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  1. javvu

    My first tattoos

    Hi guys! Currently, I am a tattoo apprentice and I’d like to show you my first tattoos in the studio
  2. Tattoonz

    I let a friend do his first tattoo on me!

    What do y'all think? After a half dozen fake skins and 2 pig shoulders , it was time to touch skin.
  3. S

    Single needle tattoo voltage

    Hi i was wondering what voltage you should run your Xion with critical power supply?
  4. Katiekambria

    New aspiring tattooist here ?

    Hiiii fellow artists. Newbie here. I’m Katie. 26. I’ve been an artist my entire life and have been stuck in the restaurant industry most of my years. Quarantine has ignited my fire of going after the career I’ve always dreamed of. I’m here to absorb as much knowledge about the craft as I can...
  5. M

    Ink doesnt go in skin, needle blocks

    Hi, Im new with coil machines. I recently bought a lauro paolini liner tattoo machine. I tried so many speeds so many volts, I dont understand what is going on. When I pass the needle on the skin, I cant have a line. It kinda blocks in the skin like without any smoothness. Plus, the ink doesnt...
  6. Lucy Locket

    Ended February 2020 Art Contest

    February 2020 Art Contest This months art contest is now active. We have changed the format, but hopefully it will work well. This months theme will be HEARTS You can add as many entries as you like before the 20th of each month at 7am GMT. Voting will then be opened until the 28th of the...
  7. Irisnawer

    Question about tattoo laws in Ireland

    Hi everybody! I hope you are all good :) I've been searching around but there's not too much information about it and I have no actual tattoo artist friends to ask about so... Does anybody know how the Irish law is for tattooing? I've found this link where it says that there's no actual...
  8. Sorry Sloth

    How to tell the tattoo depth in skin and if tattoo show problems prior to being fully healed

    Firstly, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this type of question. This is my first time posting... So bear with me please. Alright. I'm going to be honest. I tattooed for the first time on Friday. I have no training. I am a horrible person. I know. Lord forgive me for living in a city...
  9. T

    Tattoo advice help me!

    So I go my first tattoo in November and since then I’ve had 1 touch up session. So this tattoo I got it’s a cover up of a stick and poke...I can still see my old tattoo really clearly through my new tattoo so I was wondering is there anyway my tattoo artist can possibly use a different color on...
  10. Lucy Locket

    Monthly Art Contests

    We have set up a more simple and easy to use monthly contests format. Hopefully you will all get involved. Its only a bit of fun, and open to all Premium members, no matter how bad your art skills. See The Contests Here Info: New contests will start on the 1st of each month Users will get...
  11. MadameA23

    Snowy owl in white??

    I did a snowy owl outline for a client a few weeks ago. Originally he wanted just the lines and main features which I did. He loves it alot but Now he has decided he wants the lot filled in to look more...snowy.. so now I'm abit stuck. I know doing a whole fill in white is a bad idea. What's...
  12. Dzikichrzan

    Mandala tattoo for my Sister-in-law

    Hello people :) this one I've done 8 days ago and I'm guessing few more and can go back to do some more dot shading. It took around 3h, Xion pen machine, done with 9 RL and 3 tight rl, intenze lining black, taking my time as always. Few spots I wish to do better but she is very happy how its...
  13. B

    Greek tattoo- 15 or 16th tattoo to date.

    Recently done this Greek god tattoo, took about 7 hours. Used 3rl, 9m, 13cm, 17cm. Internal black ink. My own critique- stencil rubbed off slightly on moustache so the shading went slightly darker than I would of liked it too. Let me know what you think! Cheers joe
  14. C

    Big area soft shading

    Looking for recomendations on how to get super smoothe black and gray in large back pieces of portraits and other bigger pieces.
  15. Lucy Locket

    Ended #7 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    The latest drawing contest theme will be Hearts. Entries should be in by Saturday 13th October 2018. Voting for the winner will close on the 20th October. See the rules. Good luck!
  16. Lucy Locket

    Ended #5 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    The latest drawing contest theme will be BIRDS. Entries should be in by Saturday 4th August 2018. Voting for the winner will close on the 11th August. See the rules. Good luck! Please note that the contests will now be open for entries for two weeks to give people more time to enter. Digital...
  17. Lucy Locket

    Ended #3 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    The latest drawing contest theme will be EYES. Entries should be in by Saturday 9th June 2018. Voting for the winner will open on the 10th. See the rules. Good luck! Please note that the contests will now be open for entries for two weeks to give people more time to enter.
  18. Lucy Locket

    Ended #1 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    This weeks drawing contest theme will be Floral. Entries should be in by Saturday 4th May 2018. Voting for the winner will open on the 5th. See the rules. Good luck!
  19. R

    been a while!

    Hey forum, How are all of you! So it has been a whike since i posted! I was very bussy quitting my job so i could focus on my tattoo passion! i managed to get an apprenticeship. It wasnt easy!! I found a studio that wanted to do a sort of trade. I got the apprenticeship in return do all there...
  20. Z

    Probably infected

    Hi! Well I just got my first tattoo ever and it was pretty painfull... But what worries me and makes me wonder is that why is this white area getting infected and not the rest? also what can/should I do to prevent this from getting worse? will/can it get worse? Right now its been 7 days since I...

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