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  1. Leonemalo

    My first tattoo ever.

    Hello everyone, I am from the Netherlands and just started tattooing. I am 30 years old and don’t have any experience in art or drawing. Also my current job has nothing to do with the artistic world whatsoever. The tattoo below is my first ever. I must say that I did tattoo a few lines on an...
  2. IMG_20210202_153708.jpg


  3. Basha Blacke

    Aztec - fake skin practice progress

    Hi all, My recent work, practicing contours: INK: black and dark greywash NEDDLES: 12.03.RL - contour 12.05.RM - black & shades filling What kind of needle would you use for filling black colour, and greywash expecially for tight small areas? I also have 12.17.CM but I think is too huge.Already...
  4. D

    Needles Streaks on Fake Skin

    Hi everyone, I'm still using some of the cheapest fake skin that I originally got while awaiting reelskin, but I wanted to ask if there is something I can do to avoid the streaking that the needles are leaving behind. I've been having this issue with pretty much all my RS and RL sizes (from 3...

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