Online Tattoo Courses: Tattoo Training for Beginners & Advanced Artists

After decades of traditional apprenticeships being the only way into the tattoo industry, attending tattoo school online allows aspiring tattoo artists to learn how to tattoo…even if they can’t drop everything to work in a shop for free as an apprentice.

Whether you’re interested in tattooing as a hobby, or you’re ready to build a professional career, we have the tattoo courses you need from the basics to advanced techniques.


Everything You Need to Become a Professional Tattoo Artist:

Tattooing 101’s Artist Accelerator Program

Learn how to tattoo online and work at your own pace. Get tattoo techniques explained to you, step-by-step so you’re ready to start on skin faster.

Go from complete beginner to professional tattoo artist in as little as 90 days (even if you have NO experience).

The internet is filled with dangerous and outdated information. Our professional tattoo artists show you how to start tattooing the right way, so you can cut the learning curve.

Our proven 9-Step Roadmap makes it easy to learn tattooing online. Just ask our 6000 students who have used our program to find their place in the industry.

In the Artist Accelerator Program, you will:

  • Master all the basic techniques you’ll use every day as a tattoo artist
  • Create a tattoo portfolio that gets you hired
  • Receive personalized advice from professional tattoo artists when you request feedback inside our exclusive mastermind community
  • Prepare for a fulfilling career as a successful tattoo artist
  • Get connected to our Studio Partnership Program upon completing the online course

“A shop nearby reached out to me…saw my work…and now I have appointments almost every day…I’m doing five to six tattoos a day. I couldn’t be happier…out of my dead-end job where I was miserable.”
- Logan W.

  • 100+ hours
  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Expand Your Tattoo Career with Specialized Knowledge

Neo Traditional Tattooing Course

Learn how to tattoo neo traditional tattoo designs with exciting and easy-to-follow tattoo lessons.

Discover the techniques you have to know to specialize in neo traditional (and make more money per hour).

In this course, Tattooing 101 Instructor Brandon shows you how to master the unmistakable features of neo traditional from bold lines to rich, earthy color palettes.

Understand how to adjust your tattoo machine to make sure you’re creating your best tattoos without chewing out the skin.

In the Neo Traditional Tattooing Course, you will:

  • Be able to create stunning designs that flow with the client’s body with ease
  • Build on the basics to develop your own unique tattoo style that enhances your career (and boosts your income)
  • Get our BONUS Neo Traditional Drawing Course (2 courses for the price of 1!)

  • 30 hours
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Realism Course

Learn to create realistic tattoos with videos that teach you to break down photographs into easy-to-handle layers.

Use a proven system to break down any photograph into easy-to-handle layers, even if you’re still new to tattooing.

Realistic tattoos are the most popular in the world for a reason. But it’s impossible to learn to tattoo them on skin unless other artists are willing to share knowledge with you.

In this course, our professional tattoo artists give you the secrets to creating realistic art on skin (without having to spend a decade mastering realistic drawing).

Tattoo textures that look like the real thing - but take half the time.

In the Realism Course, you will:

  • Separate any photo into 7 steps so you never feel lost and always know what to do next
  • Break down realism animal tattoos into easy-to-tattoo textures that anyone can recreate, including tattoo lessons covering fur, feathers, scales, and more
  • Learn the secret to a realistic portrait that captures the essence of a person so they’re always recognizable

Course coming soon!

  • 30 hours
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Dive Deeper into the Tattoo Industry

2-Week Studio Course

Take your journey to the next level by opening your own tattoo studio.

Open your own tattoo studio in 2 weeks with less than $5K.

Skip months of confusion. Get licensed, pass the health department’s inspections, and make your first $1K within hours of opening your doors.

No guesswork. No mistakes that cost thousands of dollars.

In the 2-Week Studio Course, you will:

  • Remove all the guesswork and open your first tattoo studio with our simple, step-by-step process.
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars and months of wasted time by avoiding all the common mistakes new shop owners make.
  • Get all the laws, rules, and regulations clearly laid out in plain English so you can open a studio that’s profitable AND legal.
  • Start making money from Day 1 with our “Grand Opening” strategy that’ll flood your studio with clients the second your doors open.
  • Cut out 90% of the admin work most shop owners have to do with the power of automation.

