Halloween Tattoos: When Spooky Meets Ink

scary tattoo top image

Image from ShishirBindu

Forget Thanksgiving and Christmas. For spooky season fans across the country, October is the coolest month of all. It’s a month of chilling movies and fun horror rides that culminates in Halloween.

Horror, Halloween, and tattoos have blended together for a long time. It’s why so many horror conventions such as Spooky Empire bring in tattoo artists who specialize in scary ink.

But which Halloween tattoos are the best to show off your scary side? Keep reading to get some haunting inspiration!

Scary Scars

bloody realistic tattoo.jpg

Image from Gericsek Tattoos

Many people opt for conservative tattoos that can easily be hidden with clothes, gloves, or shoes. If you’re willing to openly sport a big tattoo, it’s tough to go wrong with scary scars.

Such a tattoo can make it look like your head or back was cut open (or perhaps just patched together like Frankenstein’s monster). These tattoos are loud and sure to command attention in a crowded room, so make sure you’re fully committed to the Halloween tattoo spirit before you get your ink done.

You can also blend the “bold and bloody” tats with our next idea: 3D ink.

Power of Perspective

hand 3d tattoo.jpg

Image from Best Tattoos

While external monsters are scary, most of us are frightened by the idea of darkness inside ourselves. That’s what makes 3D perspective tattoos so effective if you want to get something shocking.

For example, these tattoos can make it look like the bones on your harm, hand, legs, or feet are practically popping out of your body. For extra scary points, you can have something scary peering from behind your bones as if they were prison bars.

Robot parts, alien exoskeleton…the sky is the limit on ways to make the inside of your body look downright creepy.

The Creepy Side of Normal

zombie disney tattoos

Image from Liverpool Echo

Speaking of creepy, there is a fine line between cheap scares and creeping horror, and you can use this fine line to your advantage!

For example, plenty of people have scary flash tattoos or realistic movie monster tattoos. If we’re being honest, that kind of ink is truly a dime a dozen.

To maximize scares, try to find a creepy version of something that is otherwise normal. Disney characters with haunting eyes or zombie versions of comic characters are just a couple of the ways that you can subvert expectations and get something seriously spooky on your skin.

In the right scenario, even children can be frightening. If you don’t believe us, go rewatch The Shining!

What That Mouth Do?


Image from Tattoo Ideas

Body horror makes for some of the most genuinely terrifying movies. When we see the body move or act in unnatural ways, it tickles the uncanny valley in our brains and makes us afraid.

You can use this to your advantage by getting tattoos of body parts in unexpected areas. A mouth (vampire or otherwise) on your arms or eyes on your hands may not seem scary by itself. However, these natural body parts in unnatural locations are sure to prompt some major gasps wherever you go.

Halloween Tattoos: When Ink Gets Scary

Now you know how to plan your Halloween tattoos before the big day rolls around. But do you know who will keep you in the tattoo loop long after you run out of candy from trick-or-treating?

Be sure to return to Tattooing 101 each week for the coolest (and spookiest) tattoo news. And we can’t wait to see what scary tats you boys and “ghouls” come up with this year!

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Traditional Portrait Illustration Tattoo: The Full Guide


Image from ParlorTattooPrints

Every tattoo fan is always on the lookout for cool new designs. Of course, sometimes “new” isn’t really new at all.

For example, the traditional portrait illustration tattoo is making a major comeback. Why is that? Because it’s a blend of something old and something new.

Wondering what’s up with this mixture of vintage and new? Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide!

What Is a Portrait Tattoo?


Image from The Tattoo Movement

To better understand the traditional portrait illustration tattoo, you need to first understand the portrait tattoo.

It’s relatively simple. In fact, it’s all in the name: a portrait tattoo is a portrait of someone rendered in ink. And these traditional portrait tattoos are usually characterized by an attempt at photorealism.

Such tattoos are typically inked in darker colors such as black or gray. This gives them a vintage look, though these tattoos are very easy to mess up.

Think about all of those “worst tattoo” lists you’ve read over the years. Chances are they were filled with bad portrait tattoos that didn’t look anything like the actual person.

What Is a Traditional Illustration Portrait Tattoo?


Image from Envatotuts+

As we mentioned, the danger in a traditional portrait tattoo is the photorealism aspect. If anything about the design, color, or textures is a little bit off, you end up with something creepy or silly instead of something deep and moving.

