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What is it?
World's first complete tattoo education.
• Step by step frameworks to take you from apprentice to professional artist in weeks, not years!
• A LIVE 24/7 community of artists to help you every step of the way!
• LIVE group interviews with professional artists from around the world that you get to meet and ask questions one on one!
Who is it for?
• If you're new to the tattoo profession and unsure where to begin.
• Artists who want to get serious about their careers without wasting years of their life trying to figure it out by themselves.
• Anyone who has the passion and energy to put into the program can become a professional artist!
What will I achieve?
• Our mission is to take the guesswork out of becoming a professional artist with our proven system. 
• Follow our step by step blueprint and make a living doing what you love!
• Connect with other artists in our global community. Learn how to succeed in this business and find guest spots around the world!

From: Jay
To: My Fellow Artists
Dear Artist,

I get it, I've been there.

Unlike becoming a doctor, lawyer, heck even a janitor, when you're becoming a tattoo artist there was never a step by step path for you to follow... Until now.

We get a lot of hate from other professional artists who misunderstand what we're doing here.

They (wrongly) believe that we're looking to teach "scratchers" to tattoo out of their kitchens, which isn't the case (although most artist who send hate mail started exactly this way!).

Instead we're looking to bring tattooing up to the 21st century...
We're here to "fill the holes" in a traditional apprenticeship.

As just one example we have artists that are in Europe, but want to study Japanese. 

It's unrealistic for them to travel to Japan and try to find an artist... so we live streamed Japanese artists directly to them, answering their questions LIVE one on one.

Another example is -  maybe you're in a shop already, but your mentor doesn't really understand money management or social media... How do you learn?

You request it in the group and we create content specifically on that topic.

While it's the early days here at Tattooing 101 we have many modules live now, and many more are in the works.

Things that are already live include things like:

👉 How to paint tattoo flash
👉How to setup machines
👉Drawing samples and challenges
👉 Practicing on artificial skin
👉 Weekly design challenges
👉 And many more!

Scroll down to see what's currently live in your new dashboard.
Who this WON'T work for...
As I said, we'll eventually be taking members to shop owner and beyond, but for now we're focused on the apprenticeship level specifically.

If you're an advanced artist this program may not be for you... YET.

We just want to make sure we get everyone at the beginner level up to speed before dumping in a bunch of advanced content, but it's coming...

Here's my promise to you...
As I mentioned we're just looking to improve the industry and document our own lessons learned in our own tattoo careers.

If you join and decide this program isn't for you, just shoot me a message in the first 30 days and I'll give you a refund.
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100% Action Taker Guarantee!
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On this page is a chance to join the new Tattooing 101 Monthly Mastermind for $47/month.

It's one of the most comprehensive tattoo education platforms anywhere in the world.

- Access to a private artist only community

- Access to your own education library with new content added weekly

- Access to our monthly live artist interviews

- Access to your fellow artists 24/7. 

- Post your work or any questions you may have about the industry in general. Never be stuck or unsure of the next step in your career...

You can cancel any time for any reason... 

So click the button below and join us today.
38 Value Packed Modules To Skyrocket Your Career And Life!

New Videos Added Weekly!