"Now so confident that I’ve opened up my own private tattoo studio here in Salt Lake City…I’m booked up over two months in advance…making about four grand a month.”
- Ben M.

  • 15 hours
  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

6-Figure Artist Blueprint Course

Unlock your earning potential by building a community around your art.

These simple marketing strategies bring customers to you…and double your tattooing income.

Attract new followers like honey so your books are always filled with loyal clients that are willing to pay high hourly rates for your art.

Use social media to your advantage without becoming an influencer or spending hours a day on your phone.

In the 6-Figure Artist Blueprint Course, you will:

  • Get our library of copy-paste posts and emails that bring in business.
  • Build a community of raving fans that ignore other artists and willingly pay more for your art.
  • Gain access to your own “marketing machine” that will gather and schedule new clients automatically so you can focus on your art.

“I wanted to make $2K a month, I made that in 2 days.”
- Phil S.

  • 15 hours
  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Tattoo Master Training: Tattoo Seminars and Workshops

10-Day Beginners Tattooing Seminar

The in-shop learning experience…at home. Like you’re sitting next to us in the studio.

Get an over-the-shoulder look at two different tattoo artists so you can pick the techniques that work for you…and ditch the ones that don’t.

  • 15 hours
  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate


Realism is the world’s most popular - and highest-paying - tattoo style. But for many new artists struggling to master it, realism is shrouded in mystery.

In this seminar, we’ve teamed up with award-winning realism tattoo artist Patrick Dumond, who will take you through the entire process from start to finish, teaching you the keys to tattooing recognizable faces, capturing features and emotional expression, and more.

  • 8 hours
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Japanese Tattooing Seminar

Learn Japanese style tattooing from a renowned artist in the craft.

Learn key design elements, tattooing techniques, and more.

Course coming soon!

  • 5 hours
  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

 Dotwork tattoo Seminar

Dotwork master Erin shows students how to create their own designs using this stylized technique.

Master a style that’s growing in popularity while discovering how to make these detailed designs last long-term.

Course coming soon!

  • 4 hours
  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

30-Day Flash Challenge

Master tattoo design and build a world-class portfolio that any shop owner would love to see.

Learn to draw, paint, and even discover digital design and other mediums!

Get this course for FREE when you purchase the Artist Accelerator Program.

  • 15 hours
  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Bryan’S Watercolor SEMINAR

Discover the secrets to creating the illusion of translucent watercolors on the skin and building an abstract tattoo. 

For this seminar, we’ve collaborated with Bryan Sanchez, a master in the style. Inside, he’ll show you how to master his unique watercolor tattooing techniques, as well as how to put your own spin on the style. 

Learn how to create contrast in your designs, how to effortlessly fade bright colors to skin tone, and the best ways to adapt on the spot so you can work with the flow of your client’s body.

  • 5 hours
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate



The Tattooing 101 Library: eBooks and Resources

Tattooing Unlocked eBook

All the information you’d get in a 2-year apprenticeship, bundled up for you into a convenient ebook.

Set yourself on the path to achieving tattoo mastery with the information you need to get started in the industry.

  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Tattooing 101 Sketchbook Vol. 1

Get 74 tattoo designs that our professional tattoo artists have personally hand drawn for you.

Each one of these designs are ready to tattoo right away; you can literally print them out and put them on someone's skin.

Get this sketchbook for FREE when you purchase the
 10- Day Beginners Tattooing Seminar

  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Tattoo Studio “Green Zone” Locations

Get a clear and simple list of the best places to open a tattoo shop nationwide so you can pick your studio location in a matter of minutes.

Discover the “client magnets” that’ll boost your success, get the lowdown on the competition, and find local shop licensing laws broken down into plain English all in one place.

Skip weeks of research and find hidden gems in locations with low rent and high-paying customers.

Course coming soon!

  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Tattooing 101 Neo-Traditional

This collection of 50 tattoo designs is perfect for new tattooers looking for practice designs they can finish in a single sitting or artists looking for simple designs to add to their flash day offerings.

  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

Tattooing 101 Neo Japanese Sketchbook

Take your tattooing to the next level with 60 dynamic Neo-Japanese pieces. 

Create impressive tattoos that flow with the body and make use of traditional Japanese designs while adding a modern flair.

  • Beginners-Advanced
  • Completion Certificate

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