Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to the placement of a tattoo, you’ve got your standard tattoo placement like arms and legs, but if you’re in the mood for some hidden ink, then consider side-boob tattoos. 

Many consider side-boob tattoos to be sexy but discreet. Sometimes grouped in with rib cage tattoos, they flow with the natural curvature of the body, making them aesthetically pleasing. And with side breast tattoos, they’re usually only seen by you, your partner, or others when you’re in a bathing suit.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a side boob tattoo, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be breaking down:

  • Some of the most popular side boob tattoos
  • Side boob tattoo cost
  • Whether these tattoos are more or less painful than other areas

6 Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

Floral Patterns

When it comes to side-boob tattoo ideas, it’s tough to go wrong with roses or floral patterns. A side boob flower tattoo can be arranged in a lovely arch to accentuate your existing curves.

As a bonus, a flower tattoo can be created in all kinds of colors. That makes it very easy to find the perfect color to make your skin tone “pop.”.

A flower side-boob tattoo is definitely an excellent option for those looking for creative freedom with so-called “boob ink.”

Here’s a few floral sideboob tattoos for inspiration:

Small flower side boob tattoo

Big flower side boob tattoo

David Palacios floral tattoo design

Colorful flowers side boob tattoo

Black and white flowers side boob tattoo

Realistic flower petals side boob tattoo


If you’re someone who has an optimistic outlook on life and loves animals, you may want to consider getting a crane tattoo. These are the perfect way to reflect said outlook and offer a graceful-looking artwork.

Cranes are birds that symbolize both positivity and happiness. Placing a crane tattoo on the side boob area is not only aesthetically pleasing but also holds a sentimental value.

Furthermore, when it comes to the design, you can opt for a classic look without colors or embrace a vibrant color scheme.

Saskia Patrice tattoo design

Tasteful Text

Like flowers, it’s easy to arrange text to accentuate your natural appearance and style. And while it’s not mandatory, making the text cursive often allows your body art to flow better with the curve of the body.

Finally, a text tattoo gives you a lot of room to get creative. There's room for just about anything, from lovers’ names to words to favorite quotes. rib cage tattoo

A Real “Centerpiece”

You probably noticed that our side boob tattoo ideas were mostly profile pieces. This makes sense, as they are meant to be seen from the side. Underboob tattoo ideas, though cute, are all about the center.

Under boob tattoos tend to be bigger than a side boob ink design, and they focus on an essential central element (that is often symmetrical).

Flowers can work for this purpose, but some women prefer objects such as diamonds or crowns.

Going in Circles

If hard angles aren’t a good combo for your soft curves, then we’ve got more side–boob tattoo ideas. Here’s one: embracing the art of circular design.

Designs like the sun and the moon, the moon with planets, constellations, etc., make for good side-boob tattoo ideas because the person looking at the tattoo will be drawn to the symmetry of the design. Plus, these side-boob tattoos are timeless, and there’s a lot of room to get really creative with the design.

Things like mandalas or atoms are not perfect circles, but the approximate circle design still helps to show the body’s curves in a unique way.
Valerie Dambaeva tattoo


If you're struggling to decide on a pattern for your tattoo but still desire a visually striking design with deep significance and meaning, a butterfly tattoo is an ideal choice that offers the best of both worlds.

This tattoo design carries powerful symbolism associated with love, immortality, and joy. It appeals to those who embrace a carefree approach to life and are eager to explore all its possibilities. 

You have the option of selecting a substantial butterfly design on the side-boob area, which provides visually pleasing results. Alternatively, you can opt for multiple smaller butterfly symbols to create a unique focal point.

Steven Contreras butterfly tattoo
Mela butterfly tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting a side-boob tattoo painful?

Yes, getting a side-boob tattoo will be painful. This is because the breast is a very sensitive area. However, we don’t recommend using numbing cream unless it’s necessary, as it does tend to change the skin’s texture.

What is the price of a side-boob tattoo?

The price of a side boob tattoo is going to depend on its size and complexity. Those are the two factors that will determine how long the tattoo takes, and most tattoo artists charge by the hour.

How much time is needed to heal the side boob tattoos?

Side boob tattoos usually take around two weeks to heal. However, the amount of time a tattoo takes to heal is going to depend on your aftercare. If you take care of your tattoo, it will heal in good time.

What should you wear when getting a side boob tattoo?

The clothes you wear while getting a side breast tattoo are important. You can wear a baggier, comfy shirt because it has extra fabric (allowing you to pull it out of the way while covering the rest of your chest) and it won’t be tight on your new tattoo.

The tattoo’s placement will determine whether you need to remove your shirt entirely or not. Tattoo artists will have coverings on hand and you can always request a privacy curtain while your artist works.

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