Here's what you'll get NOW:
Start Here!
What's inside this module:
📹 Welcome (1:54)
📹 ​Time Management & Calendar Creation (25:35)
Mindset - Introduction
What's inside this module:
📹 Learning The "Language" Of Tattooing (3:45)
💻 ​ETP - Elite Tattoo Artist Code Of Ethics
What's inside this module:
📹 BBP Introduction (17:44)
Art And Design - Getting Started
What's inside this module:
💻 ETP - Depth And Perspective 
💻 ETP - What We Mean By "The Process" Of Tattooing
Drawing Introduction
What's inside this module:
📹 Drawing - Materials Intro What We Recommend (10:22)
💻 ETP - Basic Drawing Tips
Intro to Tubes, Tips, and Grips
What's inside this module:
📹 Introduction To Tips, Grips, and Tubes (0.36)
📹 Disposable Tubes (7:31)
📹 Stainless Steel (3:42)
📹 Stainless - A Deeper Dive (4:54)
📹 Cartridge System - All in One (5:29)
📹 Hybrid System (4:12)
📹 Stainless - Disposable Tips (1:22)
Kanji Study - Colored Pencils
What's inside this module:
📹 Introduction and Materials (2:33)
📹 Linework (14:59)
📹 Solid Black Fills (9:05)
📹 Black and Red - Blending and Layering (11:17)
📹 Tip Shading (9:07)
Kanji Study - Watercolor
What's inside this module:
📹 Painting introduction (2:26)
📹 Lining with nibs (18:50)
📹 Solid Black Fills (4:14)
📹 Black Shading, Preparing to Layer (6:24)
📹 Layering Over Shading - Red (3:15)
📹 Tip Shading (4:16)
Kanji - POF Tattoo Process
What's inside this module:
📹 Work Surface and Stencil Application (11:00)
📹 Liner Setup (8:00)
📹 Mag setup (3:23)
📹 Machine Barrier Setup (3:10)
📹 Outlining Part 1 (11:35)
📹 Outlining pt 2 (7:59)
📹 Outlining pt 3 (8:54)
📹 Solid Black Fills (15:52)
📹 Shading - Blending Black and Red (14:18)
📹 Shading - Tip shading (17:22)
Kanji Study - Your Skin
What's inside this module:
📹 Preparation (2:56)
📹 Stencil Do's and Do Nots (4:34)
📹 Linework (12:15)
📹 Bugpin and Standard Mags (11:49)
📹 Blend to Color (12:29)
Jay - Drawing - Sailor Jerry Rose Study
What's inside this module:
📹 Rose Study - Initial Sketch - The building blocks of all drawings (14:17)
📹 Rose Study - Secondary Lines - Tightening up your drawing (7:01)
📹 Rose Study - Linework pt 1 - Building up your muscle memory (8:52)
📹 Rose Study - Linework pt 2 - Moving on to the main event (7:44)
Matt - Drawing - Freehand Rose Designs
What's inside this module:
📹 Freehand Rose Sketch - How to think about the design process (12:56)
📹 Freehand Rose - Secondary Lines - Choosing what to keep (10:11)
📹 Freehand Rose - Linework - It isn't permanent until it's tattooed (13:32)
📹 Drawing - Your Homework, should you choose to accept it.. (1:31)
Joel - Drawing - Drawing With No References
What's inside this module:
📹 Sketching a Rooster - How to draw with no reference (6:39)
📹 Lining Your Sketch - How to see the big picture - pt 1 (6:35)
📹 Lining Your Sketch - The devil is in the details - pt 2 (6:01)
Lettering Introduction
What's inside this module:
💻 ETP - Intro To Lettering
Matt - Lettering Basics Example
What's inside this module:
📹 Consultation and Initial Sketch (12:05)
📹 Lettering Basics - Linework (5:59)
📹 Lettering Basics - Bonus - Freeform Design and Detail (7:48)
Tattoo Flash Introduction
What's inside this module:
💻 ETP - All About Flash
📹 Tattoo Flash - This paper will make or break your paintings (7:45)
📹 Old School Transfer Method (9:30)
📹 Light Boxes and Travel - Lining Flash the Easy Way (2:20)
📹 Advanced Lining - Brushes (9:36)
📹 More on Markers - Lining Flash (10:56)
📹 Nib & Ink - Takin' it back to the old school (8:04)
📹 Preserving Your Brushes (4:25)
📹 Painting Wet on Wet (3:17)
📹 Paint Type Overview & Setting Up (7:28)
📹 Opacity of Acrylics vs Watercolor (4:49)
📹 Blending Acrylic vs Watercolor (10:22)
📹 Blending with Washes and Cheat Sheets (4:46)
Jay - Traditional Rose - Tattoo Flash Painting
What's inside this module:
📹 Direct Drawing - No light-box or transfer necessary (6:30)
📹 Lining With Markers - No Nib Necessary (12:52)
📹 Black Shading - Leaves and Tings (11:27)
📹 Black Shading - Rose Buds (8:11)
📹 First Color - Leaves of Green (11:45)
📹 Brown Town (2:05)
📹 Really Red (14:47)
📹 Glorious Gold (3:55)
📹 Sealant - Protect your Paint (2:18)
📹 Trim & Border (9:10)
📹  Backing it up with Background (8:30)
Introduction to Artificial Skin
What's inside this module:
📹 Squeeze Bottles and Cleaning Solutions (4:06)
📹 Speed Stick Stencil Application (3:35)
📹 Preparing the Work Surface (3:13)
📹 Working with Silicone Skin (6:08)
Matt - Cartridge on Fake Skin - Black and Grey Kanji
What's inside this module:
📹 Starting with a Freehand Sketch - 3 Marker Method (13:45)
📹 Cartridge and Ink Choice - How Matt Mixes Greys (5:32)
📹 Cartridge Barriers - Wrap It Up (5:55)
📹 Power Supply and Setting Depth (4:03)
Jay - POF - Traditional Rose Tattoo
What's inside this module:
📹 Jay - POF Traditional Rose - Linework (15:08)
📹 Jay - POF Traditional Rose - Linework pt 2 (24:34)
📹 Jay - POF Traditional Rose - Cleaning and Touch Ups (4:44)
📹 Shading the outer leaves - Pt 1 (11:56)
📹 Shading the outer leaves - Pt 2 (11:56)
📹 Shading the Rose (11:51)
📹 Introduction to color - Brown coloring (6:51)
📹 Introduction to color - Green coloring (8:33)
