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  1. Ediso3009

    Shading/color packing

    Okay so I am trying to figure out what it is that I'm doing wrong, my lining is fine but when I try to pack color/shade it hurts so f bad. I have tried turning it down to 6 and up to 8.. Ink drops and stays in but I can't take the pain. I've got tattoos by many other artist and if anything...
  2. Iromero93

    Help. How would you approach a tattoo like this

    Hey how’s it going ladies and gents. I have a question... Now I know stippling and pepper shading in small or medium regions to make it nice and “doty”. But for a large section like this that looks like it’s all peppered how would you deal with it? Would you still use a 3rl ... it’ll maybe look...
  3. A

    Shader isn't laying ink

    Hi, I'm having trouble laying ink with my shader needle. I'm currently running with a dragonhawk mast pen and my liner is working as it should but my shader just isn't laying any ink. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I went to my leg to practice because maybe the fake skin didn't want to...
  4. Pitzay

    Fake skin and shading.

    Ok so I’ve ran into a couple of issues when doing my first portrait on fake skin. 1) The stencil will not come off! I’ve tried alcohol and bleach. It’s just not budging. 2) my shading isn’t smooth. I don’t quite know what I’m doing wrong? Any help appreciated!
  5. Birdmama

    Getting lost in my grey scale

    Hi there! I’m new to the community here and I am having such a hard time using 6 types of grays for a realistic grey wash and I was wondering how do you stay organized with all the variants of grays?. I recently did a tattoo (last night) and did shading for the first time using a 7Mag and used...
  6. C

    Big area soft shading

    Looking for recomendations on how to get super smoothe black and gray in large back pieces of portraits and other bigger pieces.
  7. E

    Whatsup from Tacoma, Wa!

    Hey there! My name is Erin and I'm here in Washington. I've been fine tuning my skills for about 2 years now on and off. Doing ok with my line work so far and have done a few solid pieces on people, I'm just fairly recently starting to experiment with colors and shading and trying more...
  8. WhippTatts

    Black On Top Of Color On Top Of Black?

    Hey I feel like a dick even asking this, but I'm curious if anyone would comment on how you approach mixing black shading and color? Like if you were doing a rose that went red to black, would you do a full pass of red, then shade in the black? mix it all at once? do the black shading, then...
  9. Flemingtm94

    Mom's Brand Tattoo Ink Vs Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

    I am a beginner artist and one strange thing I noticed that the ink really plays a huge part in your overall work. I recently purchased Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink after using Mom's for about 4 months. *I wanted to be cheap* So for the same price I received 2X's more ink than Mom's ink; 1st plus. Then...
  10. Flemingtm94

    Rough Shading Through Skin! Plz Help

    I had a client that got a tattoo above his knee going towards the upper thigh. The lining went well, but when I began to shade around his knee area there was resistance. I used a 7 Mag Shader needle, but it was almost like I couldn't drag the needle through the skin. I had to end up making this...
  11. Flemingtm94

    Spotty Shading: Need Advice

    So I am new to tattooing and I am very picky about certain projects that require a lot of shading. When I use a circular motion to shade, certain areas are always lighter than the others. I tend to use the same sized shading needle as the outline. So if I used a 7RL for the outline, I would use...

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