Critical Universal Tattoo Battery Pack

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If you’re just getting started tattooing, the Critical Connect Universal Tattoo Battery will save you money on future upgrades and set you up as a professional tattoo artist from the get-go. Its long-lasting power supply and ease of use make it our top pick for battery packs. 

Video Transcription: Critical Universal Tattoo Battery Pack Review

What is up, YouTube? It's Brandon from Tattooing 101, and it's been a really long time since I've done a review on a specific product. I wanted to have enough time with the product because the ones I've used in the past, I didn't really have enough time to break down and actually tattoo with them, and understand exactly how it's going to work. With this one, I've picked up the Critical RCA power supplies. I got the pack with two, you could just buy one and I also got the stand with it. This isn't going to be an unboxing just because I've unboxed it about a month and a half ago. To be able to use these and be able to break down exactly what I've learned from these, and if I like them.

With that being said, if you like content like this, make sure you like and subscribe down below so you can keep up to date on all the new tattooing content I come out with. Let's get into it. Now with these, you could buy them in different jacks. This is the RCA jack. You could also get it for the Cheyenne tattoo equipment ones that aren't really an RCA jack. I don't really know what they call that. It's something specific to them so you can get it in that. Make sure you're buying the right one.

I almost accidentally ordered the wrong one and that would've been terrible because they do run about $500, if I remember correctly for two of them and the stand with the set. Make sure you order the right one because I almost messed up and that would've been miserable because the only Cheyenne I have is battery powered. It's the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited, so it would've been absolutely pointless for me to have.

Along with that, all you have to do to turn it on is hit this button right here on the bottom and hold it in for a couple of seconds and it'll turn on. It's really easy to see the voltage that it's on. You could see right here and there's a plus and negative that you could just turn it up and down very easily. I've been running this on about a 9.5 to a 10. Turn it up real quick. I have it set on 10, and it also has a readout for the battery life, which is awesome.

I really like this a ton. I've used a couple of the different ones that are a little bit cheaper and they just really didn't hold up how I wanted them to.Also, another thing to think about is if you're using a professional tattoo machine, like the Inkjecta, which I love. This is one of the machines I use the most within my arsenal of tattoo machines. Sometimes they don't have the right kick to run specific machines like this, but with this one all you have to do is hit the button and it runs. No problem.

If you want to shut it off, you could very easily hit this button, and obviously if I'm tattooing, I'm going to have this all wrapped up. I'll just put a bag over the top, put some ACE bandage around it right here and everything's completely covered and sanitary. This is a disposable grip that I just throw out at the end of the tattoo, which makes it super easy to cover up everything. Everything's going to stay clean whenever you are tattooing with it. Also, you could turn it however you want if you're tattooing. If you're used to tattooing a certain kind of way, you could turn it to be able to see that readout at all times. With the battery life, I could tattoo pretty much all day on one battery.

I knew exactly how they ran, I probably would've bought one because with having two, it's nice because you could always have one on the charger just in case one does run out of battery life if you have a super long tattoo. But it seems like I could run no problem all day with this one battery, but it is nice to have two just in case you do run out because you don't want to be stuck up the creek without a paddle. I think that's how that term goes. I don't know.

But yeah, I would recommend getting two of this tattoo power supply, but if you're first starting out or just working with fake skins, get one because it's awesome. Another thing is it's going to be super sanitary. You don't have to worry about wrapping your clip cord and being able to unwrap it. That could be a super messy process if you have ink plasma all over it and you're trying to pull it off, it's just really terrible.I really like that more companies are coming out with this, and it just makes life with tattooing a whole lot easier, a lot cleaner and more sanitary for everyone. Not only you but your client as well.

The way you charge it, you could put it on the specific charger that comes with two of them, or there is a port for a USB C charger, that is like the upgraded charger that they're putting on new iPads now. I do have a lot of them laying around, which is awesome that it does use this because it's the same one that uses for my iPad. Anytime I'm tattooing, I'm going to have one of those laying around somewhere, so I always have one with me. Even if I don't take my actual charging base, I can always be able to charge it on the road. Another thing is being able to pack these are so easy. Instead of having a traditional power supply right here, which takes up a lot of room, you have to take all your different cords if you're using different machines. These really simple, you could just throw it in a tiny case with your tattoo machine and go on the road and be able to tattoo without any wires at all.

It always goes back on efficiency and being able to tattoo effectively with them, which these work great. Like I said, and a couple other brands out there don't work as good as these. They're a little bit cheaper, but I definitely recommend paying a little bit more extra money and going with the Critical.

I've used Critical for pretty much my whole tattooing career when it comes to their actual power supplies or the different power supplies they came out with. I've used their Atom, AtomX. The regular styled tattoo power supply like this one that you see here, which is the CX2-RG2, which is one of the first ones I actually got, and they work great. I've never had an issue with them, never had any of them go out when I was tattooing.

Critical’s just a really great brand, and by no means am I sponsored by this, I actually bought these and used them while I tattoo. These didn't get sent to me for free. I wanted to try them out and be able to tell you guys a hundred percent if it's worth it or not. I promise you, you will not be disappointed when it comes to these. They work great for me. I'm going to be using them the rest of my tattoo career. If these eventually go out, I've used them for about two months now I'd say, and didn't have an issue with them. If they do eventually go out, I'd just spend the money and get more. If you're wanting to get a Critical power supply, you're looking at about $200 to $300 depending on the one you want to get. Then you have to worry about your clip cords or your RCA jacks, which I do notice that those go out quite a bit. I've probably had to replace them about every year to every two years depending on the brand that you do buy, just because they get worn out or they won't stay in the machine correctly.

