Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review

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This kit is set at a great price point that makes it very accessible. However, the machines inside are low-quality, which makes them difficult to use, even for an experienced artist.

Video Transcription: Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit

Hey guys, what's going on youtube? It’s Nathan from tattooing101.com. And today we're taking a look at this DragonHawk tattoo kit brand. Uh, now this is the most popular tattooing kit on Amazon for new tattoo artists. I just had a look and it's got almost 10,000 reviews. It's like 9,796. So a ton of people have bought this tattoo machine before. Uh it's Amazon's and it's also the cheapest tattoo kit that I can find. It's $52 USD. So, uh, not super sure. Um, how it's gonna go, but yeah, we're gonna do a bit of an unboxing kinda give you my initial thoughts on what I think is in the kit. And then also, uh, we're gonna do a tattoo using this kit after that, and then I'll give you my thoughts on, you know, the quality, uh, of, of cereals and machines, inks, and needles, all that kind of stuff. And, uh, whether or not I recommend getting it and just kind of any final thoughts that I have, uh, on the, on the kit as a whole. So yeah, with that said let's get into it and, uh, open it up. Cool. So that's the box. Dragonhawk tattoo machine It's got the little logo, uh, on the front there. 

So this box from dragonhawk tattoo machines is absolutely jam packed. You can see like how much stuff they're packed into it. It's, uh, it's filled to the brim. So yeah, we tattoo artists just look at all the stuff and just take a look kind of what you get. So, um, cool tattoo machine. So disposable, uh, grips, uh, for mag needles, rotary tattoo machine  I kind kind got like the rubbery, so, and on it kind, it's a bit squishy, which is kind of gonna more comfortable to, traditional tattoo grips they've also got, uh, one for a liner. Now, what I don't like about this it's, it's, it's a bit difficult to see within the package, but you can see how it's just cut off straight, usually like with a, with a good, um, when you're lining you want diamond tip tubes, just because, uh, with, with like a, like a round sh pen tube where it's just kind of cut off the, and, um, the needle can kind of move around a lot, but where, when it's like a diamond tip as the bottom, the needle sits flush to the bottom of the, the, the grip, sorry, the, the tip of the tube. 

And it's more accurate for when you're lining. So straight off the bat there, that's gonna be a little bit difficult, uh, to line with, but we'll see how we go. Bunch of spare parts, you know, rubber bands, uh, Alan keys, uh, grot, stuff like that. Um, so we've got like a clip cord sleeve. It's got like a little bit of white stuff on it. I don't, I don't know what that is. Um, and frankly, I don't wanna know, um, of course up next, we've got some disposable tips tattoo supplies. There are a couple for like really small mags and we've got ones for like, you know, kind of larger mag needles. They're EO gas sterilized. So that's pretty standard. Uh, but the thing is though in, in China, it's a different set of rules for a tattoo artist. So, you know, they can kind of just print that on the package, uh, and whether or not, uh, they're actually sterilized. 

It's, it's difficult for professional tattoo artists to determine tattoo machines unless, you know, you're gonna lab and stuff like that, but either way, we'll see how they go and, uh, yeah, see how they perform compared to a good tattoo brand. We start tattooing with them. So they're basically just different types of equipment, small, small mags, medium mags, and then, you know, like really thin ones for liners and stuff like that. Obviously it'll just, uh, be congruent with whatever's in the kit based on the needles that they give so that you can use 'em they feel pretty sturdy too, which is good, massive in caps. Wow. You're definitely not gonna need Ink cups this big, it's gonna blast through quality inks really quickly. Uh, especially if youre just doing small tattoos on practice skin. Um, yeah, probably don't need cups this big, but they're cool. It like a little starter kit, uh, cord for the power supplier to go into the wall. Uh, that looks like an American plug with a japanese motor. 

