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The Aaron Carter Face Tattoo: All You Need to Know

aaron carter top image.jpg

Image from The Blast

We don’t keep track of celebrity news that often; we prefer to focus on all things ink. But sometimes, the celebrity world and tattoo world collide. Just ask Aaron Carter!

For a hot minute, it seemed like all anyone could talk about was the Aaron Carter face tattoo. And that left the rest of us wondering what all of this was about.

That’s why we put together this handy guide. If you’re wondering who Carter is, why this is important, and what’s happening next, we’ve got you covered!

Who Is This Guy?


Image from Wikipedia

In his early life, Aaron Carter lived in the shadow of his brother. That’s because his brother is Nick Carter, one of the members of The Backstreet Boys who later branched into solo albums and occasional acting gigs.

Aaron Carter tried to follow in his footsteps with mixed results. Aaron has had his own music and acting career, and his early albums (dating back to the late 1990s) were quite popular.

Subsequent years have been less kind. He has filed for bankruptcy, clashed with law enforcement, and entered into drug rehabilitation. It looked like things might be improving…until the face tattoo.

What Is This Tattoo?

rihanna british gq cover medusa.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Let’s not mince words: this is an ugly tattoo. After you get done gawking at it, your first question is likely “what the hell am I looking at?”

As near as we can tell, the tattoo is of musical icon Rihanna. And not just any Rihanna image: the Aaron Carter face tattoo seems to be based on her British GQ cover photo that was shot by art legend Damian Hirst.

Carter later claimed it was inspired by Rihanna but not necessarily a likeness of her. Which is good because, as tattoo likenesses go, this isn’t great.

What’s the Big Deal?

aaron carter what is big deal.jpg

Image from The Gatton Star

You might be thinking “a celebrity got an ugly tattoo. What’s the big deal?” The answer lies with some of Aaron’s other drama.

At the time of the tattoo, he was actually in the middle of a serious legal drama with his brother, Nick Carter, and his sister, Angel Carter. This goes beyond the standard “rap beef” because he has allegedly threatened to kill both his siblings and their families.

They now have a restraining order against him and he will be appearing in court as a result. In the middle of all of this, he suddenly gets an insane face tattoo of another musician.

There are other wrinkles to this drama. According to his tattoo artist, Aaron originally wanted the tattoo in the middle of his face. And the celebrity actually got multiple face tattoos before the artist called it quits because he couldn’t live with covering Aaron’s entire face in ink.

Taken altogether, this is a really bad look for Aaron Carter. And we’re not just talking about the tat.

The Aaron Carter Face Tattoo: What’s Next?

What will happen next with this drama involving siblings, court, and a whole lot of ink? The honest answer is that we’re not quite sure.

Carter has pledged to show up for court to contest the restraining orders against him. Whether this somehow leads to a family reconciliation or more fighting is anyone’s guess.

For further developments in the world of ink (and more of the world’s craziest tattoos), stay tuned to Tattooing 101!

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Green Screen Tattoo: Video Killed the Radio Star

rick and morty green screen tattoo

Image from BuzzFeed

Recently, a tattoo clip from 2018 went viral again. It featured two favorite cartoon characters, Rick and Morty. That wasn’t what was impressive, though. It was the fact that it was a video!

Well…sort of.

The sweet tattoo was created by Roy Lee Rowlett. He read a concept of how a green screen tattoo could work and decided to bring it to life.

But is this the wave of the future for tattoos? Or just a temporary fad? Keep reading to learn all about it!

How Does It Work?


Image from Tim Lease Tattoos

So, we’ll start by ruining this magic trick right away. How does this seemingly interactive tattoo work? It’s through the kind of green screen (or chromakey) technology that Hollywood has been using for years.

In heavy FX movies like Avengers: Endgame, stars usually act in front of a massive green screen. Later, fancy computer technology can replace that green screen with anything from still images to complex video.

Nowadays, various green screen apps are available for your smartphone. You don’t need a tattoo to play around with this: you can grab an app and a green piece of construction paper and go to town!

This is what we’re seeing in the viral video: it is recorded by smartphone using one of those apps, and the app is replacing the green of the tattoo with video from the Rick and Morty TV show.

Why Green?

silly green screen weather

Image from Vidooly

This may leave you with a simple question: why are green screens green? As it turns out, there is nothing inherently special about this color.

