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  1. Misfit

    Definitive tattoo healing guide?

    So I know everyone has their method of healing tattoos, and i wanted to hear it. I'm designing a sheet to give to clients, to serve as a healing guide and there's some doubts i always had. What i usually do/recommend is: 1- After finishing the tattoo, i wrap it in film and tell them to remove...
  2. N

    Why does this happen?

    Hi all. Struggling to figure out why some lines are healing like this. Some lines look as though the ink in the middle of them has fallen out ? They look solid during the tattoo then heal like this. They're not raised up at all but do look scarred. It's only a few of my tattoos that've done...
  3. elisha.sapphire


    Ok so I finished a tattoo on the back of someone’s ankles yesterday (one of my close friends) and I really wasn’t sure how the healing was going to go as I’ve never done one here before. Am I right to assume it will be a bit of a crap healing process due to it constantly stretching and moving...
  4. A

    Thigh tattoo ; Blow out or healing

    I got my tattoo about 5 days ago and I noticed this bluish hue around some of the lines. It looked great when I first got it done (seen here) And don’t get me wrong I still really like it I’m just wondering if this is blow out or healing

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