New Children’s Book teaching kids about honey bees.

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10 Sep 2021
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I am an aspiring tattoo artist and just published my first book! Details below!

During the pandemic, Hippie Chick Apiary has been working on a special project to inspire the next generation of Bee Keepers. Henry Meets a Honey Bee is a 30 page children’s book that uses bright colors, age appropriate art, and fictional characters to educate children on the importance and life of honey bees, one of nature’s favorite pollinators.

So to the many Educators, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles of the world come support Hippie Chick Apiary’s fight to save the bees and purchase a book that will educate your children and, hopefully, offer them enjoyment through the process.

You can find a synopsis of the book below:

Come join Henry as he takes a walk, enjoying nature, and stumbles upon the adventure of a lifetime. Henry meets Honey, the queen bee of a local hive, and learns all about honey bees from an unique point of view. Watch how knowledge transforms fear to admiration for one of nature’s favorite pollinators!!!

From Hippie Chick Apiary, thank you for taking the time to look at our special project and we hope our book lands a place in your heart and home.
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