coil machine

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    Coil machine, ink not flowing

    Hi everyone, I got myself Adam Ciferri's Ghost Dog a little while back, after having it recommended to me. I use plastic grips with it, and a 9er, but no matter what I do, it seems like the ink doesnt want to flow. I tired turning up the voltage, turning it down (6-8V), tried putting the...
  2. F

    Buying coil machine to line with shader needles, I need some help!

    Hi, I am new to the forum and even if I tried to use the search bar I haven't been able to find the answers i was looking for. I have been tattooing for about 1 year with a s*itty pen machine that my friend gifted me, and I have become quite good with it. My main problem is that I love really...
  3. S

    Does the "9" in "9rl" refer to the amount of needles or the needle size itself?

    I'm a little confused as my coil machine's builder had told me in the beginning to use 3-11 RL and 7-15 M1. What I don't understand is whether this usually refers to the needle amount or the needle diameter? For example in this case would being able to only use 3 to 11 RL mean I cannot use...
  4. S

    Learning how to tune a handmade machine. Experiencing overheating at 6volts and choppy lines

    I'm having a little hard time understanding how to tune my coil liner machine. Mainly because I'm an amateur but also because the information I read is hard to apply to my machine since it's handmade. I always see people mentioning machines by product names and which power supply settings work...
  5. J

    Help!! Problem with Coilmachine

    Hey guys! So im loosing my head right now. Appreciate ANY advice! My machine has been running smooth for a long time with no issues what so ever. I went through my weekly check to tighten loose screws, cleaning oxidized points and making sure armature bar is set right. I always testrun the...

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