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  1. Zoochinkorporated

    5 Month Apprentice looking for some advice

    Hi there, my name is Rachel (or Zooch). 27 based in NY. I’ve been devoted to art in many forms since I was 3 when I started drawing. When I was a freshman in high school I always said I wanted to be a tattoo artist when I was older. When I turned 18 I kept putting off purchasing a tattoo kit...
  2. Woodness28

    Screwed up. Need ideas!

    Hi everyone. New to the site. I used my old school tattoo gun to make a cat on the moon tattoo after being awake for too long thanks to my PRESCRIBED adhd meds and screwed up. Click for Picture here I’ve been trying to figure out what I can cover it up with for weeks!! Since then I’ve gotten a...
  3. B

    Help me troubleshoot what is going on with my lines. I am going crazy trying to figure it out!

    So I am an apprentice at a local studio, my mentor recently let me start tattooing customers. But I still have problems with lining. I keep asking him what I am doing wrong but I am not getting an answer just ”you’ll figure it out in time”. What is getting frustrating is i feel like i have tried...
  4. B

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them? a vein move while tattooing the wrist area?

    Was doing a tattoo on a friend’s wrist and the design called for a thick black border around a few bubble letters I started and finished the initial outline with a 7RL but when I switched to a 7RS and was going along the original outline there were 2 spots at the bottom of my friend’s wrist...
  5. lydtattoo

    Apprenticeship portfolio feedback

    G’day! I’d appreciate if you lovely people would take a look at my art portfolio and tell me what you think it needs more/less of? To my knowledge it’s best to pick 20 of your best works... Ive been told to draw everyday in every style and I’ve been giving myself some personal assessments and...
  6. Rinkashi

    Losing stencil help

    Hi, its me again asking for tips hahaha, so everytime i tattoo, my stencils gets washed away pretty quick, ive seen videos where people people doesnt get the skin all stained with the ink, and even when that happens, they clean and the stencil stays (which isnt my case :c ) can you give me some...
  7. Rinkashi

    Help with lines please

    Hey everyone, im new here and started doing my first tattoos, i wonder if someone could help me, when i do lines, sometimes ink doesnt go into the skin, and i have to do 2 or more passes, sometimes even its like a weak gray line (im only using black), any tips or recomendations? Im posting a...
  8. Iromero93

    Help. How would you approach a tattoo like this

    Hey how’s it going ladies and gents. I have a question... Now I know stippling and pepper shading in small or medium regions to make it nice and “doty”. But for a large section like this that looks like it’s all peppered how would you deal with it? Would you still use a 3rl ... it’ll maybe look...
  9. D

    New and looking for suggestions and guidance

    Hi everyone! I am just starting out and I’m looking for general advice, guidance and suggestions. What is your favorite ink, where is the best place to get supplies (websites and do they have recurring subscriptions), what is something you wish you knew starting out, etc. Anything and everything...
  10. N

    Why does this happen?

    Hi all. Struggling to figure out why some lines are healing like this. Some lines look as though the ink in the middle of them has fallen out ? They look solid during the tattoo then heal like this. They're not raised up at all but do look scarred. It's only a few of my tattoos that've done...
  11. T

    Hi NEED some help with color

    Hi i just started tattooing for the last 4 months well 2 months researching and two months on pig skin and now I've started on myself. I've successfully lined shaded and colored with no problems but its come out lot more flat then i want. I'm really into hyper realism and charachter but have a...
  12. PuraVida

    HELP Want to switch from Cheyenne pen!

    Hey peeps, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet y’all. Currently I’ve been using a Cheyenne pen for the last 5 years, but now that I’m moving into more line work and am-trad.... I’m finding that it’s struggling.. Essentially I feel that I need something with more power. I’d like to stay with...
  13. Redfox522

    First Practice Tattoos!

    So I just started tattooing and I love it! It’s super exciting to try a totally different medium than I’m used to. I’m looking for any and all advice! I’m currently using a dragonhawk cartridge pen machine. I think they turned out pretty good considering I had no clue what I was doing! After...
  14. Z

    EGO Switch / Rotary machine

    Hello from Sweden! New to the forum and also kinda new to tattooing. A lot of good threads and advice so I figured why not sign up. I’ve been tattooing for about six months on fake skins, fruits and myself. I’ve been using coils, first two cheap ones but then upgraded to an Emillion liner. But...
  15. R

    Ink fell off, raw skin showing

    Hello everyone, I really need some help here cus we’re lost. On monday (02/11) my bf got his first tattoo, it was on the side of the left calf, it was very big for a first tattoo, and the artist said they could do all of it in one sitting (which is a questionable decision, but he also did my...
  16. I

    Ink Splatter

    Can someone tell me what Im doing wrong? Recently everytime I try to do line work my ink splatters on skin and it very hard to know where my line is going. Why is this?
  17. bigcat

    Diy Arm Rest

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows any good online tutorials or ways of building your own arm rest?
  18. J_money

    Need Some Advice On Light Source

    hey guys I was needing some help with light source, I was doing a sunflower on the left arm and trying to decide were to put my shadows and light source, do you guys have a basic guideline you go off of for most of your designs since we're trying to make a 2d object 3d? how would you do your...
  19. J_money

    Critique The S**t Out Of This Guys/lipstick Diamond Piece

    I did this with my neotat 3.5 love that machine,what do you guys color pack at? I ran mine at 8.5 for everything but always think it's too high and I'm gonna over work the skin, my lines need work bad, How would yuou do the glitter sparkle it seemed like the white wasnt the effect I wanted, I...
  20. H

    I Fucked Up My First Animal. Help/advice.

    Hey so i do greywash tattoos. Im in a shop. Ive been tattooing a few years nkw mostly doing small stuff and i do alot of fairly realistic skulls. I got my first big cat tattoo finally and i was pretty excited. It was going well but i just couldnt get the hair effect and i started losing the...

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