Spirit Stencil Paper Review

Our favorite long-lasting tattoo stencils, this is the product we recommend for both new artists and seasoned professionals.

*Price at time of publishing. 

Spirit Classic Thermal Paper Overview

Spirit thermal tattoo transfer papers were the brainchild of tattoo artist and inventor Adam Ciferri, who set out to create a stencil paper that would solve the mess and inconsistency of traditional carbon transfer papers.

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Price: $40.99/each (10/10)

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Current Progress
Current Progress
Spirit Classic Thermal Paper packs run about $2 a piece, with their sheets being 8.5 x 11 inches.

Quality (10/10)

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Current Progress
Spirit transfer paper is made with the highest quality materials. Unlike many stencil paper brands sold on Amazon, Spirit uses high visibility purple dyes that make it easy to see the outline of the finished product on skin.

Handling (9/10)

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Spirit Classic thermal Paper works with almost all thermal printers. While it is possible for the paper to become jammed, that is a potential problem with any stencil transfer paper.
  • Precise
  • Easy of Use
  • Durability
  • Mid-range Cost

Spirit Stencil Paper - Our Review:

Our professional tattoo artists use this every day in their studios. It is our number one recommended stencil paper brand.


The main reason Spirit thermal transfer paper has gained such popularity among tattoo artists is its consistency. Artists can count on every detail being transferred onto the client's skin when using Spirit—the secret lies in its three-layer system.

The first layer is a protective sheet that keeps the stencil paper clean and free from smudges. The second layer is the purple dye backing, which contains the pigment that is transferred onto the skin. The third layer is the transfer paper itself. This unique three-layer system ensures that the stencil remains crisp and vibrant, even after hours of tattooing. 

Mid-Range Cost

While there are cheaper alternatives to Spirit Classic Thermal Paper, we do not recommend them. You want to make sure the finished product meets your expectations, and many other stencil sheet brands turn out too-light stencils which can make it harder to tattoo. 


Tattoos are meant to be permanent, and the stencils used in the process should be no different. Spirit Stencil Paper is known for its durability for two reasons. First, its “ripstop stencil sheets” allow you to draw directly on the tattoo transfer paper without ripping. Second,the stencils it produces can last throughout the entire tattooing process.

Who Spirit Classic Thermal Paper Is (and Isn’t) For:

We recommend Spirit tattoo transfer paper to all tattooers - from beginner to the professional artist level.

Get Spirit Thermal Tattoo Transfer Papers

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