All the Brushes You Need to be Using in Procreate

The Procreate app is a great tool when it comes to drawing tattoo designs. Using the right tools makes it easier to create new designs faster, and lets you show clean, professional work to clients. 

This article will walk you through how and when to use some of the brush types that can be found in Procreate so that you can start creating clean, professional tattoo designs, faster.

We’ll be breaking down:

  • Which brushes make the best outlines
  • How to make textured/smokey backgrounds
  • How to use Procreate brushes to make it *look* like you drew your design by hand on paper


We’ll use the brushes from the Murder Weapons set by Dave Tevenal in this article, but we suggest you try out different sets to see what works best for you.

Procreate Brushes Guide

Battle Damage: Perfect Sketcher (For Building Up Shapes)

The Perfect Sketcher brush in the Battle Damage set works great if you're just trying to sketch out an idea in the background or just setting up for a design. 

When you’re just starting a drawing, you can use the Perfect Sketcher to create all of your shapes. This will help you know where everything needs to go so that you can set up your drawing appropriately.

Battle Damage: Sushi Liner (Pressure-Sensitive Line Weights)

Sushi Liner allows you to have different line weights in your line without changing brushes. The Sushi Liner brush will start out thin, and you can press harder to create a thicker line. 

This allows you to add detail or fix outlines by pressing harder as opposed to using a whole new brush, which is great for digital drawings.

Liners: Digital Pen Steady (Makes Perfect Stencils)

Digital Pen Steady in the Liners set works well for tattoo designs and precise lines. Digital Pen Steady makes a nice, consistent line the whole way through that you could print off on a stencil machine.

Murder Weapons 2: Particle Smoke (Smoke Effect for Backgrounds)

Murder Weapons 2 Particle Smoke brush creates a textured smoke effect that is good for backgrounds. This makes it much quicker and easier to draw smoke. To get a smoke effect in the background of your drawing, draw it on and move it to a back layer. 

There are multiple Smoke brush options to create different kinds of effects. For example, Smoke 10 has a nice effect that smudges out the edges compared to others which may have more precise lines.

Murder Weapons 2: Texture (Adds Paper Texture)

We suggest Weapons: Texture from the Murder Weapons set for shading. With Weapons: Texture, you'll find many different options for texture effects. The textures will be further apart depending on how big you have the brush. 

Weapons: Texture helps you make digital drawings that look like you’ve actually drawn or painted them on a piece of paper. Textures can also help tattoo designs look like full pieces of artwork. This helps the client understand what works best for the piece and look at it as a complete design.

Muder Weapons 1: Shades (Shading and Background)

Murder Weapons 1 has a lot of different shade brushes you can use as part of the design or for your backgrounds. Like with the Smoke brushes, you can create backgrounds by putting Shades into a back layer. Weapons. Try playing around with Shades at different sizes, and be sure to check out the blood and paint splatter options as well.

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Nathan is a licensed professional tattoo artist with over 8 years’ experience working at studios across the globe, including Celebrity Ink, the world's largest tattoo studio chain.

When he's not tattooing, he spends his free time sharing his experience and knowledge with aspiring artists who dream of pursuing a career in the tattooing industry.

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