By the time that you get all said and done with buying the power supply, buying the cords, if you're first getting into tattooing, just go with this. You do get what you pay for, and this one’s more expensive, but it’s great. Get yourself an Inkjecta, and pick yourself up one of these. It'll save you a ton of money having to upgrade all of your supplies in the future, and you'll be set up to be a professional tattoo artist from the get-go, which will help you learn a lot, lot faster. If you're first starting tattooing and you're having issues with your linework, I recommend you check out our free linework secrets. What you could do is hit the link down below in the description and type in some information. It'll get sent to your email right away for you to check out. I've seen it help a ton of people out.

If you're interested in the Artist Accelerator program, that's one way to very easily see if it's something for you. You could check that out. If it's able to help you out, I recommend you check out our Artist Accelerator program where you could actually talk to me live three times a week. I jump on a live call with all the students and be able to help them out along their journey. I'll leave that in a description below for you guys in case you want to check that out.

Back to the Critical power supply. Is this something that you want to get? That's why I made this video. If that's something you're interested in without using any clip cords or anything like that, and you have a little bit of extra money to throw around and get yourself some of these, you're not going to regret it. I love these things. I don't think I'll ever use this Critical power supply ever again.I hope this was able to help you out and do a little bit different of content. Like I said, from now on, if I do do a review, I'm going to use it for a while and understand everything about it before just doing a review or just trying it out. But these are definitely a win. Thank you guys so much for watching and you have a wonderful day.

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Price: $259.99/each (6/10)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
The Critical Universal Battery Pack does cost a few hundred dollars, but we believe it’s worth every penny. As far as quantity goes, you can buy it in a two-pack if you want a backup, but one will get the job done.

Quality (10/10)

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Current Progress
Current Progress
This battery pack lasts all day and is incredibly easy to use.
We would choose this item over any other battery pack. These are unlikely to go out, but if they ever did, we’d immediately get more. 

Handling (10/10)

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Current Progress
Current Progress
 The Critical Connect battery pack is very easy to use with just the press of a button. You can turn it however you need to in order to look at it while you tattoo. With no cords or extra RCA jacks to bother with, this power supply is as easy to use as it gets. 
  • Battery pack lasts all day when fully charged
  • Easy and efficient performance
  • Easy to move around and cover
  • Good price
  • If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might buy the wrong kind of tattoo power supply and spend too much money.

    For this review, we’re using the RCA jack, NOT the one for Cheyenne equipment.

tattoo battery items

Product Details


19.8cm x 29.7cm (7.8in x 11.7in)




1 skin tone, light

Critical Universal Tattoo Brand Battery Pack - Our Review:

This power supply is great for your rotary tattoo machine. It’s small, easy to use, and the charge is plenty to keep you tattooing without incident. You can turn this battery pack however you need in order to see the screen, and it’s easy to take with you and charge on the go. As far as tattoo power supplies go, we’ll be using this one for as long as we can.

digital display power supply without cables attached to tattoo machine

Options for Different Jacks

One of the great things about the Critical Universal Tattoo Battery Pack is that you can buy it with different jacks. We use the RCA jack, but if you’re using Cheyenne tattoo equipment, there’s a battery pack for you. Make sure when you buy that you’re getting the right kind of jack, but it’s great that you can use this power supply on most kinds of rotary tattoo machines.

Easy to Use 

This power supply is extremely easy to use. All you do to turn it on is plug it into your tattoo machine and hold the button on the bottom for a couple of seconds. Once it’s on, it’s very easy to see and adjust the voltage. It also has a great digital display for the battery, and you can turn and twist the battery pack however you want to make sure you can see it as you’re working.

Works on Great Tattoo Machines

Our professional artists at Tattooing 101 love Inkjecta Tattoo Machines, and some battery packs aren’t strong enough to hold up to our preferred machines.

voltage details display
tattoo machine battery with voltage screen

While still at a relatively low price point, Critical Universal battery packs have the right kick to power an Inkjecta machine with no trouble. While there are cheaper power supplies out there, they don’t always hold up, and this battery pack gets it done efficiently and effectively.

A Brand You Can Rely On

We at Tattooing 101 have used Critical products for a long time, and we will continue to do so. Critical products hold up well, and we’ve never been disappointed. In terms of power supplies, the Critical Connect Universal Battery Pack is perfect for us, and we will use them for the long haul. 

Who Critical Universal Tattoo Battery Packs are for 

These power supply packs are great for any tattoo artist - whether you’re a professional or just starting out. While it’s a bigger up-front investment for new artists, it is likely that you could end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on multiple lower-quality battery packs, clip cords, RCA jacks, etc., because you have to keep replacing them if - and when - they go out. 

If your budget allows, we recommend getting an Inkjecta tattoo machine and a Critical Connect power supply. That way, you’ll have less to worry about with your equipment. 

Shop the Critical Universal Tattoo Power Supply

tattoo power supply with digital display
tattoo power supply in stock

*Price at time of writing. Additional shipping charges might also apply

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