Embroidery Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know

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Here at Tattooing 101, part of what we love about tattoos is that artists are always figuring out how to do something new. The latest example of this is the embroidery tattoo.

This tattoo style virtually exploded in popularity almost overnight. And many people are still wondering, “just what the hell are these tattoos and what makes them so cool?”

We did the research and found everything you need to know. Keep reading to discover the answers!

What Is an Embroidery Tattoo?


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There isn’t much of a secret to embroidery tattoos. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a tattoo meant to look as if it was embroidered directly onto your skin.

So, what’s the allure of these tattoos? They add special three-dimensional depth (more on this in a moment) and are relatively new in terms of widespread popularity. That means that plenty of folks who want to stand out with their ink are embracing embroidery as an option.

A New Kind of 3D

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The basic idea of 3D tattoos is not new. That leaves the obvious question: what separates these embroidery tattoos from other 3D tattoos?

“Depth” is the answer. Most 3D tattoos use a combination of light and shadows to make it seem like the tattoo is inside of you. That makes them a popular option for people who get tattoos showing off bones, robotic skin, or other things seemingly right under their skin.

Embroidery tattoos are meant to stand out and, like a patch embroidered onto a jacket, look as if they are sticking out of the skin. And we can’t deny that these tattoos make an immediate impression when you see them!

Worlds Collide


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Of course, ink lovers are fond of getting into what tattoos mean to them. And sure enough, there is a special significance behind this tattoo type. Specifically, it is the fusion of two different worlds.

On the surface level, these tattoos feel very modern. It’s a trendy new style and a way for younger tattoo fans to stand out from their elders.

However, embroidery tattoos are also firmly tethered to the past. Many people grew up learning how to stitch elaborate patterns with their parents and grandparents. With embroidery tattoos, those fond memories of creating something new will be with the person forever.

What’s the Style?


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When any new kind of tattoo becomes popular, we get the same question: “what’s the best style for these tattoos?”

While people can (and do) get just about everything as an embroidery tattoo, we prefer nature-inspired imagery. For example, flowers make a great choice because the patterns are beautiful and hypnotic.

Similarly, animals make for great subjects. Cute creatures get even cuter when you embroider them (just ask Winnie the Pooh), and a whimsical choice like this for a tattoo makes for a great conversation piece.

Embroidery Tattoos: Final Thoughts

Now you know more about the craze behind embroidery tattoos. But do you know where you can discover the next hot thing in the world of ink?

Here at Tattooing 101, we stay on top of all the news you can use when it comes to tattoos. Bookmark our page today so you can experience our weekly updates!

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