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  1. 1

    Your thoughts and experience: The best colour ink for big and bold traditional / old school work

    Hi there, I'm an apprentice (not started yet due to Covid-19) and I was wondering what your thoughts are on ink, specifically for big and bold colour work. My mentor recommends Intenze and I do have a basic set ordered, but I always like to get more opinions when possible. I keep reading a lot...
  2. MadameA23

    Snowy owl in white??

    I did a snowy owl outline for a client a few weeks ago. Originally he wanted just the lines and main features which I did. He loves it alot but Now he has decided he wants the lot filled in to look more...snowy.. so now I'm abit stuck. I know doing a whole fill in white is a bad idea. What's...
  3. Lucy Locket

    Ended #5 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    The latest drawing contest theme will be BIRDS. Entries should be in by Saturday 4th August 2018. Voting for the winner will close on the 11th August. See the rules. Good luck! Please note that the contests will now be open for entries for two weeks to give people more time to enter. Digital...
  4. M

    Neotraditional, The Struggle

    First and fore-mostly, I should say I used to tattoo members of my family and they turned out pretty decent but had to stop due to work, family and lack of time. I used to post the on this website a couple of years ago. Anyway, Still get the time to draw. Just wondered what feedback I could get...

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