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  1. adimaru

    Beginner Mandala attempt + questions

    Hi all, i tried a mandala yesterday as excercise for my 4th time using a tattoo machine ever. i made it on some "cheap" skin. And i was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on the process (lines, depth, hand steadyness) Throughout the tattoo i changed from & a 9RL to a 3RL because...
  2. H

    Ink not setting consistently and causing bleeding

    Hey y’all! just now jumping into tattooing for the first time. Unfortunately, I’m not set up at a shop due to Covid and due to the lack of good shops that I would want to learn from in my city. I’ve been using a cheap amazon kit and working on fruit and stuff. After a few months I’m now working...
  3. R

    Rotary that lines like Roswell

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm too old for internet so right off the bat I'm not really good at this forum stuff! I have many coils, and some rotaries, also a xion pen, I have almost moved on completely to rotaries but I still only line with my coils my favorite liner being: FK's Roswell power liner...
  4. N

    Why does this happen?

    Hi all. Struggling to figure out why some lines are healing like this. Some lines look as though the ink in the middle of them has fallen out ? They look solid during the tattoo then heal like this. They're not raised up at all but do look scarred. It's only a few of my tattoos that've done...
  5. motionlines

    MIcky Bee Liner

    Hello, Does anyone have these here? Only want to know how fast are these liners? Will they go 130 cps out of the box without major tweaks? Also, they do now specify what are their coils, i.e. 0.5 wire, 10 wraps? Thanks

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