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  1. Visions

    What's up, guys

    Introducing myself here I'm a painter that lives in US, TN & i'm delving into the ink world because i'm tired of hearing,"do you do tattoos?" and saying no. (Lol) I've never seen such a supportive community regarding tattooing, and it's a breath of fresh air compared to the jokers all around...
  2. Lucy Locket

    Monthly Art Contests

    We have set up a more simple and easy to use monthly contests format. Hopefully you will all get involved. Its only a bit of fun, and open to all Premium members, no matter how bad your art skills. See The Contests Here Info: New contests will start on the 1st of each month Users will get...
  3. Lucy Locket

    Ended #4 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    The latest drawing contest theme will be MUSIC. Entries should be in by Saturday 30th June 2018. Voting for the winner will close on the 15th July. See the rules. Good luck! Please note that the contests will now be open for entries for two weeks to give people more time to enter. Digital...
  4. J_money

    Need Some Advice On Light Source

    hey guys I was needing some help with light source, I was doing a sunflower on the left arm and trying to decide were to put my shadows and light source, do you guys have a basic guideline you go off of for most of your designs since we're trying to make a 2d object 3d? how would you do your...

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