📹 Introduction to color - Turquoise coloring (6:28)
📹 Blending and Layering (10:59)
📹 Introduction to color - Red (12:27)
📹 Lining with Color (2:15)
📹 Introduction to color - Gold (7:51)
Leo - Japanese Catfish Tattoo Masterclass - From Idea to Finished Tattoo
What's inside this module:
📹 Start Here - Introduction and Overview of the Project (1:30)
📹 Initial Sketch - The building blocks of any "fishy" tattoo pt 1 (9:54)
📹 Initial Sketch - pt 2 (7:46)
📹 Secondary Sketch - Tightening Your Drawing (7:20)
📹 Stencil Linework - Muscle Memo (10:23)
📹 Tattoo Linework - The Building Blocks of any Solid Tattoo (30:27)
📹 Black Shading - The Foundation of your Tattoo (22:46)
📹 Red Shading - The First POP of Color (8:50)
📹 Periwinkle Shading - Not blue but not grey... (9:04)
📹 Gold Shading - True Gold (12:14)
📹 Textures - Make them "feel it" (2:42)
📹 "Fin"ishing touches - The few blends that matter (20:40)
📹 Highlights (5:37)
Colored Pencils
What's inside this module:
📹 Introduction to Materials (2:39)
📹 Basic Blending Concepts (13:29)
📹 Linework for Colored Pencils (15:58)
📹 Adding Black - Depth on a Flat Surface (10:46)
📹 Adding Color pt 1 - The First Layer (24:02)
📹 Adding Color pt 2 - Building Your Blends (7:26)
📹 Adding Color pt 3 - Smoothing it Out (8:29)
📹 Repurposing Your Work (3:08)
Get Digital - Introduction to iPad and ProCreate
What's inside this module:
📹  Basic intro to ProCreate and iPad (9:43)
Health and Safety Standards
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Biology of Tattooing - Understanding BB Pathogens
💻  ETP - Health and Safety
💻  ETP- Sanitation and cleaning - Sterilizing Your Equipment
💻  ETP - Inspections and Certifications Overview
Joel - Creating Stencils
What's inside this module:
📹  Joel - Introducing Artwork and Stencils (5:23)
💻  ETP - Stencils and Transferring
📹  Joel - Making a Stencil with Entry Level Copier (6:06)
📹  Joel - Prepping the Stencil for Your Client (4:22)
💻  ETP- Cheat Sheet for Basic Stencil Creation and Station Setup
💻  ETP - Stencil Practice Exercises
Joel - Introduction to Supplies & Setup
What's inside this module:
📹  Joel - Basic Tattoo Setup Overview (8:23)
📹  Joel - Basic Equipment Overview Part 2 - Accessories (3:46)
📹  Joel - Basic Machine Setup (11:27)
📹  Joel - Powering Your Tattoo Machine (5:41)
📹  Joel - A/D, Ink, and Paper Towels (7:03)
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - An Introduction To Needles and Tubes
💻  ETP - The Nitty-Gritty about Tattoo Needles and Tubes
📹  Introduction to Needles (24:04)
📹 Needle Ordering Walkthrough (13:41)
The Tattoo Machine Breakdown
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Getting to Know the Tattoo Machine and Power Supply
💻  ETP - Choosing a Tattoo Machine Overview
💻  ETP - Beyond Theory – Putting It All Together (machine)
Understanding and Making Inks
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Getting To Know (and Make!) Tattoo Inks
Joel - Working With Clients
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP- How to Work With Clients
📹  Joel - Shaving - Client Preparation (3:57)
💻  ETP - Client Shaving Practice Exercises
💻  ETP - Placement, Form, and Fit
Inside the Shop
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - A Peek Inside The Tattoo Shop
Setting Up Your Station
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Setting Up Your Work Space
💻  ETP - Pre-Flight Checklist
Color Theory
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Introduction to Color Theory
Ergonomics and Body Mechanics
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Intro to Ergonomics and Body Mechanics
Applying The Tattoo
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Lining, Shading, Color and Grey - Masterclass
💻  ETP - Quick Tips Before You Start a Tattoo
Joel - A Color and a Black & Grey Swallow - Tattoo Examples
What's inside this module:
💻  ETP - Joel Swallows Cheat Sheet
📹  Joel - Introduction to Starting Linework - Video pt 1 (3:08)
📹  Joel - Closeup - Changing a Stencil on the Fly (3:41)
📹  Joel - Avoid Pooling Ink (2:54)
📹  Joel- Using Depth to Vary Lines (5:03)
📹  Joel - Begin Black Shading (5:33)
📹  Joel- Black pt 2 - Details (5:51)
📹  Joel - Black pt 3 - Keeping Skin Clean While Working (7:23)
📹  Joel - Mid Tones, Irritation, and Washes (7:58)
📹  Joel - Mid Tone pt 2 - The Only Way to Progress (8:16)
📹  Joel- Mid Tone pt 3 - Practice and Perfection (4:38)
📹 Joel - Lightest Tones & Overworking Skin (6:51)
📹 Joel - BG Finishing Touches (4:03)
What's inside this module:
📹  Myron - Accounting and Business Structuring for Professional Artists (36:54)
📹  Bo - Shop Owner and Veteran Tattoo Artist (71:31)
Mastermind Live Artist Interviews (Recordings)
What's inside this module:
📹  Erin N - Geometric and Dot Work Specialist (37:33)
📹  Bo C. - Shop Owner and Veteran Tattoo Artist (51:42)
📹  Shin N - Tokyo, Japan - Artist and Shop Owner (42:39)
Here's What Our Community Has To Say...
“Hey everyone … I started tattooing after doing this online course about a year ago ...I now run my OWN legal/registered/insured tattoo studio and LOVE it!” 

