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  1. S

    Lines looking choppy on fake skin.

    I've only recently gotten a handmade coil tattoo machine with a somewhat decent power supply along with some fake skins to study with. I have noticed that in order to get a very saturated and non choppy line I need to usually go over a line at least twice. If I want to do a good line with 1 pull...
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  8. D

    what to put underneath fake skin

    so I have some reelskin on my wish list since it looks thicker and so many people here seem to like it, however until then I have a stack of fake skin that is a .05” (1.27 mm) thickness, cheapest amazon stuff. what would be recommended to put underneath the skin to keep from clogging the tubes...
  9. Pearlune

    Fake skin practice

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the site and to tattooing. I just practiced on a fake skin for the first time using a stencil (I did practice before on another sheet but it was just getting used to the weight of the machine And doing lines without a stencil). Do you guys have any advice on how to get...
  10. Pitzay

    Fake skin and shading.

    Ok so I’ve ran into a couple of issues when doing my first portrait on fake skin. 1) The stencil will not come off! I’ve tried alcohol and bleach. It’s just not budging. 2) my shading isn’t smooth. I don’t quite know what I’m doing wrong? Any help appreciated!
  11. 20190907_190932.jpg


    Needles- 7rs 4f 8 wrap coils (both machines) 7rs on a machine with a short spring 4f on a machine with a long spring 2.5 hours. I did a lot of whipping motoins. The 3 petals on the lower right are done with the 4 flat. It was not fillng in fast enough so I switched to the 7rs.
  12. IMG_20190826_221454_01.jpg


    Getting a feel for blends
  13. IMG_20190827_214554_01.jpg


    Added black to see contrast
  14. Dzikichrzan

    Latest reel skin practice

    Hello everyone, hope you all good and healthly ;) Done with xion, many variation of carts, tiger(Work in progress) skull done with 13M bugpin 7CM and 3rl cherries done on low volts 5-6, (didnt bother to wipe stencil away) also i used 7CM and 3RL. My first attemps to do more realistic things ;)...
  15. Stuart1984

    Practice skin... staining

    Hi everyone Am I doing something wrong? I'm using some practice skin and have just started learning and practicing but the skin I'm using is getting really stained... am I using too much ink? Am I wiping incorrectly? Should I be using vaseline on practice skin? Thank you for the support
  16. Daisy

    Beginners Kit - Uk (not Ebay Or Amazon)

    I am looking for a okish/budget beginners kit in the UK - having read a few threads - I am not 100% keen on going down the ebay/amazon route - as I think a bad machine will just put me off - I rather pay a little bit more and get something semi decent to practice with . I would rather buy from...

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