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  1. Zoochinkorporated

    5 Month Apprentice looking for some advice

    Hi there, my name is Rachel (or Zooch). 27 based in NY. I’ve been devoted to art in many forms since I was 3 when I started drawing. When I was a freshman in high school I always said I wanted to be a tattoo artist when I was older. When I turned 18 I kept putting off purchasing a tattoo kit...
  2. Ava.Vanesa

    Ah, frustation...

    So, I gave myself a little 13 on the ankle ten days ago. It was my first time tattooing real skin. I used an RL14 and kinda over did it, but it came out pretty good. I decided to try again today and gave myself a snake head with an RL7. I did not go deep enough and now I have a superficial...
  3. javvu

    My first tattoos

    Hi guys! Currently, I am a tattoo apprentice and I’d like to show you my first tattoos in the studio
  4. Kellalizard

    Having to go back over lines - How to get single pass black lines?

    Hi, I've been tattooing for a fair few months now and I'm now onto people. I'm quite comfortable shading and packing colour/black and grey but I'm finding lining very difficult. I would consider myself a realism artist but I want to incorporate linework into my designs to help them hold up and...
  5. lydtattoo

    Apprenticeship portfolio feedback

    G’day! I’d appreciate if you lovely people would take a look at my art portfolio and tell me what you think it needs more/less of? To my knowledge it’s best to pick 20 of your best works... Ive been told to draw everyday in every style and I’ve been giving myself some personal assessments and...
  6. A

    Transfer paper suddenly not working? Drying out?

    I was given some stencil paper which I used with no problems for a few months. I put the paper with the drawing directly on the ink part of the stencil paper, trace the drawing and the ink sticks to the back, as it should. Before. Few months without using, I had to trace super hard to get some...
  7. Pitzay

    Fake skin and shading.

    Ok so I’ve ran into a couple of issues when doing my first portrait on fake skin. 1) The stencil will not come off! I’ve tried alcohol and bleach. It’s just not budging. 2) my shading isn’t smooth. I don’t quite know what I’m doing wrong? Any help appreciated!
  8. elisha.sapphire


    PLEASE NO JUDGEMENT, I LITERALLY KNOW NOTHING! HENCE WHY I'M HERE:giggle: Hey everybody, (This is my first post so I hope this gets somewhere) A BIT OF BACKGROUND: At the moment I have a mentor, someone who will teach me the techniques and trade etc, however this is usually done in the evenings...
  9. B

    Greek tattoo- 15 or 16th tattoo to date.

    Recently done this Greek god tattoo, took about 7 hours. Used 3rl, 9m, 13cm, 17cm. Internal black ink. My own critique- stencil rubbed off slightly on moustache so the shading went slightly darker than I would of liked it too. Let me know what you think! Cheers joe
  10. lydtattoo


    Hello friends! My name is Lydia, from Melbourne Australia! I'm brand spanking new to the tattoo industry, and I'm so thankful I've found this community. I've only ever done hand pokes on myself, yet I've been given the opportunity of a life time and need to create the equipment foundation to...
  11. R

    been a while!

    Hey forum, How are all of you! So it has been a whike since i posted! I was very bussy quitting my job so i could focus on my tattoo passion! i managed to get an apprenticeship. It wasnt easy!! I found a studio that wanted to do a sort of trade. I got the apprenticeship in return do all there...

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