What Are Ignorant Tattoos?

A new trend in tattooing is the “ignorant style,” which has learned to embrace breaking the rules, misspelling words, and more by creating designs that are intentionally bad.

As you enter the tattoo industry, it’s important to learn about this trending tattoo style so that you can understand the difference between an amateur and unprofessional tattoo vs. a purposefully “bad” tattoo because it’s an “ignorant style” tattoo.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Why ignorant style tattoos are more than just “bad tattoos”
  • Where ignorant tattoos came from
  • What kinds of designs fit with this style (and how to identify them)

Where Did Ignorant Tattoos Come From?

Tattoo in the ignorant style

Tattoos by Fuzi Uvtpk, the original “ignorant style” artist

Ignorant-style tattoos highlight clean, simple black lines, as well as script that contains dark or humorous messaging that appeals to the counterculture. 

The ignorant style started with French graffiti artist Fuzi Uvtpk, a tattoo artist who started his creative career by doing graffiti in the French subway system.

What Makes a Tattoo Ignorant?

counter culture tattoo design

The ignorant tattoo style is very unique and disregards many of the rules and common practices in tattooing. 

As the ignorant tattoo style has evolved, it’s taken two different forms, often with small tattoos. One is social commentary with very simple designs using humorous or even disturbing messaging designed to criticize or poke fun at mainstream culture. 

The other branch of ignorant tattooing takes the idea of extremely simple black line drawing and adds some embellishments to turn them into a piece of minimalist art on the body. 

While the ignorant style lends itself to stick-and-poke tattooing (DIY tattoos), it’s an art form that is gaining popularity for professional tattooers using a tattoo machine

Are Ignorant Tattoos Just Bad Tattoos?

Simple black design of a tongue

Though the word “ignorant” may make this tattoo style feel like it’s full of poorly done tattoos, the word is used more to describe the dry humor and wit involved with the style. Ignorant tattoos are still well-done, intentionally designed tattoos, but they are more concerned with the message than flashy design, which often doesn’t matter to these clients. 

Where some people are attracted to intricately designed tattoos, ignorant-style tattoos appeal to those who want something simple and to the point. People often look to get tattooed in this style with their friends, as this type of tattooing lends itself to funny designs that highlight inside jokes. 

Tattoo quality has historically been judged based on the rules of traditional tattoo artists, but styles like this one are changing how we evaluate what makes a tattoo good.

How to Determine if a Tattoo is in the Ignorant Style?

Lisa Simpson with the caption “The whole damn system is wrong”

A lot of people struggle with the idea of “ignorant” tattoos because - at first glance - they can look like badly-designed tattoos. 

The simplest way to decide if you’re looking at an intentionally “ignorant” tattoo is to look at the quality of the line work. Ignorant tattoos done by an experienced artist will still have strong, bold line work that isn’t shaky or blown out. Tattoos that are actually bad tattoos will be super shaky, blown out, or have areas that look faint.

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