So I hope it comes with an adapter. Uh, some inks, they come with 10 colors and black ink. So just like your basic primaries and a couple of extras, uh, immortal black ink, uh, never actually used immortal ink and they say that, oh, on their site, but that's like a famous, uh, brand in us for the best tattoo. So this is really funny. It says, uh, on the, uh, the inks that it's, uh, compatible with EU code, and it said the exact same thing on the wormhole tattoo kit, but on the wormhole tattoo kit, it said, you know, please don't use these on actual human skin or your own body, whereas on this Amazon listing, they don't actually say it, cuz I imagine that would hurt sales a lot. Yeah. You'd wanna get professional tattooing ink, you know, from a reputable supplier as opposed to kind just using, uh, this stuff, which is, I think it's, it's more designed just for, you know, practicing mucking around and just kind of figuring out, you know, like the basics and fundamentals and stuff. 

Next up, we got, uh, steel grips now and tattoo designs I don't actually like this because, you know, I don't see most of the people that, that buy these kits, uh, are not gonna have final verdict auto clothes. So, you know, if you are using a steel tip and even if you, you know, replace and you use a disposable tip, uh, for the grip, then, you know, if you use it on a bunch of people, it's like a health risk. Um, and it's just, it's not super hygienic. So yeah. Would definitely recommend only using these for practice skin. Uh, wouldn't use 'em for further ado actual real people, unless you have an auto and you can, you know, sterilize the, the grips. Cool. So it gives you a blue one or red one and adjustable stroke length. It's kind of cool lining machines how they're different colors because that will help you differentiate your liner and your shader. 

Uh, once you've been doing it a while, it's pretty easy to pick up in the beginning. It's, it's a little, um, tricky to know difference between a liner and a shade of coil cool. One set of gloves. So with the gloves again, um, it's fine to reuse this when you, you know, doing practice skin is to not get in on your hands and stuff. But again, you know, when you're TAing real people, new set glove, every person, everything needs to be HNIC and you've gotta, you know, replace everything. Um, but you know, they give you free pair. So we got some needles as well. It's got the cool dragon hall logo on the back. What we got here, we got 12 gauge, seven mags, 12 gauge H five max, 10 gauge, five round liners and 10 gauge free round liners, basically just some small little grooves. 

The other machines not gonna need a ton of power for your best tattoo to push those in considering that, uh, these machines they come with, these are 10 wrap coils. So they're not the most powerful, but you know, they shouldn't be super flimsier there cause it's kinda like a middle of the rain with coils. It goes 8, 10, 12. Um, but yeah, we'll see kind of how they go and, and I'll let you know my thoughts on 'em, uh, during the tattoo process, but yeah, these are the coils. I got the good kit and starter kit cos little DragonHawk thing on the, on the side of the coils looks like we've got another tattoo machine here. So Yeah. Cool. So with coils, quick little lesson. So how to tell the difference between a, a liner and a shader coil. So you can tell that the spring, which is this metal part here will be longer in a shader than it is, is in a line. So it's a little, uh, bit difficult to kind of tell, but just through looking at the camera, but you can see that this one has a longer spring. So this one is a shader and this one is a line up next. We've got, looks like foot pedal. 

It does feel a little FMS. Again, the foot pedal kind of looks real similar to the one in the wormhole kit, but, uh, yeah, again, as long as it works, we should be good to go next to got the power supply. And this power supply is actually really small. Uh, and I like that. It's kind of, it's kind of heavy. It's got like a, um, it's used actual, you know, metal in it, as opposed to some of the other kits where it's just like, you know, plastic and it feels really full M so yeah, it's pretty basic setup. Uh, the, the clip cord goes in this one and then the foot pedal goes in that one. And then you just turn the dial, you turn the dial and then it will have like a, uh, L E D display of how many vaults you've got. 