- Sara
"I'm from South Wales in the UK. The course and its content are sublime and have helped very much. I'm 39 and looking to get into tattooing and your course and website have helped greatly..." 

- Ben
"I have been a tattoo artist for about 10 years now and I'm a very open-minded artist. I have read and watched most of the articles, videos, books, etc. on the subject and this is by far the BEST information I've personally come across. 

I would recommend this course to anyone of any experience level. I can honestly say that I've learned a few new tricks. However, there is a lot of bad information out there, but this is not one of them." 

- Joe From Washington
"Jay, I'm so glad I got a crack at your tattoo information package. I've watched a lot of stuff over the years and also read a lot of info on forums, etc. but what you have created is just pure genius! 

The information is top notch and I'd love to have you use my words as a testimonial to anyone wanting to give your course a go. Killer tips and instruction. Love it all!! I'll look forward to anything else you put out, so please stay in touch." 

Michelle From Florida
I only began tattooing a few months ago and after watching the initial videos and reading the 1st few chapters in this course my skills increased dramatically! People are amazed that I am so “green” when it comes to being a tattoo artist (can I call myself this yet?). What I really found valuable are the smaller tweaks that are easy to integrate. For example, how to choose the CORRECT tip for the needle — and it’s not necessarily what you would think (you gotta invest like I did to find that out).

I was going to go to a “tattoo school” at 1st but with this series I think I would be wasting a lot of money as I’d be paying to do what I already know! This is such a small investment that has a VERY large payout! You don’t have to be the best at drawing or at art you just have to have the desire to learn and you will be awesome. I really appreciate the boost in morale and confidence. It makes me feel really good to express myself through ink and have people like what I do.” 

William From California
"I really could say so much but first I just have to say is WOW!!! Over the past 3 years I've bought books and videos on how to tattoo and your videos are really awesome! The detail in which the videos are done is easy to follow and straightforward. The purchase of Tattooing 101 is worth 10x what I paid for it.

I suggest that anyone who is new to the industry to add this information to their collection. Just the videos alone have changed my outlook on what it takes to do nice, clean, and solid tattoos. I'd just like to say THANK YOU Jay for these videos and the information available for people like me who really want to be a great tattoo artist. Thanks man!" 

