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  1. Malodeix

    €2 off!

    Silly quick illustration i did on Procreate for Ipad. Reference was a photo I saw on Twitter last night. Oh, to be able to tattoo straight enough lines to pull this off!
  2. Lucy Locket

    Monthly Art Contests

    We have set up a more simple and easy to use monthly contests format. Hopefully you will all get involved. Its only a bit of fun, and open to all Premium members, no matter how bad your art skills. See The Contests Here Info: New contests will start on the 1st of each month Users will get...
  3. J_money

    Need Some Advice On Light Source

    hey guys I was needing some help with light source, I was doing a sunflower on the left arm and trying to decide were to put my shadows and light source, do you guys have a basic guideline you go off of for most of your designs since we're trying to make a 2d object 3d? how would you do your...
  4. WhippTatts

    Would This Count As American Traditional?

    Hey guys! Very novice tattooer here starting to get really interested in AT tattoos. I think focusing on the American Traditional rules and style will make me a better designer. Do you guys think this design would qualify as American Traditional? (Obviously it's in progress) I just joined...

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