The right chromakey apps could technically filter out a screen of any color. However, other colors (like brown or black) are likely to be in a person’s clothes, hair, shoes, etc. That means the app would suddenly make their bodies, faces, and feet look super weird!

Bright green was chosen as a color unlikely to appear on actors. Unless wardrobe gives someone a neon green shirt, they have nothing to worry about.

Lasting Appeal (Or Not)

powerpuff green screen tattoos

Image from Green Screen Tattoos

So when it comes to these tattoos, we have good news and we have bad news. The good news is that they are easy to get and easy to play around with: no special ink is required, and you can find a variety of cheap (and even free) chromakey apps for your phone.

The bad news is that these tattoos are only cool in context. Sure, it’s going to be amazingly impressive when you show it to someone at a party. But without a phone and a special app, you’re just someone with a bright green splotch of a tattoo.

Your mileage may vary, but this isn’t exactly impressive in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Now you have learned more about the green screen tattoo and how the “magic” works. But do you know where you can find out even more about the latest and greatest tattoo trends?

Here at Tattooing 101, we bring the world of ink to life each and every week. Be sure to bookmark our page for the latest tattoo news you can use.

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Stranger Things Tattoos: Straight From the “Upside Down”

The third season of Stranger Things has now premiered on Netflix. It brings back favorite characters like Eleven and Sherriff Hopper as they once again battle otherworldly evil and weird human conspiracy.

In the show, our characters contend with mysterious things that come from another world known as “the Upside Down.” Meanwhile, in our own world, the Stranger Things universe is leaking out in the form of awesome tattoos!

Want to know all about the Stranger Things tattoos and other ink on your favorite cast members? Heat yourself an Eggo and keep reading!

What’s In a Name?

matthew lewis tattoo

Image from @mattdavelewis

In a way, a tattoo is at the very heart of the Stranger Things story. That’s because a tattoo is how we know Eleven’s name.

Her character’s backstory involves being part of a science experiment that ultimately gave her fantastic powers. It also left her with a forearm tattoo of the number eleven.

Since her memories of the past are fuzzy, the main characters simply call her “Eleven” (or sometimes “El” for short) throughout the series.

And while Eleven Actor Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t have ink in real life, she was an ink inspiration: actor Matthew Lewis (known for playing Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series) got the number “eleven” in Roman numerals to honor Brown and her performance.

One Ring to Rule Them All


Image from Reddit

This show is all about bringing the 80’s back to life. Sometimes that extends to the casting, as when Sean Astin (famous for the iconic 80’s movie Goonies) guest-starred in the second season.

Sadly, Sean Astin didn’t get any new ink to represent his time in Stranger Things. However, he is sporting an iconic tattoo from his previous performances as Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Astin, along with with the core “Fellowship” cast, each got the number “9” written in Elvish as a tattoo. It represents their in-universe Fellowship of the Ring as well as the offscreen bond that all of them formed while filming.

80’s Icon

winona ryder tattoo

Image from Vanishing Tattoo

Another 80’s icon at the center of the show is Winona Ryder. After playing roles as a young ingenue throughout the 80’s and 90’s, she now portrays the mother to Will, a character with a special connection to the Upside Down.

Ryder has a tattoo, but it is very modest: she got an artistic forearm tattoo back in 2012, and she hasn’t said much about it.

It’s possible she learned not to say too much about or go too far with ink thanks to her ex, Jonny Depp. During their engagement, he got a tattoo that read “Winona Forever.” After their breakup, the cheeky Depp had it altered to simply read “Wino Forever.”

And here you thought he was more of a rum kind of guy!

Like a Big Pizza Pie

pizza tattoo

Image from Inkbox

While it’s no full “Fellowship,” several Stranger Things actors got tattoos (sort of) to commemorate their second season.

When the season was over, Finn Wolfhard, Natalia Dyer, and Charlie Heaton each got a matching pizza slice tattoo. Sadly, these tattoos were only temporary. Maybe they learned their lesson from Ryder’s tales of Depp and his tattoo regret!

Stranger Things Tattoos: Final Thoughts

We don’t know what’s going to happen next with Stranger Things. But we’ll be the first to know what happens with Stranger Things tattoos and the wider world of ink!

If you want to stay on top of all things ink, don’t forget to bookmark Tattooing 101!

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Yoji Harada: The Passing of a Tattoo Legend

yoji harada 1

Image from Oh No They Didn’t

The world of tattoos is a world of legends. Beyond the amazing ideas and awesome ink are the talented tattoo artists that help bring everything to life.