Now. Again, I don't like the old school, uh, machines. We kind of with the dials because it's not super hygienic. If you do use the more people cuz you know, you've got touch it. And then, uh, it's, it's kind of hard to wrap. So not a huge fan. Uh, you can't do it if you put like, you know, a bunch of tape over the front of it, but it's just a hassle to, to uh, prepare. And then also we've got a tattoo practice skin with a bunch of stencil paper. You don't get a lot of stencil paper with it. It looks like it's only With one, two sheets in there, but you know, the kit was 50 bucks. So you can't really complain. Uh, also the, the practice skin, 

I can kind of tell straight away it's like a millimeter thick. So we're, we're not actually gonna use this practice skin just because even using like a really expensive machine, it's hard to do a good tattoo on really cheap practice skin. So we've got some real skin as a backup. Um, we might do a couple lines on this just to kind of see how they go, but you can see that it's ultra ultra thin, um, which yeah, even, uh, even an awesome machine would struggle with tattoo that cause if you go like a little bit too deep, the needles are just gonna bash against the table. It's gonna blunt your needles for the rest of the tattoo and it's gonna make your life pretty difficult. That's a good point to as well, like we use these kits, like they're great cuz they, they give you a bunch of stuff to start out with. But um, there, there's always like a few little bits of pieces here and there that you'll always have to get like no kit will give you everything just cause there's so many things in, in tattooing. Like for example, you know, a wash bottle, no kit's gonna give you that. Um, So yeah, just be more inform that like even if you do get a kit, there's still gonna be a couple more things you need forget. Um, and one thing that I don't see in this kit is machine bags. Um, so there's no, uh, little bag to put over your machine to make sure it's, you know, like nice and hygienic. If you, if you tattooing your person, if you, if you TA it in practice, cause it's not that big of a deal, but you wanna get in the habits of, you know, tattooing in a way that's, you know, hygienic and everything's safe. So at the bottom of box, we've got like a little bit of a manual kind of shows you how to set everything, uh, in, uh, the kit up, which is really cool. Coral machines can be a bit tricky. Um, you know, RO rotary machines, you kinda just put the cartridge in and then off you go, whereas coils takes like a little bit of setting up and you gotta do it properly. 

Otherwise it's, it's gonna make it really difficult to do a solar tattoo and stable frequency. Also if they give a couple free stickers, electrical conductivity, standard cartridges, sterilized needles, great art, ergonomic grip, rubber grommets, honest review, relevant tools, immortal inks, cast iron, good quality, best kit, full range, deliver, runs smoothly, life, website, website, website, gun, gun, gun, stronger rebound, images, images, brand, tattoo machine, tattoo machines, tattoo artists, tattoo guns, rotary tattoo machine, rotary tattoo machine, power supply, power supply, power supply, power supply, power supply, dragonhawk tattoo machine, dragonhawk tattoo machines, which is cool. Um, the wormhole kit didn't have free stickers. So some cool little frees. Yeah. So that's kit, uh, basically everything you see here, so excited to give this one, go see how it runs. Um, we'll try it on some real skin. Yeah. We'll uh, we'll do a tattoo with it. And then, you know, I'll give you my thoughts on how it handles, you know, how it lines packs and shades and uh, towards the end, once the is done, I'll let you know whether or not I think it's worth getting and then add a link. So if you wanna go check it on Amazon, you can have a look at it there as well. So with that said let's get into the tattoo and get started. 

Okay. So I'll just set up the dragon hole kit. And um, I didn't sort of notice this when I was UN uh, unboxing the, the whole kit, but doesn't actually come with a clip court sleeve, uh, which is super, uh, unhygienic. If you're gonna be tattooing, uh, you know, people you've definitely wanna be wrapping up all your gear know using machine bags to cover your machines and yeah, just to make sure they're safe and like hygienic and stuff because the kids aren't like 50 bucks doesn't come with any of that stuff. So, um, already it's, it's not looking super good in terms of tattooing, uh, you know, actual people with it. And also the inks, it didn't come with a green, I had to mix some yellow and some blue to kind of make my green. And, uh, the inks are like really small. They're like these little pots and I'm unlike, you know, when you get like, you know, a, a professional, you know, say like a, you know, a bottle from fusion or whatever, and you can kind of like just SQUI it out. So, and go everywhere. They're like little jars almost as you UNSCR the top lid. And they just kinda like pour out, which is really messy. Uh, it's kind of hard to see here, but if you look at, you know, all my inks and kind of messed up either way, we're still gonna give 'em a go and yeah. See how they run. So. Alright cool. So I'm running a, I'm running a machine on 7.8 volts. It feels, it doesn't feel like it's got much power. It's only a 10 wrap coil, but, um, yeah, it feels kind of really flimsy. We'll turn it up a bit and see, it goes, 

