know

homer simpson embroidery tattoo

Image from Bored Panda Daily

Here at Tattooing 101, part of what we love about tattoos is that artists are always figuring out how to do something new. The latest example of this is the embroidery tattoo.

This tattoo style virtually exploded in popularity almost overnight. And many people are still wondering, “just what the hell are these tattoos and what makes them so cool?”

We did the research and found everything you need to know. Keep reading to discover the answers!

What Is an Embroidery Tattoo?


Image from Shareably

There isn’t much of a secret to embroidery tattoos. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a tattoo meant to look as if it was embroidered directly onto your skin.

So, what’s the allure of these tattoos? They add special three-dimensional depth (more on this in a moment) and are relatively new in terms of widespread popularity. That means that plenty of folks who want to stand out with their ink are embracing embroidery as an option.

A New Kind of 3D

stitch embroidery tattoo

Image from Tattoo World

The basic idea of 3D tattoos is not new. That leaves the obvious question: what separates these embroidery tattoos from other 3D tattoos?

“Depth” is the answer. Most 3D tattoos use a combination of light and shadows to make it seem like the tattoo is inside of you. That makes them a popular option for people who get tattoos showing off bones, robotic skin, or other things seemingly right under their skin.

Embroidery tattoos are meant to stand out and, like a patch embroidered onto a jacket, look as if they are sticking out of the skin. And we can’t deny that these tattoos make an immediate impression when you see them!

Worlds Collide


Image from Shareably

Of course, ink lovers are fond of getting into what tattoos mean to them. And sure enough, there is a special significance behind this tattoo type. Specifically, it is the fusion of two different worlds.

On the surface level, these tattoos feel very modern. It’s a trendy new style and a way for younger tattoo fans to stand out from their elders.

However, embroidery tattoos are also firmly tethered to the past. Many people grew up learning how to stitch elaborate patterns with their parents and grandparents. With embroidery tattoos, those fond memories of creating something new will be with the person forever.

What’s the Style?


Image from Beme This

When any new kind of tattoo becomes popular, we get the same question: “what’s the best style for these tattoos?”

While people can (and do) get just about everything as an embroidery tattoo, we prefer nature-inspired imagery. For example, flowers make a great choice because the patterns are beautiful and hypnotic.

Similarly, animals make for great subjects. Cute creatures get even cuter when you embroider them (just ask Winnie the Pooh), and a whimsical choice like this for a tattoo makes for a great conversation piece.

Embroidery Tattoos: Final Thoughts

Now you know more about the craze behind embroidery tattoos. But do you know where you can discover the next hot thing in the world of ink?

Here at Tattooing 101, we stay on top of all the news you can use when it comes to tattoos. Bookmark our page today so you can experience our weekly updates!

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Yoji Harada: The Passing of a Tattoo Legend

yoji harada 1

Image from Oh No They Didn’t

The world of tattoos is a world of legends. Beyond the amazing ideas and awesome ink are the talented tattoo artists that help bring everything to life.

Yoji Harada was one such legend. Unfortunately, he died on March 26th, 2019, at only 46 years of age.

Here at Tattooing 101, we believe the best way to celebrate a legacy is to take joy in someone’s life instead of mourning their passing. That’s why we put together our own memorial here for Yoji Harada.

Keep reading to discover more about the man, the myth, and the legacy he leaves behind!

Humble Roots


Image from Foto Community

Every artist’s journey must begin somewhere. And for Harada, his own journey started over in Japan.

Harada was born in Japan, but he moved to the United States in the 1990s. While he would visit Japan many times during the rest of his life, it was in America where he would discover fame and fortune that eventually turned him into an international star.

Fame Calls

yoji harada 3

Image from Inked Mag

Harada is most known for being a star on the reality television show Miami Ink. However, his path to superstardom on that show wasn’t as quick and direct as many people think.

First, he had to hone his chops as a tattoo artist. At the tender age of 19, Harada gave himself his first tattoo. It was a tat of his girlfriend at the time. And while their relationship wouldn’t last forever, Harada had found a new love: the love of inking tattoos!

