Rhein Tattoo Cartridges Review

*Price at time of publishing; torsion bars purchased separately

While Rhein cartridges are reliable, they tend to spit ink out onto the stencil. However, they are half the price of premium brands, making them a more accessible option for new artists on a budget.

Video Transcription: Rhein Tattoo Cartridges Review

What’s up, YouTube. Welcome to another video. Today we're going to be doing a review on the CNC Rhein cartridges. If you're new to this channel, I'm Brandon from Tattooing 101. Make sure you are liking and subscribing down below so you can keep up to date on all the new content we make each week.

Awesome. So, let's get into the cartridges. What I ordered was 7 round liners, 14 round liners, and 11 round mags. That way we know exactly how their small liners work, their thick liners work, and of course, their mags. 

Right off the bat, looking at these boxes, they have nice packaging with these. You can clearly see exactly what they are right on top of this box. The gauge of the needle, everything, is right on the back of the box. Some makers of cartridges don't put it on the box. They just put it on the actual cartridge, which makes it confusing for health inspectors to come in because they want to make sure that the dates are good, and everything like that. They have to pull out and look at each one individually. I like that they have it on the outside of the box. 

Okay, let's get into the actual cartridges. I have my 7 out here, my 14, and my 11-curve mag. Just looking at the cartridges, I like that they're solidly constructed so they’re not in two pieces. They can't just fly apart whenever you are tattooing. They have the expiration date clear on the back and proof that they have gone through a sterilization process, which is that little blue mark right there, which is awesome. The expiration date is 2026. That means I have quite a long time to use these cartridges before they would go bad to where I'd have to throw them out. That's awesome to see. You can order these in bulk and not have to worry about running out, you know before the expiration date comes to play. 

All right, I'm going to get some gloves on so I can open this cartridge. Right off the bat, you can see that they are all the same. This is the 7, this is the 14. They’re the exact same construction. The only difference is obviously the needles and right here it says 7R. So, they have printed on the bottom what they are, which is awesome because some needle sizes can be really, really close to the same. So, it's really hard to kind of tell whenever you are tattooing. 

Now there are a couple of things that I always look at before tattooing when it comes to working with new cartridges. I want to make sure that the spring or the rubber band, or in this case, they have a filament that stops backflow. So, making sure that that isn't super tough. I don't want that to be, you know, really hard pressing on my machine cause that's going to wear out my machine, right? So I always check that whenever I'm working with new cartridges and also giving it quite a bit of pressure. I'm not going to use this one, obviously, so I'm just trying to put it through a hand test before putting it in on my machine. So, I don't have anything mess up my machine because obviously, I could buy another box of these for very cheap. If I mess up my machine with one that's obviously going to be way more money than just buying a box of cartridges. So always check out new brands of cartridges before you are putting them in your machine because you don't want this to be super thick to where it's hard on your machine.

With these cartridges, I want to point out that they're going to run you about $20 per box, depending on the size of needles that you get and liners or mags, of course. You're going to get 20 cartridges per box, so they run about a dollar apiece, which is about half the price of the cartridges I normally buy. Some of my cartridges go to about $2.50 apiece, but obviously on these bigger tattoos. If you're trying to grow your career, it is important to make sure that you are buying quality products and not necessarily worrying about the price. Just use what works good for you. 

Now it's time to get into the actual tattooing. 

All right, let's get into the review. One thing I noticed, which is really cool, is on the bottom of the cartridge it shows what size they are. This one is 7R. So that's a 7 round liner and this one's a 14 round, which is awesome. The mags also have the number on there as well, which is super cool. When you're tattooing and you need to figure out which ones, it's just printed on the bottom, which is super helpful. We'll start with the 14 going here and see how it does. I'm just going to tattoo how I normally would with any other cartridges and see how it works out.

Okay, so, the 14 is working really good. I will say that the 14 is really, really thin. I'm used to 14’s being super thick with the other brands that I buy. That's one thing to keep in mind is the needles are closer together than what I would normally buy for getting thick lines. This one runs close to what my 11 would run in the other brands that I get. The other brands are Quadron, T-Tech, Black Claw, all of those. 

Okay, so, I had a little bit of the ink spitting out right there and I know I don't have anything 

on my tube. My tube is not clogged up. That might have been a cartridge thing right there. We'll keep an eye out. I checked everything and made sure everything was set up correctly, so that shouldn't be happening. We'll see. It might just be an issue with how the ink flows in the cartridge. It’s one thing to look out for. 