When you run the crawl machine, you should be able to kind of see like the double O uh, on the, the amateur bar of the machine, uh, like where the gro is. But in order, you know, to kind of see that you have to turn the vaults down super low, like six volts. And when you do that, the stroke isn't super like the needle kind of barely pros of the tip of the cartridge. So we're gonna turn up a little bit and see if it kind of still works for us in order so we can actually use it. And from there it vibrates a, but most machines do. So it's not that Okay. So it feels like machines kind suddenly lost like a lot of its power. It doesn't, it doesn't run very consistently at all. Right. So we've got on a see on It's weird. Whenever I run for a bit, the voltage is super consistent sometimes. Like if I do like a little bit of a line and then I kind of push into the skin, it sort of bit off, he it's like, uh, hardly any power goes to it. Uh, and then when I turn the vault, it sort of comes back.


Yeah, doing that thing again, it's heating up a lot too. I can feel the wraps on the back of the machine, uh, really starting to warm up 

Kind of smell melted plastic at the moment. So I'm gonna turn the vaults out a little bit. So basically if you run in kinda the skin too long, it starts to kinda almost, yeah, the cos are super hot and yeah, if you run kinda the skin too long, kinda backs off bit and loses a bunch of power, but then when you take it out and dip it in again, lubricates a disposable tip, then it kind kind run again. Actually starting to burn my hand a little bit like the, the frame's heating up so much. It's, uh, it's almost like touching a whole plate on the stove. It's, it's legit burning my hand. Oh man, this is painful. this thing's hot. The grips are kind of super uncomfortable to hold as well. You really, uh, for, so this, I really love to have some grip tape to kinda soften it. My hand I'm used to using rotary machines. So I definitely, I don't have like kind of that old school kind of hand strength that a lot of the tattoos that use coils have, but yeah, if, if you're new to tattooing, it's gonna be the same for you as well. And um, yeah, you kind of hand does get fatigued super quick and kind holding onto like a metal grip with like a bit of a weight hanging off the side. Uh, it does your hands quite 

All right. So I've just double line the piece and I've almost got the lines looking decent. Um, so I think we're gonna move onto the shading now in terms of what, what I think of this machine in terms of line, right. I'm gonna level with you. This is, feels like one level above what they use in prison. Um, and the, the ink is kinda like super thick. It doesn't want to go into the skin. Um, you know, if you don't constantly dip the machine and the, the needle starts to rub against the tube, it slows the machine down. So you have to constantly kind of keep dipping and make sure that's, you know, completely full of ink. Um, and yeah, like, man, it's burning my hand. Like the, the, the, the coils on this are heating up so much. It's like it's burning this part of my hand and it, yeah, it kind of hurts. 

Um, also it's noisy, which is kind of, um, it's, it starts to give you a headache after a little while, uh, also as well. Um, this is something unique it to coils, but so the stroke of the machine right, is, is from the, the top of the armature bar to, to when it goes fully down. Right? So when you are using the power, if you don't have, it turned up really high, then it doesn't go the full stroke length. And it only comes outta the, the tip a little bit. It kind of, you have to go sort of cheap the skin and then all the, the in kind of squirts all over your, uh, you know, your stencil. And it makes it really difficult to see where you're going with the tattoo pens. Like a lot of these lines in here, they're not super clean because a it's, uh, you have to move really slowly in order to get the ink in. 

