rotary machine

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  1. Woodness28

    Screwed up. Need ideas!

    Hi everyone. New to the site. I used my old school tattoo gun to make a cat on the moon tattoo after being awake for too long thanks to my PRESCRIBED adhd meds and screwed up. Click for Picture here I’ve been trying to figure out what I can cover it up with for weeks!! Since then I’ve gotten a...
  2. wtfnatsalene

    Need advice!

    Hi! Ive been wanting to start tattooing for a couple years now and bought a rotary machine and have been practicing on some fake skin and fruit! I tried giving myself tattoos (Don't think they're good but just wanted to see what it would feel like on real skin and no regrets cause I will get...
  3. Kellalizard

    Having to go back over lines - How to get single pass black lines?

    Hi, I've been tattooing for a fair few months now and I'm now onto people. I'm quite comfortable shading and packing colour/black and grey but I'm finding lining very difficult. I would consider myself a realism artist but I want to incorporate linework into my designs to help them hold up and...
  4. D

    Beyond cartridge needles shake

    So I’m new to cartridge machines and I figured I’d get a relatively inexpensive brand cartridges to play around with so I got some beyond cartridge 7rl and noticed immediately the needles bounced all around the tip of the tube and unlike other rotary or coil machines there isn’t anyway to attach...
  5. B

    Can't get new rotary to sink lines :(

    I started tattooing in Feb and have been using a cheap ($70) rotary machine since then. Other tattoo artists I talk to have told me I should upgrade my machine as the first thing I upgrade in my setup so I went out and got a stealth rotary machine (forget which one but it was like $250 CAD) and...
  6. Gina

    Opinions on Dragonhawk Machines for beginners?

    Just bought a Dragonhawk rotary tattoo kit off Amazon. Never picked up a gun in my life but excited to explore this new medium. Wondering what the professional's opinions are?
  7. PuraVida

    HELP Want to switch from Cheyenne pen!

    Hey peeps, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet y’all. Currently I’ve been using a Cheyenne pen for the last 5 years, but now that I’m moving into more line work and am-trad.... I’m finding that it’s struggling.. Essentially I feel that I need something with more power. I’d like to stay with...
  8. elisha.sapphire


    PLEASE NO JUDGEMENT, I LITERALLY KNOW NOTHING! HENCE WHY I'M HERE:giggle: Hey everybody, (This is my first post so I hope this gets somewhere) A BIT OF BACKGROUND: At the moment I have a mentor, someone who will teach me the techniques and trade etc, however this is usually done in the evenings...

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