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  1. M

    Selling Cheyenne Hawk Pen

    Hi, I’m from the USA & trying to sell my Cheyenne Hawk Pen as I’ve bought a new machine. It’s red with a black grip. I don’t have the purchase receipt but I’ve included a picture of the serial number. I will also provide an adapter cable.
  2. sampampaloni

    Using a powerliner for thin lines

    Hi, I'm new in the forum and I have this doubt. Recently I purchased a powerliner, which is supposed to be used with needles from 7rl to 15rl. My question is the following, can I use it with smaller group needles, like 3rl or 5rl? I hope you could help me.
  3. G

    Sold Ink machines Dragonfly X2, 4mm stroke, set for Classic needle.

    I’m selling my Dragonfly x2. I've been it run for about 5-7hours. It’s a fantastic machine good for just about anything. I’ve used it mostly for lining, shading and color packing. It makes beautiful, solid one pass lines at least up to 16rl/rs (haven’t really had the need to try anything...
  4. P

    Please help me to pick a tattoo machine

    Hi, I am a newbie, and I need your help. Could you please help me to pick a tattoo machine? I don't know which one is better. One is from Amazon, the other is from imeshbean. Thank you
  5. V

    Tattoo pen machine.

    Hello everybody! :) I wanted to do this since I was in my early teenage years (I'm 24) and now I have finally decided to buy myself a tattoo pen machine. When it comes to tattoos I prefer outline, dot, sketch, glitch, abstract and geometric. Based on the above, can you please recommend me which...

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