Yoji Harada was one such legend. Unfortunately, he died on March 26th, 2019, at only 46 years of age.

Here at Tattooing 101, we believe the best way to celebrate a legacy is to take joy in someone’s life instead of mourning their passing. That’s why we put together our own memorial here for Yoji Harada.

Keep reading to discover more about the man, the myth, and the legacy he leaves behind!

Humble Roots


Image from Foto Community

Every artist’s journey must begin somewhere. And for Harada, his own journey started over in Japan.

Harada was born in Japan, but he moved to the United States in the 1990s. While he would visit Japan many times during the rest of his life, it was in America where he would discover fame and fortune that eventually turned him into an international star.

Fame Calls

yoji harada 3

Image from Inked Mag

Harada is most known for being a star on the reality television show Miami Ink. However, his path to superstardom on that show wasn’t as quick and direct as many people think.

First, he had to hone his chops as a tattoo artist. At the tender age of 19, Harada gave himself his first tattoo. It was a tat of his girlfriend at the time. And while their relationship wouldn’t last forever, Harada had found a new love: the love of inking tattoos!

When he got to Miami Ink, he still had to start at the bottom. He began the show as an apprentice artist, and he was one that the veteran tattoo artists loved to tease. Audiences then got to watch in real time as Harada made his journey form apprentice to full-time tattoo artist.

This helped to make him famous, and the world would soon discover all of the different talents that Harada had.

Hometown Hero

yoji harada 4

Image from Monsters and Critics

Harada had left Japan as a young man. When he returned to Japan after becoming a star, he was the absolute toast of the town. He even managed to parlay the fame into a brief movie career: Harada starred in a Japanese movie called Suicide Club. Be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart!

The tattoo artist also loved to play guitar, and he got a real kick out of posting his rock star pictures on social media for his adoring fans. By this point, you might think that Harada would settle for being both a famous tattoo artist and a famous musician. However, you’d be wrong!

Yoji Harada ended up becoming an international entrepreneur, opening up a tattoo parlor in the Netherlands back in 2016. It seems like he was poised for an awesome second act before he died at the age of 46.

Never Forgotten

We all mourn the passing of Yoji Harada. However, his life is a lot like his famous tattoos: he will remain an inspiration to old fans, new fans, and tattoo lovers all over the world long after his death.

In the meantime, we’re going to keep on celebrating everything about the world of tattoos. Be sure to subscribe to Tattooing 101 so you can stay in the loop!

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Ötzi and the World’s Oldest Tattoos

otzi discover magazine

Image from Discover Magazine

If you have tattoos, you’ve probably had “concerned” friends and family ask that annoying question: “what will those tattoos look like when you’re older?”

It turns out we now have evidence that they’ll look pretty damn cool. And it’s all thanks to Ötzi the Iceman!

Want to learn more about this ancient dude and his dozens of tattoos? Keep reading to discover all his secrets!

Initial Discovery

otzi smithsonian

Image from Smithsonian Magazine

Relatively speaking, Ötzi was discovered a long time ago. A couple of tourists in the Italian Alps found his remains inside a glacier back in 1991.

It turned out that he was older than anyone imagined: 5,300 years old! Furthermore, he was absolutely covered in tattoos.

The latest estimate has Ötzi at a whopping 61 tattoos. While that’s cool in and of itself, it turns out that these tattoos really tell his life’s story.

Tattoo Therapy


Image from Cultura Colectiva

Obviously, many people get tattoos for different reasons. Some people are honoring loved ones or memorializing the past. Others just want to look really damn cool.

It turns out that Ötzi’s main tattoo goal may have been a happier and healthier life. Some of the scientists studying the iceman found that many of his tattoos (made with charcoal, incidentally, instead of ink) line up with popular acupuncture areas on the human body.

Now, scientists cannot be absolutely certain of this because of the extreme age of the body. But some researchers are convinced that Ötzi’s tattoos helped him receive acupuncture. This is pretty wild because that would mean Ötzi was getting acupuncture over two thousand years before the first known use of that particular therapy!

Modern Medicine Man

otzi discover magazine 2

Image from Discover Magazine

For the longest time, scientists struggled to find out exactly what time period Ötzi belonged to. It turns out that his tattoos may have been an important clue pointing to the answer.

