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What is it?
Step by step frameworks to take you from apprentice to professional artist. You'll have access to a live mastermind of professional artists from around the world to give you instant feedback and help you get unstuck.
Who is it for?
Artists who want to get serious about their careers without wasting years of their life trying to figure it out by themselves. Right now our focus is on the apprenticeship level, but we're adding new content each and every week to take you to shop owner and beyond.
How does it work?
Simple. You join the mastermind and dive into the written and video content. Check-in daily with your new private community as we're always doing giveaways and fun members-only challenges. Never be unsure of your next step with this powerful group in your pocket.
“Hey everyone … I started tattooing after doing this online course about a year ago ...I now run my OWN legal/registered/insured tattoo studio and LOVE it!”
- Sara
"I'm from South Wales in the UK. The course and its content are sublime and have helped very much. I'm 39 and looking to get into tattooing and your course and website have helped greatly..."
- Ben
What is The Artist Mastermind?
From: Jay
To: My Fellow Artists
Dear Artist,

I get it, I've been there.

Unlike becoming a doctor, lawyer, heck even a janitor, when you're becoming a tattoo artist there was never a step by step path for you to follow... Until now.

We get a lot of hate from other professional artists who misunderstand what we're doing here.

They (wrongly) believe that we're looking to teach "scratchers" to tattoo out of their kitchens, which isn't the case (although most artist who send hate mail started exactly this way).

Instead we're looking to bring tattooing up to the 21st century...
We're here to "fill the holes" in a traditional apprenticeship.

As just one example we have artists that are in Europe, but want to study Japanese. 

It's unrealistic for them to travel to Japan and try to find an artist... so we live streamed Japanese artists directly to them, answering their questions one on one.

Another example is -  maybe you're in a shop already, but your mentor doesn't really understand money management or social media... How do you learn?

You request it in the group and we create content specifically on that topic.

While it's the early days here at Tattooing 101 we have many modules live now, and many more are in the works.

Things that are already live include things like:

👉 How to paint tattoo flash
👉How to setup machines
👉Drawing samples and challenges
👉 Practicing on artificial skin
👉 Weekly design challenges
👉 And many more!

Scroll down to see what's currently live in your new dashboard.
Who this WON'T work for...
As I said, we'll eventually be taking members to shop owner and beyond, but for now we're focused on the apprenticeship level specifically.

If you're an advanced artist this program may not be for you... YET.

We just want to make sure we get everyone at the beginner level up to speed before dumping in a bunch of advanced content, but it's coming...

Here's my promise to you...
As I mentioned we're just looking to improve the industry and document our own lessons learned in our own tattoo careers.

If you join and decide this program isn't for you, just shoot me a message in the first 30 days and I'll give you a refund.
Your purchase is backed by a:
100% Action Taker Guarantee!
So don't let this opportunity pass you by...

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P.S. Let me summarize your deal...

On this page is a chance to join the new Tattooing 101 Monthly Mastermind for $57/month.

It's one of the most comprehensive tattoo education platforms anywhere in the world.

- Access to a private artists only community

- Access to your own education library with new content added weekly

- Access to our monthly live artist interviews

- Access to you fellow artists 24/7. 

- Post your work or any questions you may have about the industry in general. Never be stuck or unsure of the next step in your career...

You can cancel any time for any reason... 

So click the button and join us now.
Tattooing 101's Artist Mastermind
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Frequently Asked Questions
When is new content added? 

We're adding new content each week and it's immediately added to your education library.
What topics are covered?
Right now we're focused on the apprentice level, meaning foundational techniques. Things like drawing, painting, setting up, etc. However we're adding new content each and every week depending on the level of the group.
Have any other questions?
Shoot us a message and let's talk about it...
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‣ 24/7 access and support
‣ Private artist community
‣ Access to education library
‣ Monthly live calls 
‣ New content added weekly
‣ Crit - feedback on your work
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