Tattoo Design Ideas

One of the hardest things about being a tattoo artist is thinking of new designs. Finding tattoos you like can help you find inspiration and even develop your own style. 

Whether you’re looking to find some fresh ideas - or you’re just interested in the different types of designs that are out there - you’re in the right place. Here’s a gallery of some of the most popular tattoo designs:

Music Tattoos

Music-inspired tattoos don’t have to just be centered around music notes and treble clefs. Different music icons, instruments, dance styles, movie scores, and more can all be the subject of musically inclined tattoos. 

music tattoo ideas
music tattoo ideas
music tattoo idea
music tattoo

Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are some of the most popular designs in the industry. A great way to make yours stand out is to choose a unique style and add unique surrounding elements. 

skull tattoo ideas
skull tattoo ideas
skull tattoo idea
skull tattoo idea
skull tattoo

Faith-Based Tattoos

Some people like to wear their beliefs on their skin. We’re fans of focusing on not only the battle between light and dark in the subject matter, but also using lots of highlights and dark shadows in these tattoos to add extra depth. 

angel tattoo ideas
angel tattoo ideas
angel tattoo
cross tattoo
Christian tattoos

Animal Tattoos

Lion Tattoo Ideas

When dealing with a popular subject matter - like lions - you can keep your work unique by going for a more original version of the “roaring lion” tattoo. 

lion tattoo ideas
lion tattoo
lion tattoo
lion tattoos

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas

Scorpion tattoos are considered to be a symbol of strength. Their tails are so universally recognizable that you can make the design as realistic or illustrative as you’d like without losing the symbolism. 

scorpion tattoo ideas
scorpion tattoo
scorpion tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

Phoenix tattoos reflect the story of someone “rising from the ashes,” which is why they’re so popular. 

phoenix tattoo ideas
phoenix tattoo
phoenix tattoo designs

Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Most often found in traditional Japanese tattoos, dragons have made their way into all different tattoo styles. 

dragon tattoo ideas
dragon tattoo idea
dragon tattoo

Wolf Tattoo Ideas

Wolves, like lions, tend to be a meaningful tattoo design for most people because they represent strength and resilience. However, you can make a wolf tattoo more personal by choosing a style that is done less often.

wolf tattoo ideas
wolf tattoo
wolf tattoo

Bird Tattoo Ideas

Birds are at the top of the list of most-tattooed animals. However, unlike lions or wolves, there’s less of an expectation when it comes to a bird’s facial expression, which is why birds make a great subject for any tattoo style. 

owl tattoo
bird tattoos
eagle tattoo
owl tattoo ideas for men

Popular Tattoo Symbols

Rose Tattoo Ideas

One of the most well-known tattoo designs in the world, rose tattoos are often associated with Sailor Jerry and his traditional tattooing style. However, rose tattoos have evolved a lot since then, ranging from mystical to hyper-realistic. 

rose tattoo
rose tattoo ideas
rose tattoo designs
rose tattoo designs

Crown Tattoo Ideas

Lots of tattoos revolve around royalty, but crown tattoos let you experiment with different tones, whether you want to go for a goofy, feminine, or serious look. 

crown tattoos
crown tattoo ideas
crown tattoo designs
crown tattoo ideas

Star Tattoo Ideas

Capturing the awe and wonder of the universe is often the focal point of some of the best tattoo ideas.

star tattoo
star tattoo ideas
star tattoo designs

Compass Tattoo Ideas

Whether they’re representing the life of a traveler or someone’s moral character pointing toward “True North,” compass tattoos are very popular design ideas.

compass tattoo
compass tattoo ideas
compass tattoo designs

Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Arrow tattoos do a great job of working with the flow of the body, because they can be tattooed right along one of the many lines of the body.

arrow tattoo
arrow tattoo ideas
arrow tattoo designs

Moon Tattoo Ideas

Moon tattoos let tattoo artists play with the idea of contrast - whether they’re playing with light in their designs or juxtaposing a hollowed-out crescent moon with a circular sun. 

moon and star tattoos
moon tattoo ideas
moon tattoos

Queen Tattoo Ideas

A design centered around queens and royalty will give you a timeless tattoo design. Here’s a few of our current favorites:

queen tattoos
queen tattoos for women
crown tattoos

Feather Tattoo Ideas

Most tattoo artists will tell you that feather tattoos are really popular - and overdone. However, incorporating a new style can help you create a unique feather design that feels fresh.

feather tattoos
feather tattoos for women
Feather tattoo

Flower Tattoo Ideas

Floral designs create some of the best tattoos because they’re easy to read, can be molded to fit on any part of the body easily, and fit any color palette. 

flower tattoo
flower tattoo ideas
flower tattoos for women

Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are very popular. We recommend placing small tattoos on smaller areas of the body (where you would normally wear jewelry).This includes near the wrists, ankles, hands or ears. To learn more, check out our Tattoo Placement Guide

small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas for men
small tattoo ideas for men
small tattoo ideas for men
small tattoo
small tattoos design
small tattoos
wrist tattoo
line tattoo
Flower small tattoo
hand tattoo
cross tattoo design
dragon tattoo design
matching tattoos

Family Tattoos

Family tattoo ideas

If portraits or name tattoos aren’t your style, going with imagery that represents family members is a great alternative. 

Family tattoos
Family tattoos
Family tattoos

Name Tattoo Ideas

Name tattoos can be a great way to keep someone with you, no matter where you go. However, name tattoos are the most popular type to get removed or covered up. We only recommend these family tattoo ideas for family members who have passed, children, or pets. 

name tattoo
name tattoo
name tattoos for men

Memorial Family Tattoo Ideas

A great way to memorialize a family member to get a meaningful tattoo that reminds you of them. If you don’t want to go with a traditional portrait, you could use symbols (like an angel), a picture that represents their personality, or something that belongs uniquely to that person, like their handprint.

angel tattoo
portrait tattoo
hand tattoo (handprint)

Ancestral Tattoo Ideas

Instead of choosing tattoos that represent specific family members, some people opt for tattoos that represent their wider family or culture with family crest tattoos or tattoo styles that originated in different regions of the world.

celtic tattoos
polynesian phoenix tattoo
family crest tattoo

Disney Tattoos

One of the best things about tattoos of iconic characters is that they remain recognizable, even when you experiment with different styles or add pieces of your own personality. 

portrait tattoo of Buzz Lightyear
Disney arm tattoo designs
Star Wars arm tattoo ideas for men
Funny arm tattoo ideas
Genie arm tattoo
monkey tattoo ideas
lion tattoos
forearm tattoos of lilo and stitch
Little Mermaid body art
Aladdin body art
Mickey body art
Disney Brave body art
Deadpool neck tattoo ideas for men
Star Wars chest tattoo
Avengers chest tattoo ideas for men
Wall-E leg tattoo
Baby Groot leg tattoo
Disney tattoo

Discover Tattoo Design Ideas

Ready for more? Click on the design ideas you’re interested in to learn more from our professional tattoo artists. 

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