A traditional illustration portrait tattoo manages to sidestep this potential pitfall by ditching photorealism altogether. Instead, these tattoos blend the portrait likeness of someone with the kind of colorful and stylistic elements you’d find on old pin-up posters.

A well-done illustration portrait tattoo will definitely stand out in the crowd. In fact, there are several good reasons why you should steal this ink idea for your very own.

What Makes These Tattoos So Hot?

traditional illustration portrait tattoo 2.jpg

Image from Tattoo Journal

One reason these tattoos are so popular is the “return of retro.” In recent years, everything from Mad Men to Stranger Things has glorified the groovier parts of years gone by. These tattoos, in evoking World War II-era pin-ups, taps into a whole new vein of nostalgia.

These tattoos also offer both you and the tattoo artist a lot more creative freedom than a traditional portrait tattoo. With those tattoos, there is little room for color or creativity: the tattoo either looks like the person or it doesn’t.

With an illustration portrait tattoo, you don’t have to capture someone’s exact physical features. Instead, you are capturing their “essence”–their personality, charm, wit, and so on.

Finally, these colorful tattoos are more suited to different skin tones and fashion senses. The gray of a portrait tattoo doesn’t look awesome with every person, but these illustration tattoos come in every color that you can imagine.

The Traditional Illustration Portrait Tattoo: The End of The Line

Now you know a bit more about this “new” tattoo trend that channels a very big “back in the day” energy. But do you know where you can learn about even more emerging tattoo trends?

Be sure to return to Tattooing 101 each week as we bring you even more awesome ideas and inspiration from the world of ink!

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The Ultimate Guide to 3D Tattoos

3d tattoo faith

Image from Pouted Magazine

If you ask someone why they wanted to get tattoos, you’ll usually hear the same answer: “I wanted to stand out.” But what if you could do that with a tattoo that stands out more than any other?

More and more ink fans are choosing to get 3D tattoos. They look cool as hell, but many people who are on the fence about these tats wonder what they are and just how they work.

Want some eye-popping info on some eye-popping tattoos? Keep reading to discover our ultimate guide to 3D tattoos!

3d tattoo robot hand

Image from Tattoo Designs

Is It Really 3D?

The first question most people have: is it really 3D? The short answer to this is “no.” At the end of the day, this is still a two-dimensional piece of art that you get on your body.

The 3D part basically works as a kind of optical illusion. If you’ve ever seen still internet images seemingly pop out of the screen, it’s the same basic principle.

How Do They Actually Work?

3d tattoo spider

Image from Anarhi

So, you know that 3D tattoos are an optical illusion. That leaves a bigger question, then: just how does the illusion work?

It all comes down to the lighting and shading on the image. These techniques can make parts of a tattoo appear closer and parts of it to appear further away. Put these techniques together and you get tattoos that practically jump off your skin.

Trust us: as cool as these things look online, they are even cooler in person!

Do All Designs Work?


Image from Scene360

Now you know more about how 3D tattoos are put together. However, it’s worth exploring what best practices are when it comes to design. Are all designs going to work well with 3D tattoos?

The answer to this question is “yes and no.” In the hands of a skilled tattoo artist, almost any image can be given an awesome three-dimensional treatment. However, some kinds of art naturally work better for 3D than others.

For instance, some people like to get 3D geometry tattoos. The combination of these shapes, shading, and lighting can create a tattoo that is absolutely hypnotic to anyone looking at it!

Endless Possibilities

3D Tattoo Designs Best of Best 3D tattoos in the world Amazing 3D Tattoo Design Ideas

Image from GaxOnline

While they’ve been growing in popularity recently, 3D tattoos have been around for a while. And one of our favorite things about these tats is that the design possibilities are pretty much endless.

Do you like skull tattoos, for example? With a 3D tattoo, you can make it look like bone is protruding directly from your arms! Are you a fan of superheroes? A good 3D tattoo can make it look like you’ve got the uniform of your favorite character hidden beneath your chest.

If you’re in the “go big or go home” camp of tattoos, then it doesn’t get much bigger and louder than 3D.

3D Tattoos: Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned a bit more about how 3D tattoos can bring your skin to life. But do you know where you’ll learn about the next big thing in the world of ink?

Here at Tattooing 101, we bring you all the news that’s fit to print, etch, or ink. Be sure to bookmark this site so you can get more hot info each week!

