Can A Tattooed Person Donate Blood?

It’s a common myth that you can’t give blood after a tattoo, and many blood donation forms will ask if the donor has recently gotten a tattoo. Luckily, most people can – but there are rules. 

As a tattoo artist, it’s important to help your clients understand the implications of getting a tattoo beyond having art permanently placed on their bodies.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Who can’t donate blood because of their tattoos
  • Why tattoos matter with donating blood
  • How getting tattooed in certain tattoo facilities can make a difference in your ability to donate blood

Blood Donation and Tattoos  

Person with a large forearm tattoo donating blood

The short answer to whether people who have tattoos can give blood is yes, but you have to meet certain criteria. This also goes for body piercings and depends on whether the donor has other factors that limit blood donation. 

The reason for restrictions on donating blood with a tattoo or body piercing is the risk for diseases like Hepatitis B if the person was not tattooed in a sterilized environment. 

If you give blood and it is determined to have any sort of infection or disease, the blood donation center won’t be able to use it to save lives.

Limits for Donating Blood

Tattooed Person donating blood

It’s uncommon, but sometimes tattoos can lead to hepatitis and other blood diseases. Because of this, it’s common for people with new tattoos to not be allowed to give blood. 

The Food and Drug Administration recommends that blood donors not get a tattoo for 3 months leading up to giving blood. 

People who get tattoos at a state-regulated facility may be able to donate blood sooner. 

States that regulate tattoo facilities can ensure safe practices like using sterile needles, which helps prevent infection and lowers the risk of blood infections for potential donors.

State Regulation 

Tattooed person giving blood by Red Cross MythBusters

According to the American Red Cross, people may be eligible to give blood immediately after getting tattooed at state-regulated tattoo shops. 

States that do not regulate tattoo facilities are:

  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

Other Eligibility Criteria

Even if you have limited your risk factors by getting tattooed at regulated tattoo shops or waiting the 3-month deferral period to give blood, your ability to be a blood donor might be limited by other things. 

Here are some reasons why donation centers might rate you as high risk for donating:

  • Pregnancy
  • History of hepatitis or HIV
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Recent blood transfusion
  • History of bad reactions to blood donations
  • Bleeding disorders

For more information on requirements for giving blood, check out the American Red Cross requirements for donation.

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