Biomech tattoos combine man and machine - with big, bold designs full of depth. We’re taking a look at why biomech tattoos work so well, and why they’re never boring to look at.

Biomech Tattoo: Your Ink, Evolved

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Obi-Wan Kenobi famously described Darth Vader as being “more machine now than man.” It was meant, of course, to make Vader seem scary and inhuman. But audiences everywhere took one look at Vader and could tell how badass that machine man really was.

Of course, no one wants to get nearly killed on a lava planet to get that Vader aesthetic. But you can get the next best thing thanks to the biomech tattoo.

Wondering what these tattoos are and how you can unlock your inner robot? Keep reading to find out!

What Is a Biomech Tattoo?


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“Biomech” looks like a fancy word. In fact, it looks like the kind of term you’d forget right before the upcoming test in a Biology course.

However, “biomech” as a word is a combination of life (“bio”) and robotics (“mech”). Biomech tattoos are designed to make it look like you have your own mechanical parts emerging from your flesh and blood body.

While the idea is pretty basic, there is an infinite number of awesome biomech tattoo designs you can rock on your body.

Why Does a Biomech Tattoo Stand Out?


Image from Inner Visions Tattoos

You know how we roll here at Tattooing 101. We don’t want you to just get a cool tattoo: we want you to get the kind of design that leaves the whole room jealously asking who your tattoo artist is.

That brings us to the million-dollar question: what makes these biomech tattoos so special?

First, there’s the potential for depth. While nothing is wrong with getting a standard biomech tattoo, these designs make for some pretty eye-popping 3D designs.

Second, you can be as original as you want. These tattoos can echo your favorite pop culture bots (such as Terminators, Cylons, Borg, and Daleks) or come up with your own wicked design.

Finally, these tattoos are big and bold. They are easy to spot across a crowded room and guaranteed to start conversations with some pretty awesome people.

Colors: Some Like It Bot


Image from Visual Vortex

When you think “mechanical,” you’re probably thinking about dark colors such as black and gray. However, a biomech tattoo gives you an opportunity to have a ton of color in your design.

For example, these tats are meant to be a blend of flesh and blood as well as circuits and wires. Even if you stick with dark colors for the robotic parts, you can add color via art of your blood and organs.

And there’s always room for colorful bot designs as well. Many popular robot characters are very colorful, including Mega Man and R2D2. You can embrace your own colorful inner and outer bot, and these colors make for a dynamic contrast with your skin to help you stand out like never before.

Biomech Tattoos and Beyond

Now you know more about what the biomech tattooing is and what makes it so special. But do you know where you can find out about the next big thing in the world of tattoo art and technique?

At Tattooing 1010, we bring you the best tattoo news, art, and inspiration. To get a weekly dose of inky goodness, bookmark our site today!

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