first tattoo

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  1. Ava.Vanesa

    Ah, frustation...

    So, I gave myself a little 13 on the ankle ten days ago. It was my first time tattooing real skin. I used an RL14 and kinda over did it, but it came out pretty good. I decided to try again today and gave myself a snake head with an RL7. I did not go deep enough and now I have a superficial...
  2. T

    Tattoo lines became wobbly/uneven AFTER it healed

    Hey there! I did my first 2 tattoos 2 weeks ago. One of them healed amazingly, even thought it was done with red ink (yes first tattoo, red ink, how stupid is this guy right ?) Anyway, it turned out decent and healed properly. (The scissor tattoo) Unfortunatey, the second one (the moon) looked...
  3. Tattoonz

    I let a friend do his first tattoo on me!

    What do y'all think? After a half dozen fake skins and 2 pig shoulders , it was time to touch skin.
  4. J

    My first attempt on human skin

    Hi. I've had a go at my first tattoo on my leg and wondered if i could get some feedback/tips? I'm quite disappointed if i'm honest. My hand was shaking and i'm not sure if i was going deep enough, the ink was blotting so i couldn't see what i was doing. Any suggestions before i have a second...

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