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The Tattoos Hidden Inside Avengers: Endgame

It didn’t seem possible, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is hotter than ever before. Avengers: Endgame ended up shattering all previous box office records and quickly became the only thing anyone could talk about.

While it’s cool to see our favorite Marvel stars in their colorful costumes, those costumes hold an interesting secret: some hella awesome tattoos!

The core Avengers cast has a real love of ink, and we’ve got the inside story on these tattoos that are hotter than the Infinity Stones after a snap!

Scarlet Johansson

scarjo back tattoo avengers

Image from Yahoo

When it comes to celebrity tattoos, the world has a short memory. And megastar Scarlet Johansson is proof of it!

We actually saw her awesome back tattoo back when Avengers: Infinity War premiered. However, it still came as a surprise to many of her fans when they saw it at the premiere for Avengers: Endgame.

The tattoo in question is a lamb over a sweet floral design. While this is her most prominent tattoo, she actually has 7 others. It turns out her body is a real canvas for some awesome ink!

Chris Evans

chris evans tattoo avengers

Image from Just Jared

As Captain America, Chris Evans is often seen as the heart of the Avengers. And because his character is often so squeaky-clean, many people mistakenly thought that this actor had no ink.

This is quite incorrect, as Evans is rocking 7 tattoos that we know of. On his left arm here, we can see the Taurus Zodiac symbol. This is actually his mother’s sign, and the tattoo is his way of keeping her with him at all times.

On his chest, we have a Buddhist quote. This represents the Buddhist teachings that helped him balance work and life as he became a global megastar.

He has other tattoos representing loyalty, his family, and even a friend who passed away. We may start calling this guy “tat” instead of “Cap!”

Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth tattoo avengers

Image from The Superficial

Chris Hemsworth’s body has been a cause of much inspiration (and even more perspiration) for fans all over the world. And while that body is a bit different in Endgame, you may be more surprised to discover what the body is hiding here in real life!

Compared to some of his costars, Hemsworth has very few tattoos. One tattoo on his right wrist commemorates the names of his children, while a tattoo on his right ribcage celebrates his bond with the MCU cast.

This bicep tat is our favorite, though. It’s from Dr. Seuss and represents all the places Hemsworth and his career have gone and continue to go!

Robert Downey, Jr.


Image from Insider

Like the rest of the cast, Robert Downey, Jr. is a real family man. Accordingly, he has one tattoo on his left shoulder to commemorate his wife and one tattoo on his right shoulder to commemorate his son.

Our favorite, though, is the one on his right arm. This is sometimes referred to as the “Avengers cast tattoo” because five of the original Avengers got this tat (with Mark Ruffalo saying “thanks but no thanks”).

It was ScarJo’s idea (since she loves tattoos so much), and it gave the core cast something that will keep them bonded together long after the credits roll!

Avengers: Endgame Tattoos…Our Final Thoughts

Now, you know the skinny about those Avengers cast tattoos. But do you know where you’ll get your next hot tattoo gossip?

At Tattooing 101, we bring you the latest and greatest in inky goodness. Be sure to bookmark our page and never miss a new post!

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4 Hottest New Tattoo Trends


Image from Joel Wright

When you want a new tattoo, you may already know exactly what you want. For many of us, though, it’s a big question. We find ourselves asking, “what are the hot tattoos right now?”

If you’d like to know the hottest new tattoo trends to fuel your tattoo ideas, don’t worry. Tattooing 101 has got you covered!


lettering tat

Image from Justin Turkus

When you think back to the first tattoos you ever saw, chances are that they were big and colorful.

However, recent tattoo trends show that this may have become a thing of the past.

One of the hottest trends is recent years has actually been minimalism. This includes scripted lettering tattoos and other “fine line” style tattoos.

This appeals to customers for many reasons. These small and intimate tattoos are easy to cover for work while still packing an emotional punch (such as the rise in Sound Wave tattoos). And as far as tattoos go, these are relatively painless to get!

Black and Gray

grey tat

Image from True Artists

Those fine line tattoos tend to have a particular color palette. In fact, these hot tattoos are almost always in the black and gray color family.

Part of this is because of the nature of the tattoo. If you’re having a quote inked onto yourself, for instance, these darker colors will help the words to more easily stand out.

Plus, the darker colors are likely to still be visible when your skin changes. From sun tans to wrinkled skin, the black and gray colors will ensure that everyone can still enjoy your tattoo.


istanbul tat

Image from Tattoo Ideas

Of course, tattoos with more vibrant colors didn’t go away. They did, however, take a new and interesting form: watercolor tattoos!