Cuz if you move quick, you just get kinda like ghost lines almost. You have to really kind of hold it super steady and go really slow in order for it to get in. And that's even a, you know, 10 volts and then the machine's starting to heat up. I can smell melting plastic. It's kind of, it's kind of freaking me out a bit, but we'll keep going. Um, we'll switch the shade now and see how that one goes. But yeah, in terms of lighting, I'm not a fan of this at all. Let's see if the shade's any better. I'm using a 12 gauge seven mag at the moment. So pretty small. It shouldn't be too difficult to push into, uh, the fake skin. So, 

Okay. So straight away after using this machine for a little bit, I like this much better than the liner. I still hate it, but it's definitely not as bad as the liner. It actually, it works. It's putting the ink in the skin still has like, it's still uncomfortable, like the other one, but at least, you know, the inks going in and you know, I'm not having to, you know, go over areas like tons of time in order to get the ink in. So, uh, it looks like it's working so far, not, not super well it's, it's less bad than the other one. 

All right, cool. So we've done, uh, shading in the piece and yeah, all I can say is that I'm glad this isn't on a human because yeah. I'm having to work the skin a lot in order to get the, the gradient in. I wouldn't recommend kind of doing tattoos this big, definitely not this machine, just because ACE mag is pretty small and because, you know, the machine doesn't have a tight power, it can't push the, into the skin super fast. So you're constantly having to like, kind of go over areas again and again again, plus the ink, isn't the best quality. So, you know, cuz it's so kind of thick and kind of gluggy after a few passes, you kinda have to keep, keep dipping again. It really doesn't sort of hold the ink so that a bit frustrating. And it's also not as dark. 

Like I can tell when I look at it, like it's down train eye it's it looks kind of black, but you can just sort of tell, like, it's not, it's almost like the, the blacking it's kind of diluted same as like the warm hole kit and it kind of smells funny. So I, I definitely wouldn't recommend using this on human skin. So I'm gonna put the colors in over this black, see how it looks, then I'll give you my final thoughts, uh, on the, the kit, everything we came with it and we'll go from there to 

Right. Cool. So finally finish the tap to here's, how it turned out. And I've gotta say I've used quite a few machines, uh, in my time of tattoo. And I absolutely think that these are the worst machines that I have ever used. You know, not only are they, they super weak, it's really difficult to, you know, get the ink in. Um, you know, they put a massive pain on your hand. The, the voltage is the inconsistent when you're running it through the machine and yeah, while I was using them, you know, the coils heated up so much, you're actually starting to burn my hand and you can kind of smell melted plastic halfway through the tattoo. So final thoughts, I definitely would not recommend getting this tattoo machine. This, this is kind of, this is one level above what they use in prison and you know, it's kind of for, it's not really for a, it's more for like, you know, if someone wants to get drunk with their friends and do bad tattoos on each other, that this is kind of the machines that they would use. 

If you're looking to, you know, get into tattooing long term and you want tattoo clients, you wanna take this as like a serious career, definitely would not recommend getting this kit, uh, in terms of price, I'd have to rate it a, a 10 out 10. I don't know if any kit this cheaper than this one. It was like $50, $52 on Amazon for the whole kit. That's the two machines, a power supply, inks needles, foot pedal, whole tattoo. So literally, you know, I've got boxes of needles that cost more than this entire kit in terms of quality. I'll probably rate this at two outta 10, just because, you know, a one would probably be like a, a stick and poke or something like that. Um, that's kind of the lowest quality I'd I'd give a machine is like a two outta 10. And in terms of handling lining, I absolutely hated it. 

I'd probably give it a three for that. Shading was probably the best. It was best for shading. Uh, I'd probably give it a, a four for that. And then in terms of, you know, color packing and give that a three, yeah, definitely would not recommend getting this kit at all. If you're looking to, you know, get into tattooing long term, you wanna get something that's kind of a bit higher up the shelf, but either way, if you wanna check it out on Amazon, I'll, uh, leave a link tour here, which I find it really funny. They've got a lot of five star reviews on the, the Amazon listing for this kid. Uh, but when you go and look through the tattoos that people are doing with the kids, it's, it's, it's definitely not done by professionals. So definitely stay away from this one, guys. Um, I will see you in the next review. Thanks guys. Talk soon.

