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10 Jul 2009
First Name
HI ALL my names lee and im 32 im from ireland ive been learinng to tattoo now for 8 months ive been trying to get a apprientice ship with my local tattoo shop for ages with no go so i guess im gonna have to learn myself ,i guess we are all in the same boat anyways i love the site as its probally gonna be my new home for many months years who knows but im here now so here goes. ive just stumbled over this site seams like a god send for me and many more of us starting out tattoing ive bought many dvd training dvds on ebay (does that make sence)
seams like all they want is your money and gone never reply to any emails for help as promised when buying :-( ive a few machines some chinese and some usa ones i have found out in my experience the chinese ones arent as good as made out to be all that stuff in a box for as little as *£70 waste of money as time progressed i had a few extra pound so i bought a cast iron bulldog shaped machine 10raps runs great at 8 are 10volts i use it as a linner i guess my next stage in tattooing is block colouring so many i put it in the forum for beginners sorry for boring the sXXt out of ya,s with this.:blushing:

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