When he got to Miami Ink, he still had to start at the bottom. He began the show as an apprentice artist, and he was one that the veteran tattoo artists loved to tease. Audiences then got to watch in real time as Harada made his journey form apprentice to full-time tattoo artist.

This helped to make him famous, and the world would soon discover all of the different talents that Harada had.

Hometown Hero

yoji harada 4

Image from Monsters and Critics

Harada had left Japan as a young man. When he returned to Japan after becoming a star, he was the absolute toast of the town. He even managed to parlay the fame into a brief movie career: Harada starred in a Japanese movie called Suicide Club. Be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart!

The tattoo artist also loved to play guitar, and he got a real kick out of posting his rock star pictures on social media for his adoring fans. By this point, you might think that Harada would settle for being both a famous tattoo artist and a famous musician. However, you’d be wrong!

Yoji Harada ended up becoming an international entrepreneur, opening up a tattoo parlor in the Netherlands back in 2016. It seems like he was poised for an awesome second act before he died at the age of 46.

Never Forgotten

We all mourn the passing of Yoji Harada. However, his life is a lot like his famous tattoos: he will remain an inspiration to old fans, new fans, and tattoo lovers all over the world long after his death.

In the meantime, we’re going to keep on celebrating everything about the world of tattoos. Be sure to subscribe to Tattooing 101 so you can stay in the loop!

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Best Couples Tattoos for 2019

couples knuckle tats

Image from Tattoo World

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many couples are looking to make a “permanent” impression. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a fancy engagement ring to show how serious the two of you are. All you need are some matching couples tattoos!

However, there are about a million and one couples tattoos out there. Some are amazing and unique, and some…well, some are so last week.

Want some modern couples tattoo ideas that are as unique as your love? Keep reading to discover our guide!

Simple Symbols


Image from Nail Art Tattoo

Our advice when it comes to couples tattoos is simple: don’t overthink it. That’s part of why simple symbols make awesome tattoos.

For instance, one of you can get a lock tattoo and the other can get a key. Or you can have matching crowns to tell the world you’re the “king and queen.”

These are the kinds of symbols that will still be cool and meaningful dozens of years later. And that’s a pretty awesome way to show commitment!


tattoo engament rings

Image from Today

Speaking of symbols, the ring is an absolute classic. Ever wonder why wedding bands are so important? The circle shows an endless cycle of love and commitment that is never broken.

While wedding bands do a great job of showing commitment, some couples have started getting rings tattooed on their fingers. And this isn’t limited to married folk: matching rings are an awesome symbol for any couple wildly in love.

As an added bonus, the two of you won’t have to ever worry about losing your rings. The same can’t be said for wedding bands!

Help Each Other Finish

couples tattoos that will make your heart melt | hd wallpapers

Image from Unique Ideas

One classic tattoo concept is words and phrases. Whether it’s one meaningful word or an important quote or phrase, people have been getting words tattooed on their bodies forever.

A fun couples tattoo variation of this idea is to get a single phrase that stretches across both your bodies. That means you’ll have some of the quote and they will have the other part.

It creates a cool story to tell people when they ask about your partial quote. And in a very literal way, this tattoo symbolizes an important idea: the two of you complete each other!

Permanent Memories

disney couples tattoo

Image from Tattoo Arm

The key to any good relationship is actually shared experiences. Romantic ruts start with lifestyle ruts: if you’re never doing anything new, it’s tough for the relationship to feel very fresh.

By the time you’re shopping for couples tattoos, you will have had some pretty cool shared memories together. Our advice? Turn these memories into tattoos!

Maybe the two of you get matching palm trees to remember that awesome summer vacation. Or matching anchors to remember the time you went sailing together.

By making an important memory permanent like this, you give each other a new commitment: that you’ll keep on making awesome new memories!

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve got the hottest couples tattoo ideas of 2019. But do you know where else you will get the tattoo news you can use?

Here at Tattooing 101, we bring you the best bits of tattoo history, tattoo art, and tattoo inspiration. If you’re all about the world of ink, then hit the bookmark button to be part of our world!

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