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  1. IMG_20190902_110943_01.jpg


    I was to exicted to tattoo the rose that i did not put detail in the line drawing
  2. L

    Hello everybody!

    Hello, I'm a latecomer to tattooing and recently came across this forum! What a great platform.... I have lots of designs on Instagram @riddleskin. Last week I made my first tattoo on my own skin. Looking forward to learning
  3. AtlantaNate

    Let's start something fun. Anyone want to participate in a weekly art challenge?

    So I'm thinking I could use a little motivation to practice and maybe some of you could as well. I have several artistic goals for the year but one is to up my weekly art output in an effort to become a better artist with the hope that it bleeds over to my tattooing. I am thinking we should do a...
  4. J_money

    some of my recent work, critiques are always welcome!!

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