- Will From North Carolina
"Your program kicks ass! I had an apprenticeship opportunity fall thru last month and this is a life saver. He wanted $8500 up front for 1 year, and I was willing to pay. I've done the other instructional DVD sets out there and they're all completely useless.

I've been airbrushing professionally for the last 5 years, but had to shut down my studio at the hot rod shop 1 1/2 ago cause I wasn't getting enough work. I went back to working construction and airbrushing at home on the side, but I recently found out I've got no disc left between my L4 and L5 vertebrae and I'm on a 2 yr waiting list for surgery. 

I got signed to, and am painting for a gallery in Vegas, but I won't see a real return from that for 5-10 years. I'm scrounging any airbrush gig I can get to try and cover my bills. It's impossible to get by on unemployment benefits. Lol. It's extremely hard to try to get into the tattoo scene. Nobody wants you in, and they all say " You can't do it".

I would prefer to do a credited apprenticeship, but your program has given me the confidence to tackle this on my own. For now anyways. I'm only 15% thru the course, and look forward to make it to the end. If you were looking for suggestions or feedback, I've got none. You nailed it! I think I'm actually gonna learn more from you than I would've during my $8500 apprenticeship!

Bottom line, Thanks again! You should charge more!" 

- Anthony From British Columbia
"Rather than spend time searching endlessly on YouTube for insight that I never truly got I was able to spend my time actually learning. This latest version is ridiculously amazing!

I appreciate how the course is now laid out as modules. It's well written, produced and organized allowing the student to grasp the ideas and concepts in a relative order - it makes perfect sense. It’s very logical, practical and suited for people of all ages , levels of education and is good for even a well seasoned artist! You're never too talented to learn new things!

Jay is practically giving this course away! He really should be charging much more! But fortunately his goal is to help as many people achieve, reach and surpass their projected goals.

Before tattooing I was a supervisor of customer service who got laid off as the economy took a dive. But this program helped me learn a new skill and quickly enabled me to generate income as well repeated business and referrals.

I went from a "scratcher" to a groomed and capable business man - who can do some decent ink work. I even gave my 68 year old mother her first tattoo! That was pretty cool - esp since started off as a critic of my drastic career change!

I highly recommend this program to any and everyone who wants to pursue tattooing - both for fun and to make a living!" 

- Shaun From Los Angeles
"I've been doing a lot of research, and I thought I'd get a head start before seeking a apprenticeship in a local tattoo shop. Most of the schools or online schools for that matter want to charge an arm and a leg. Just to learn how to tattoo properly and to become a better artist. I've always had an interest in art since I was a kid. An recently my favorite person passed away.

I realized that life is to short to not achieve my goal of becoming a professional tattoo artist. So when I found this course I was super happy. Because now my dreams can come true. And my art will live forever on any future tattoos I may do. 

- Tanya From Alabama
"Hi Jay, I'm Morgan. I hope you receive this email from me ok. I just wanted to say thank you so much for Tattooing 101. I just purchased last Friday and I've been digesting every bit of it ever since. 

Joining Tattooing 101 was worth every penny and then some. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but once I got into the information...I knew I was completely wrong. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and thank you again!" 

- Morgan From New York City
"Thank you so much for letting me join Tattooing 101 Jay! It's a real relief to FINALLY get some tried-and-true tattooing information in ONE resource. I don't know how you got all of this into one course, but you did.

I'm just getting started in tattooing and your tips, and on how to start are spot on! I really appreciate you creating this kick ass course!" 

- Jack From San Diego
"I really love the course so far! I have been tattooing myself for a few months. I really want to learn more and not all by trial and error. I have watched about 20 videos and read a bunch of the textual course work. 

I have learned a lot of really useful and beneficial information so far and I am really excited about and looking forward to each lesson and video. I have taken a few art classes and can draw well. I am going to become a tattoo artist! Thanks again!" 

- Jeff From Colorado
Here's my promise to you...
As I mentioned we're just looking to improve the industry and document our own lessons learned in our own tattoo careers.

If you join and decide this program isn't for you, just shoot me a message in the first 30 days and I'll give you a refund.
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We're adding new content each week and it's immediately added to your education library. 
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What topics are covered?
Right now we're focused on the apprentice level, meaning foundational techniques. Things like drawing, painting, setting up, simple tattoos, and building a portfolio. However we're adding new content each and every week depending on the level of the group, with new modules including time management for artists, turning your designs into products (t shirts etc) and many more!
What currency is Tattooing 101 priced in?
United States Dollars (USD). All taxes are included in the fee.
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