Yeah, so, you can see it's still spitting out, which would cause problems if you are just first starting out. It could be hard to follow the stencil if there's ink everywhere and then you go to wipe it away and it smears everywhere, which can be annoying.

I'm kind of curious to see if the other cartridges have this problem with the ink spitting. I'm just checking it out real quick. Yeah, I don't see any issues as to why it should be doing that. Before going into the tattoo, I am wiping it very quickly on a paper towel to take some of that residual ink so it doesn't smear everywhere. That is one thing I am also doing and it's still having this issue. 

Other than that, the 14 is very consistent going into the skin. I'm not having an issue with it being hard to go in there or anything like that. It's working perfectly when it comes to the actual needles. Awesome. So yeah, the liner is very consistent. Other than the ink splattering, it works really, really well. Okay, there it goes for the linework for the 14. We'll put the 14 above right there and we'll clean it off real good.

So, with the 14 by itself, it worked really good. I just really didn't like the ink splattering. I don't really like that at all. It could cause really bad problems when it comes to trying to see what you're doing. It just sprays everywhere and it's just annoying. So that could have been an issue just with this one cartridge as well, not the whole pack. But that's one thing that you want to be mindful of if you are wanting to get into these. Anyway, let's check out the 7, see how that one does and if it's any better than the 14.

Okay. We're going to do some of the small lines in here. Right off the bat, it's having the same issue with the ink spitting, which makes me believe that it is probably something to do with the flow of the actual cartridge causing it to flow too easily and it's just spitting out the ink. I will say it's not spitting bad. You know, like when your machine's spitting, if there's a problem with your machine or something like that, it just sprays everywhere. It might be just a little issue. It really doesn't affect my tattooing process at all. Just one thing to be mindful of so you don't think that there's something wrong with your machine and you’re trying to figure that out when it's actually just the cartridge.

It is lining good just like the 14. I really like this cartridge a lot. It feels really good in the hand whenever you have your finger underneath that cartridge. It just slides in there really nicely. If they could figure out this ink spitting issue, you know, this would be a quality cartridge that I'll definitely use. 

There’s the 7, exactly the same issues as with the 14. As I said, if they could figure that out I would have no problem using these all the time. They lined great. That's just one thing is on the negative side for them. 

Now we're going to check out the 11 curved mag and see what it can do. Let's get into the shading. 

Right off the bat, I really like this cartridge a lot. It doesn't look so far like we're having any issues with spraying or anything like that, which is awesome. Probably because, you know, it has this open tip on the end. It's not cleared down. It's not surrounded the whole way around, which is awesome. It's not spitting everywhere.

I spoke too soon. It is spraying ink just like the other ones. This is what I'm going to do. I'm going to get another cartridge, one that I use all of the time, and see if it's having the same issue with spitting. 

Okay, so no spitting. This is not one of their cartridges. This is a completely different brand.

Yeah. I'm not having any issues at all with spitting. This is a curve mag. I believe this one's the 15, yeah the 15. It’s a little bit bigger than the other one. But yeah, completely night and day difference when it comes to the ink going where I need it to without it just spraying ink everywhere and making a mess of things.

So yeah, after this, we can definitely say with a hundred percent that something is going on with their actual cartridges, and the way they make it. Even that little backflow part of this cartridge, maybe that's the issue causing it to spray everywhere. Whatever it is, something is going on that if they fix that, this would be a great, great product, but I can't recommend this to people if it's just going to make a mess of their fake skins and make it harder for them to learn how to tattoo. That's what we're all here for, right? 

We'll switch back to the actual cartridge for what we did with the review. So I'm back to this one. It's spitting everywhere. 

I know I've asked this a few times, but I like to hear your input on what I should try out next. If it comes to, you know, cartridges and things like that. I have three different brands that I got off CNC. There's the police ones, these, and one more coming that I'm going to be doing reviews on. Just because it's really easy to order from CNC and they arrive fairly quickly. That's another good thing as well. 

When it comes to the tattooing process these are working great. You know, I'm not having any issues at all when it comes to the efficiency of how it's shading, things like that. I guess if you don't mind ink spraying everywhere that this would be something for you to try out, but to be completely honest, that sounds terrible. Especially when you can find other cartridges that work just as well for the same price range that doesn't have this issue. It's a no-brainer just to go with something else. 

There is my review for the Rhein cartridges. Would I recommend them? Probably not. Just because the issue with the ink spitting was annoying the whole time. And you know, I tried another cartridge that didn't have that issue at all so it's definitely something to do with their cartridges. 

