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  1. S

    Can you pack color with a mag needle and then draw black lines on it with a round liner?

    I've seen a design like this and thought whether you'd need to get done with all the black lines and then switch to red and color the gaps or would you just lay down the color inside the design and then do the black lines on top of the red without the concern of red goin over the finer parts of...
  2. scathe

    Solid coloring with mag?

    So I'm really into heavy blackwork and I've started blacking out my lower leg, I've been wanting it blacked out anyways and figured it would be good practice as well. But I've been running into a few problems, I'm using a Peak Tanza rotary with a Piranha Compakt power supply, with 1211 curved...
  3. S

    Staining Lighter colors

    I did my first full color piece yesterday and i did the blue color last. When i went to wipe the piece, the blue had stained some of the lighter colors. Is this staining something that will stay in the piece or while it come out as the tattoo begins to heal?
  4. T

    Hi NEED some help with color

    Hi i just started tattooing for the last 4 months well 2 months researching and two months on pig skin and now I've started on myself. I've successfully lined shaded and colored with no problems but its come out lot more flat then i want. I'm really into hyper realism and charachter but have a...
  5. WhippTatts

    Keeping colors bright and clean

    Hey I don't have that much experience with color. I've done a little color on myself, and it came out pretty nice, but I've only really done one blue rose with green leaves. That's pretty much my experience with actually tattooing color. I try to use color on practice skins and I have a real...
  6. B

    Stencil going in with light color inks

    Has anyone ever had the problem where it looks like the stencil gets tattooed in with lighter ink? Can't find anything on this online and I don't know what to do to avoid :( Thanks in advance
  7. J_money

    Critique The S**t Out Of This Guys/lipstick Diamond Piece

    I did this with my neotat 3.5 love that machine,what do you guys color pack at? I ran mine at 8.5 for everything but always think it's too high and I'm gonna over work the skin, my lines need work bad, How would yuou do the glitter sparkle it seemed like the white wasnt the effect I wanted, I...
  8. J_money

    Bee & Lady Bug, Whats Up With My Color?

    I did some work on a friend sleeve, idk but to mee my color always doesnt look that smmoth, anyone have some opinions? oh I did these with my new neotat and I fuckin love that machine!!!
  9. J_money

    Need Help Applying Color Theory In My Tattoos

    so lately I've been diving into color theory and started art school, but my problem is applying them to my tattoo's, I use to do B&G first then lay color over it but I'm just beating up the skin more than it needs, so I wanted to try to start using more contrasting colors and different shades...
  10. J_money

    Just Started Back And Need Some Advice

    hey everyone, I need some advice on a couple things lol, I just started back after taking a year off, I started back on rotarys instead of coils, I have a spectra edge x and a bishop microangelo, I've been having a lot of problems with my depth, if I go the right depth or what i was taught ink...
  11. WhippTatts

    Black On Top Of Color On Top Of Black?

    Hey I feel like a dick even asking this, but I'm curious if anyone would comment on how you approach mixing black shading and color? Like if you were doing a rose that went red to black, would you do a full pass of red, then shade in the black? mix it all at once? do the black shading, then...
  12. WhippTatts

    Total Beginner With Coloring Questions

    Hey so I'm super inexperienced. I got 2 $25 machines, a liner and a shader. I've done 6 tattoos and tried some color work. My lining is ok, my gray shading is ok, my coloring is giving me a lot of problems. I've gone over the same areas, let it heal, and then gone over it again like 5 times...
  13. WhippTatts

    Would This Count As American Traditional?

    Hey guys! Very novice tattooer here starting to get really interested in AT tattoos. I think focusing on the American Traditional rules and style will make me a better designer. Do you guys think this design would qualify as American Traditional? (Obviously it's in progress) I just joined...

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