Science Tattoos Design Ideas

Nature is one of the most common sources of inspiration for tattoo designs, but clients have recently been diving deeper further into science and mathematics for ideas.

As a new tattoo artist, it helps to have a collection of ideas you can look at when you’re developing these type of tattoo designs, which is why, in this article, we’ll cover:

  • Types of science tattoos
  • The inspiration behind scientific tattoos
  • Science tattoo design ideas

Why Are Science Tattoos So Popular? 

Microscope tattoo

Tattoo clients have had similar ideas about science and nature as sources of design inspiration for decades. Florals and nature tattoos have always been a popular subject, and many people who work in STEM want something on their skin to represent their passion. 

Luckily, the sciences are extremely rich with amazing imagery from things like chemistry, astronomy, biology, and countless others that can lead to some great ideas.

Science Leads to Countless Cool Ideas  

There is a ton of inspiration for art in the imagery and patterns that can be found in nature from the double helix to the awesome beauty of space. 

The best science tattoos bring out the eye-catching colors and shapes connected to scientific concepts and questions. 

Types of Science Tattoos  

Scientific illustration of a beetle with lines that point to body parts
pi tattoo

There are hundreds of images that make beautiful tattoos, but most clients will go with similar ideas to this list:

  • Planets
  • Stars
  • Flowers
  • Atom tattoo
  • DNA
  • Microscope tattoo
  • Chemical equations
  • Scientific illustrations
  • Famous experiments (like the Hadron Collider)
  • Famous scientists (like Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla

A lot of these designs will naturally connect with certain tattoo styles. For example, flowers work really well as watercolor tattoos, whereas a realism portrait would work well for a tattoo of a famous scientist.

The best science tattoos allow people to celebrate their desire to explore and ask questions about life and the world in general. Check out the gallery below for ideas and inspiration for science tattoos.

Solar System

The solar system is one of the most popular sources of inspiration for space tattoos, because of the limitless options for colors, shapes, patterns, and trippy designs. Some of the most common ideas for space-related tattoos are solar systems, astronauts, stars, and constellations.

Nebula and wormhole tattoo
Simple line tattoos of the planets in line
Solar system tattoo sleeve
Rocket ship tattoo
Watercolor style tattoo of an astronaut in space


There are tons of options when it comes to chemistry tattoos from chemical symbols and equations to depictions of chemical experiments. 

A lot of professionals who work within the scientific realm enjoy tattoos like this because they tend to be witty designs that only other people who understand their area of study will catch onto

Chemistry tattoo of chemical composition
Line and dot work molecule tattoo


Biology is a great place to look when searching for tattoo design ideas, because it reaches so many different places. 

Animals, plants, and the tiny processes like cell creation can all lead to really cool images that work great as tattoos.

Biological sea life tattoo
Cell creation tattoo


The skeletal and muscular systems are cool sources of tattoo inspiration because it allows for fine line work and really striking designs. Other concepts related to anatomy that make for great tattoos are anatomical hearts and tattoos that turn your skin into an anatomical diagram. 

Anatomy tattoos can also branch off into the “biomech” arena, which takes the structure of the body and mixes it with mechanical parts.
Tattoo that shows what the muscles look like inside the upper arm
Anatomical heart tattoo
Dinosaur skeleton tattoo


Geology tattoo inspiration includes rocks, landforms, and other natural imagery that show appreciation for Earth science.

Green crystal ankle tattoos
Rock layer tattoos
Geological diagram tattoo
Purple minerals tattoo
Layers of earth tattoo


An atom tattoo is a great science tattoo for any science-lover. It’s a pretty universal symbol across multiple scientific disciplines, and it’s easily recognized by most people. 


This is an “older model” of an atom. Newer updated models are available, but the ones shown in this list tend to be used the most often because they are more dynamic.

Atom tattoo with fine lines and dot work
Atom and chemical equation tattoo

Mad Scientist Designs  

While this is more of a “sci-fi” tattoo than a science tattoo, some customers will want a tattoo of a “mad scientist.”

large leg tattoo of a mad scientist
tattoo of a Mad scientist wearing safety goggles

DNA tattoos

DNA contains all of the information that determines just about everything from your looks to your pet’s behavior. Its double-helix structure makes for a really cool DNA tattoo shows the client’s appreciation for science.

Colorful dna tattoo of a helix coming out of space
DNA tattoo that turns into flowers
Watercolor DNA tattoo
Watercolor chemistry tattoo

Science Equipment

Scientific equipment is a popular choice for tattoos amongst scientists and people who interact with this equipment all the time. 

Microscopes, beakers, test tubes, and bunsen burners are popular choices for those who work in a lab and think about science constantly.

Simple bunsen burner tattoo
Watercolor beaker and atom tattoo
Science experiment forearm tattoo

Famous Scientists

Most science tattoos are inspired by scientific concepts, but some clients feel inspired by notable scientists themselves. 

Scientists have helped to bring science into the mainstream and have given people access to knowledge about science. Tattoos of scientists are a way for people to honor those who would not stop questioning how the world works.

Tattoo of famous scientist and brilliant mind Neil Degrasse Tyson
Leg sleeve tattoo of Nikola Tesla
Bicep tattoo of Charles Darwin
Forearm tattoos of Tesla and Thomas Edison

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