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  1. Maddmike

    Hello from Nevada!

    Hi!! My name is Mike, I’ve been tattooing for almost a year now, custom designer before that. For quite a while I’ve been trying out different pen style machines, and loving them. Latest are the CNC-Q2, and the Mast tour pen. I’ll enjoy sharing my art and tattoos, and learning everything I can...
  2. LadyBird

    Hi Everyone - New member.

    Hi to all you like minded tattoo enthusiasts :giggle: I kind of stumbled upon this site by accident one night while looking for advice and found myself coming back again and again so thought why not join. It is really refreshing to see people being able to talk openly about being an amateur...
  3. metalaugust


    Hi there. My name is Amy Motsenbocker and I'm an artist from AZ. I have been drawing my whole life, attended school for animation/film design and I'm now interested in understanding this art form. I hope to make many connections and receive/give guidance where it's due! Yoroshikuonegaishimasu.
  4. lydtattoo


    Hello friends! My name is Lydia, from Melbourne Australia! I'm brand spanking new to the tattoo industry, and I'm so thankful I've found this community. I've only ever done hand pokes on myself, yet I've been given the opportunity of a life time and need to create the equipment foundation to...
  5. ChrisFrick

    Yet Another Newb

    I would just like to introduce myself, but first let me say... this site is balls to wall awesome!!! Kudos to all involved!!! It is so hard to find quality tattoo related help online. After searching the web for weeks, and finding nothing but troll infested sites that claim to want to help but...

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