Michelle Williams and the Art of the Butterfly Tattoo


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Would you believe a reality TV show is giving a classic tattoo a real comeback?

The Masked Singer is a reality show with a simple premise. Audiences must try to figure out who the competing celebrities are beneath the elaborate masks.

Recently, the revelation of a butterfly tattoo made fans think the singer “Butterfly” is Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams. And just like that, the butterfly tattoo is back.

Why Michelle Williams?

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Michelle Williams was a part of Destiny’s Child back in the day. She was a major cultural force, but she dropped off the radar for a long time and hasn’t really popped back up since.

On The Masked Singer, there is a character named Butterfly. She discussed how her name had been on everyone’s lips at the apex of her fame but that things went south when she tried to go off on her own.

Finally, Butterfly mentioned that she has a butterfly tattoo. Given Michelle Williams and her recent revelation of a butterfly tattoo, fans think she must be the celeb under the mask.

Rumors about Williams have also sparked discussion of something that was really popular in the heyday of Destiny’s Child: the butterfly tattoo.

Butterflies and Tramp Stamp

butterfly tattoo lower back.jpg

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Most people think of something else when they think of butterfly tattoos: the “tramp stamp.”

In the 90’s, more women felt emboldened to get tattoos. The lower back was a popular area because this ink could easily be covered up and hidden from judgmental peers.

Alternatively, emerging fashion trends like crop tops could help show these tattoos off. Unfortunately, many in the 90’s were afraid of women showing skin and dubbed these tats “tramp stamps” to try to degrade these ladies.

Butterflies were a popular choice because these tats could be small, colorful, and expressive all at once.

 The Butterfly Evolves


Image from Traces of My Body

Fortunately, the butterfly tattoo continued to grow and evolve. And while there’s nothing wrong with the old school “tramp stamp,” modern ink fans have a lot of tattoo options if they want to embrace their inner Michelle Williams.

One simple option is to move from the lower back to the upper back. This gives your tattoo artist a larger canvas for bigger and bolder designs. And you can still hide the tat with a shirt or show it off with a low-back dress.

Butterfly tattoos also make for great arm or shoulder tattoos. They are a natural and timeless design that will delight your friends, and you’re unlikely to regret the tattoo down the road.

We also like butterfly tattoos because you can start small and work your way up. Today’s modest butterfly tat may become tomorrow’s sleeve quite easily.

Letting Your Ink Fly

Only time will tell if Michelle Williams is Butterfly or not. But you can find more about tattoos each and every week!

Here at Tattooing 101, we bring you the biggest tattoo news each and every week. Be sure to bookmark our site to get the latest about all things ink.

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The Aaron Carter Face Tattoo: All You Need to Know

aaron carter top image.jpg

Image from The Blast

We don’t keep track of celebrity news that often; we prefer to focus on all things ink. But sometimes, the celebrity world and tattoo world collide. Just ask Aaron Carter!

For a hot minute, it seemed like all anyone could talk about was the Aaron Carter face tattoo. And that left the rest of us wondering what all of this was about.

That’s why we put together this handy guide. If you’re wondering who Carter is, why this is important, and what’s happening next, we’ve got you covered!

Who Is This Guy?


Image from Wikipedia

In his early life, Aaron Carter lived in the shadow of his brother. That’s because his brother is Nick Carter, one of the members of The Backstreet Boys who later branched into solo albums and occasional acting gigs.

Aaron Carter tried to follow in his footsteps with mixed results. Aaron has had his own music and acting career, and his early albums (dating back to the late 1990s) were quite popular.

Subsequent years have been less kind. He has filed for bankruptcy, clashed with law enforcement, and entered into drug rehabilitation. It looked like things might be improving…until the face tattoo.

What Is This Tattoo?

rihanna british gq cover medusa.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Let’s not mince words: this is an ugly tattoo. After you get done gawking at it, your first question is likely “what the hell am I looking at?”

As near as we can tell, the tattoo is of musical icon Rihanna. And not just any Rihanna image: the Aaron Carter face tattoo seems to be based on her British GQ cover photo that was shot by art legend Damian Hirst.

Carter later claimed it was inspired by Rihanna but not necessarily a likeness of her. Which is good because, as tattoo likenesses go, this isn’t great.

What’s the Big Deal?

aaron carter what is big deal.jpg

Image from The Gatton Star

You might be thinking “a celebrity got an ugly tattoo. What’s the big deal?” The answer lies with some of Aaron’s other drama.

At the time of the tattoo, he was actually in the middle of a serious legal drama with his brother, Nick Carter, and his sister, Angel Carter. This goes beyond the standard “rap beef” because he has allegedly threatened to kill both his siblings and their families.

They now have a restraining order against him and he will be appearing in court as a result. In the middle of all of this, he suddenly gets an insane face tattoo of another musician.

There are other wrinkles to this drama. According to his tattoo artist, Aaron originally wanted the tattoo in the middle of his face. And the celebrity actually got multiple face tattoos before the artist called it quits because he couldn’t live with covering Aaron’s entire face in ink.

Taken altogether, this is a really bad look for Aaron Carter. And we’re not just talking about the tat.

The Aaron Carter Face Tattoo: What’s Next?

What will happen next with this drama involving siblings, court, and a whole lot of ink? The honest answer is that we’re not quite sure.

Carter has pledged to show up for court to contest the restraining orders against him. Whether this somehow leads to a family reconciliation or more fighting is anyone’s guess.

For further developments in the world of ink (and more of the world’s craziest tattoos), stay tuned to Tattooing 101!

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