Chaotic Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know About This New Technology

Chaotic tattoos are temporary tattoos that have the ability to monitor a person’s health using special ink. 

While these designs aren’t applied with a tattoo machine and needles, it’s important to know what’s out there in terms of tattooing technology.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll be discussing:

  • What Chaotic Moon’s tattoos actually do
  • How they might eventually replace smartphones
  • Why tech gurus are getting involved with the project

What Are Chaotic Moon Tattoos? 

Electronic tattoo from Chaotic Moon made to collect information about the body

Chaotic Moon Studios is a software design and development company based out of Austin, TX. In 2015, Chaotic Moon started developing special ink made with conductive paint. This ink can collect vital signs and other information about the human body in order to create medical reports. The ink leaves a visible mark on the skin that can be washed away.

Chaotic Moon ink is temporary and can monitor things like body temperature, stress and hydration levels, and body temperature. The tattoo ink will be able to send messages encoded with this data using Bluetooth. 

This electronic tattoo was designed for a lot of different functions including location tracking, a way to send and receive information, collecting medical and sports information in order to improve physical performance, and even control diseases.

How are Chaotic Moon Tattoos Applied?

Because Chatoic Moon tattoos are meant to be washed off, they are applied the same way as other temporary tattoos, like stickers. This means that a tattoo machine is not needed, and the ink sits on the skin as opposed to inside it. 

Electronic Tattoos and Bill Gates

This electronic tattoo developed to record information from the body has sparked the interest of many leaders in the tech industry - including Bill Gates. 

Bill Gates believes that these digital tattoos will replace smartphones; he and his team are looking into ways these electronic tattoos can be used for sending information. In a post shared on Instagram, Bill Gates predicts that these digital tattoos are the future of human communication. 

In the aftermath of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded MIT research into electronic tattoos. This research looked into how to embed a conductive ink into the skin along with a vaccine.

The Future of Electronic Tattoos 

As the tech industry becomes more interested in the electronic tattoo, we will likely see them used to improve physical and sports performance, among other things. 

Whether these tattoos actually replace smartphones or not, there will be a significant debate in the coming years about the ethics involved with tattoos that can record information about people and send it other places.

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