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  1. L

    I need help!

    Hello, eveyone. Two months ago I got a tattoo on my arm and although I'm satisfied with the drawing, the shading really disappointed me. I was expecting a lot more and the artist did a kind of lazy job. I really need some insight on what I could do to improve the overall look of the tattoo...
  2. B

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them? a vein move while tattooing the wrist area?

    Was doing a tattoo on a friend’s wrist and the design called for a thick black border around a few bubble letters I started and finished the initial outline with a 7RL but when I switched to a 7RS and was going along the original outline there were 2 spots at the bottom of my friend’s wrist...
  3. S


    Hey guys! So I got my 3rd tattoo this year from the same artist (same parlor, ink, everything) but it seems like my tattoo has trouble healing this time. What worries me the most is a small part where the scab is gone and the flesh underneath is greenish. It doesn't oozes or anything but the...
  4. T

    Tattoo advice help me!

    So I go my first tattoo in November and since then I’ve had 1 touch up session. So this tattoo I got it’s a cover up of a stick and poke...I can still see my old tattoo really clearly through my new tattoo so I was wondering is there anyway my tattoo artist can possibly use a different color on...
  5. Gina

    Opinions on Dragonhawk Machines for beginners?

    Just bought a Dragonhawk rotary tattoo kit off Amazon. Never picked up a gun in my life but excited to explore this new medium. Wondering what the professional's opinions are?
  6. PuraVida

    HELP Want to switch from Cheyenne pen!

    Hey peeps, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet y’all. Currently I’ve been using a Cheyenne pen for the last 5 years, but now that I’m moving into more line work and am-trad.... I’m finding that it’s struggling.. Essentially I feel that I need something with more power. I’d like to stay with...

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