Even if he and his people didn’t practice acupuncture, it’s clear that the tattoos mark areas where his body was suffering. This meant that his people were interested in studying and ultimately finding ways to treat the human body.

That extended beyond the tattoos as well. His body was found with fern in his stomach (possibly used to treat issues like tapeworms), and his tools had special fungi tied to them that may have had antibiotic purposes.

All in all, it looks like Ötzi is a relic of our Copper age, and he (and his tattoos) have helped us understand that time period.

Something Just for Show


Image from Cultura Colectiva

Earlier, we mentioned that Ötzi had 61 tattoos. And it looks like most of them line up with areas where he was suffering and needed medical help.

What about the final tattoo? More recently, scientists discovered several tattoos clustered around Ötzi’s heart. And as near as they could tell, this area was not in bad shape like the other areas were.

While it’s possible that these tattoos were meant to treat something we can no longer detect (like mild chest pain), there is another possibility. Maybe Ötzi discovered how awesome chest tattoos could look thousands of years before Millennials would perfect the look?

Ötzi: Final Thoughts

You’ve learned a lot about Ötzi the Iceman and his cool tattoos. But do you know how to stay on top of the latest news in the world of ink?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 and visit us every week for news, reviews, and unforgettable articles!

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The Complete Guide to Jason Momoa’s Tattoos


Image from Inked Mag

Jason Momoa is famous for his tattoos. And the Jason Momoa tattoos aren’t limited to his fictional characters, either: in real life, the superstar is rocking some really cool ink all over his body.

Want to learn the scoop about all of his onscreen and offscreen tattoos? Then keeping going to discover our deep, Aquaman-esque dive into the world of Jason Momoa tattoos.

Khal Drogo

khal drogo

Image from Unilad

Much of the world first discovered Jason Momoa when he played Khal Drogo on the hit TV show Game of Thrones. In addition to his muscled build, the first thing people notice about this character are his tattoos.

Within the show, the primary purpose of the tattoos were to make Momoa look even meaner and sleeker than he already did, especially when the character was fighting. And this character ended up being very inspirational in the tattoo community: plenty of people have tattoos of phrases and symbols from his onscreen people, the Dothraki!



Image from IGN

When we first saw onscreen Aquaman, a few fans were confused. This super-tattooed superhero didn’t look a lot like his comic counterpart.

There are a few reasons for this, though. First, both director Zack Snyder and Momoa himself wanted Aquaman to represent Polynesian culture, and the extreme amount of body tattoos helped to do so.

In addition to generally representing this culture, Momoa’s Aquaman tattoos show him to be a fearsome warrior. Some of the tats include spearheads all over his arms that help to highlight a simple fact: this guy is a living weapon!

Finally, on a practical level, all those Aquaman tattoos help to cover up Momoa’s real tattoos.

El Diablo?

jason momoa finger tattoo

Image from Instagram

One of the simpler Jason Momoa tattoos is the one on his finger that reads “Diablo.” Don’t worry, though: it’s not as sinister as it sounds.

Momoa has said that this tattoo honors a friend who passed away. And he shows it off pretty often by flipping off the press!

Drinking Like a Fish

jason momoa matching arm tattoos

Image from Instagram

In the DCEU movies, we see that Aquaman loves some hard liquor. It turns out that Momoa does as well.

Look on his right arm and you can see a tattoo in French that reads “etre toujours ivre.” What’s it mean? “To be always drunk,” of course.

Gypsy Pride


Image from Pop Sugar

The right arm is pretty busy for Jason Momoa tattoos. The other side reads “Pride of Gypsies.” Why this strange tattoo? It happens to be the name of Momoa’s creator-centric production company.

Family Ties

jason momoa family tattoo

Image from Instagram

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen: Jason Momoa is tied down pretty firmly as a family man. Not only does he have a lovely wife, but he’s used ink to memorialize his children.

They stay close to his heart, quite literally: their names are inked directly on his chest.

The Real Aquaman

aquaman instagram

Image from Instagram

Arguably, the most noticeable Jason Momoa tattoo is on his left arm. It is a full sleeve of triangles that take up nine entire rows.

It’s a very striking look, and you’ll see it onscreen as well. Look closely, and you’ll notice this real tattoo has been integrated into his Aquaman look.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Now you know the scoop on Jason Momoa’s tattoos. But where can you get the rest of the news you can use?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 for the latest and greatest news from the world of all things ink.

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