Our Score



Price: $42.99 (10/10)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
It’s hard to beat the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit when it comes to price. You get lots of supplies in just one purchase.

Quality (2/10)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
The coil machines that come with the kit do not work well and are difficult to tune because they’re made from low-quality materials.

Additionally, the ink and needles are lower-quality and should not be used on human skin.

Handling (3/10)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
 The voltage is not consistent, and the machine feels flimsy and weak. The machines heated up so much mid-tattoo that we smelled burning plastic.

The shading machine did perform better than the liner, though it still struggled to put ink into the fake skin. 
  • Inexpensive
  • Gives you everything you need to practice tattooing on fake skin
  • The power supply feels heavy and well-made
  • Most popular kit on Amazon
  • Does not come with cord and machine covers
  • Inconsistent voltage
  • High vibration and noisy
  • Needles and inks are not safe to use on human skin

Product Details (Machines)


10-wrap copper coils


Adjustable stroke




Clip cord

Product Details (Machines)


10-wrap copper coils


Adjustable stroke




Clip cord

Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit - Our Review:

We aren’t big fans of the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit. There’s plenty of rave reviews about it on Amazon, but our opinion is that the materials feel pretty low-quality, and the machines do not work well (especially when compared to professional-grade machines). However, the kit does come at a very low price point, which makes it more accessible to people interested in practicing on fake skins.

tattoo machines and supplies

Lots of Equipment, but It’s Low-Quality

Tattoo kits can be great tools for building up your tattoo setup if you’re starting from scratch. This kit comes with machines, grips, needles, inks, ink caps, a power supply, and more. However, because the materials are low-quality, it makes them difficult to use. 

The practice skin in this kit is about 1mm thick, meaning you can’t properly practice getting the right needle depth without going completely through the skin and ruining your needles. Additionally, the needles and inks should not be used on human skin, and the machines themselves got so hot while tattooing that they became hot and hard to hold. 

While these materials are low-cost, you’ll need to replace most of them to get good practice, which will end up costing much more than the kit by itself.

Showing practice skin thickness

Promotes Bad Hygiene Practices

In the tattooing industry, safety is the number one concern. However, this kit does not come with the tools you need to tattoo people safely. Of course, you aren’t at risk of spreading bloodborne pathogens if you’re practicing on fake skin, but we always recommend practicing the way you would tattoo a real client, including hygienic practices. 

The kit comes with steel grips, which can be unsanitary if you do not have an autoclave to properly sterilize them. Additionally, the kit does not come with clip cord covers or machine bags, which you must have to tattoo safely. 

While the packaging on the needles say they’re EO gas sterilized, the laws regarding sterilization labels differ around the world, so we don’t recommend using these needles (or the ink) in this kit on human skin.

Shader tattoo guns being used

Inconsistent Voltage

An important part of tattooing - especially when it comes to lining - is having consistent voltage running through your machine. If your machine isn’t running smoothly, you won’t be able to tattoo to the best of your ability. 

Even if you’re just practicing on fake skin, you still want your machine to work perfectly so you can improve your skills, grow your confidence faster, and be sure that any issues in a tattoo aren’t due to equipment failure. If you can’t rely on your materials, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out if the issue is your own technique, or if the machine is just acting up. 

tattoo machines and supplies

Who the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Is (and Isn’t) For

This kit is good for people who are trying to figure out if they want to get into tattooing, or for people who want to try out a tattoo on fake skin for fun. It will give you the materials you need to test it out without having to invest in an entire setup. 

However, we don’t recommend this kit for beginners who already know they want to get into tattooing and make a career out of it. While an expensive professional setup isn’t necessary to start tattooing, getting a more reliable beginner tattoo machine will help new artists practice more effectively.

Get the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit

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