With that, can you make a great tattoo with them? Absolutely. You have no issues when it comes to the actual tattooing process. If they could fix that one problem where it just spits the ink everywhere. And that's not just the one cartridge, that was all three having this issue. So yeah, really annoying. Other than that, it can create a good tattoo, but I hope this was able to help you guys out. Just so you know, if you do want to order these, it's going to have issues. 

As always have a wonderful day and I hope to see you on the next video.

Our Score



Price: $15.95 - $20.95 (7/10)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Rhein cartridges are about half the price of premium cartridge brands. However, the lower price also means lower quality, as we had some issues with these needles while tattooing.

Quality (6/10)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Rhein cartridges are individually packaged and EO gas sterilized, making them safe to use on clients. They have a filament preventing back flow and use high-quality needles.

Handling (6/10)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Rhein cartridges aren’t our favorite. While you can create a great tattoo with them, each of the cartridges we tried ended up spitting ink onto the skin.
  • Sterilized and safe to use on clients
  • Available in most needle configurations at half the cost of premium brands
  • Easily create traditional peppery shading
  • Cartridges tend to spit ink while you’re working
  • Needles are closer together than expected (you might need a bigger grouping)

Product Details


Surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic


RL, RS, M, CM (close tip and open tip) available

Needle Diameter


Box Quantity



Single-mold casing

Product Details


Surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic


RL, RS, M, CM (close tip and open tip) available

Needle Diameter


Box Quantity



Single-mold casing

Rhein Tattoo Cartridges - Our Review:

We like that Rhein cartridges are half the price of premium brands (and have a quick delivery time), making it easier for new artists to practice on fake skins without having to spend $2 per cartridge.

While you can create great tattoos with these cartridges, they do tend to spit ink more than most brands, which can affect your stencil. If you’re looking for a budget cartridge, we recommend using the CNC Police cartridges over the Rhein tattoo needles.

open tip round magnum tattoo needle with a brown needle shell

Solid Construction with Medical Grade Plastic

One of the biggest things you need to take into consideration when working with budget tattooing supplies is whether they are safe for use on human skin. Most of the time, this is not the case. However, because Rhein tattoo needles are sold by CNC, a reputable tattoo supply company, you can expect that these needles are sterile and safe. 

They’re made with medical grade plastic and are EO gas sterilized with clear expiration dates, which are great signs that you can safely use this product on skin. You’ll also find the needle size written right on the cartridge, so there’s no guesswork while you’re tattooing if you have to switch needles.

tattoo needle cartridge used for tattoos

Additionally, there’s a filament to protect your machine from back flow. However, while this filament isn’t so tough that it will wear out your machine, the extra tension from the filament seems to be the reason why these cartridges tend to spit ink onto the stencil.

Ink Flow and “Spitting” Ink

We tested a 14RL, 7RL, and 11CM with this tattoo, and found that the needles in Rhein tattoo cartridges are a little closer together than expected. For example, a 14RL might look closer to an 11RL from this brand. 

rhein tattoo needles frequently bought in european countries

The ink flow with the cartridges was perfectly fine and allowed us to tattoo easily, but Rhein cartridges aren’t our first choice because they tend to spit ink onto the skin. 

Even though this doesn’t affect the tattooing process, it can cause you to need to wipe the stencil more often with a paper towel, which makes you lose the stencil faster. If you’re just starting out in your tattooing journey, an issue like this makes it more difficult to learn.

Efficient, Peppery Shades

While the curved mag still had the issue with ink spitting, the needles are still high quality, and we had no problems putting in traditional-style, peppery shading.

quality shading with a cheaper tattoo needle

Halfway through the shading, we tested a different tattoo needle brand, just to make sure it wasn’t the machine, but the ink spitting issue stopped with a different brand. (Generally, you can find cheaper cartridges without this issue, so we recommend looking at CNC Police cartridges or Mast Pro cartridges instead.) 

Who these Cartridges Are (and Aren’t) For:

Rhein cartridges are a good choice for new artists who aren’t concerned with having extra ink on their fake skins. For people interested in tattooing - but aren’t sure they’re ready to make a large investment - these cartridges are well-constructed for the price. They can help you decide if you’re interested in tattooing without breaking the bank. 

We don’t recommend these cartridges for professional tattoo artists. In our opinion, if you’re working on clients, you should go the extra mile and invest in quality materials that let you deliver your best work. In this case, we’d recommend going with a more premium brand like TTech or Kwadron.

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