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  1. 20190907_190932.jpg


    Needles- 7rs 4f 8 wrap coils (both machines) 7rs on a machine with a short spring 4f on a machine with a long spring 2.5 hours. I did a lot of whipping motoins. The 3 petals on the lower right are done with the 4 flat. It was not fillng in fast enough so I switched to the 7rs.
  2. IMG_20190902_110943_01.jpg


    I was to exicted to tattoo the rose that i did not put detail in the line drawing
  3. IMG_20190826_221454_01.jpg


    Getting a feel for blends
  4. IMG_20190827_214554_01.jpg


    Added black to see contrast
  5. Stuart1984

    Practice skin... staining

    Hi everyone Am I doing something wrong? I'm using some practice skin and have just started learning and practicing but the skin I'm using is getting really stained... am I using too much ink? Am I wiping incorrectly? Should I be using vaseline on practice skin? Thank you for the support
  6. Flemingtm94

    Rough Shading Through Skin! Plz Help

    I had a client that got a tattoo above his knee going towards the upper thigh. The lining went well, but when I began to shade around his knee area there was resistance. I used a 7 Mag Shader needle, but it was almost like I couldn't drag the needle through the skin. I had to end up making this...

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