The name pretty much says it all. This style of tattoo is made to look free-flowing and

like…well…water! A tattoo artist is typically happy to do this kind of tattoo as it allows them to break out and really be creative.

Plus, these tattoos can be a great representation of your personality. If you are very dynamic and fluid, then you should get some ink that really represents this aspect of your personality!

Finger Tattoos


Image from Inked Mag

The oldest rule of business is also the simplest: “give the people what they want.” And that’s why finger tattoos have become more and more popular.

Historically, these tattoos haven’t been very popular with artists because the tattoos tend to fade over time. However, when customers come up with their latest tattoo ideas, “finger tattoos” never stop coming to mind.

Some customers like that these tattoos are small—it minimizes the pain and the tat is easy to hide.

Others simply like to add more expression to their digits, making this a great choice for people who talk with their hands!

Final Thoughts

Now you have some great inspiration for your own tattoo ideas. But do you know how you will stay on top of what the hot tattoos of tomorrow are?

To get the latest on art and artists from all around the world, stay tuned to Tattooing 101 for all that we think about all of the ink!

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Best Couples Tattoos for 2019

couples knuckle tats

Image from Tattoo World

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many couples are looking to make a “permanent” impression. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a fancy engagement ring to show how serious the two of you are. All you need are some matching couples tattoos!

However, there are about a million and one couples tattoos out there. Some are amazing and unique, and some…well, some are so last week.

Want some modern couples tattoo ideas that are as unique as your love? Keep reading to discover our guide!

Simple Symbols


Image from Nail Art Tattoo

Our advice when it comes to couples tattoos is simple: don’t overthink it. That’s part of why simple symbols make awesome tattoos.

For instance, one of you can get a lock tattoo and the other can get a key. Or you can have matching crowns to tell the world you’re the “king and queen.”

These are the kinds of symbols that will still be cool and meaningful dozens of years later. And that’s a pretty awesome way to show commitment!


tattoo engament rings

Image from Today

Speaking of symbols, the ring is an absolute classic. Ever wonder why wedding bands are so important? The circle shows an endless cycle of love and commitment that is never broken.

While wedding bands do a great job of showing commitment, some couples have started getting rings tattooed on their fingers. And this isn’t limited to married folk: matching rings are an awesome symbol for any couple wildly in love.

As an added bonus, the two of you won’t have to ever worry about losing your rings. The same can’t be said for wedding bands!

Help Each Other Finish

couples tattoos that will make your heart melt | hd wallpapers

Image from Unique Ideas

One classic tattoo concept is words and phrases. Whether it’s one meaningful word or an important quote or phrase, people have been getting words tattooed on their bodies forever.

A fun couples tattoo variation of this idea is to get a single phrase that stretches across both your bodies. That means you’ll have some of the quote and they will have the other part.

It creates a cool story to tell people when they ask about your partial quote. And in a very literal way, this tattoo symbolizes an important idea: the two of you complete each other!

Permanent Memories

disney couples tattoo

Image from Tattoo Arm

The key to any good relationship is actually shared experiences. Romantic ruts start with lifestyle ruts: if you’re never doing anything new, it’s tough for the relationship to feel very fresh.

By the time you’re shopping for couples tattoos, you will have had some pretty cool shared memories together. Our advice? Turn these memories into tattoos!

Maybe the two of you get matching palm trees to remember that awesome summer vacation. Or matching anchors to remember the time you went sailing together.

By making an important memory permanent like this, you give each other a new commitment: that you’ll keep on making awesome new memories!

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve got the hottest couples tattoo ideas of 2019. But do you know where else you will get the tattoo news you can use?

Here at Tattooing 101, we bring you the best bits of tattoo history, tattoo art, and tattoo inspiration. If you’re all about the world of ink, then hit the bookmark button to be part of our world!

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Inspiration, Tattoo Facts

Everything You Wanted to Know About Fingernail Tattoos (and Were Too Afraid to Ask)

fingernail tat 2

Image from Revelist

We like to bring you the latest in tattoo trends every week. This week, we’re shining a spotlight on something truly special: fingernail tattoos.

Most kinds of tattoos are easy to understand. However, these tattoos come in many different forms, and plenty of people get them for different reasons.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to discover the secrets about fingernail tattoos!

The Basics

fingernail tat 1

Image from Metro

How do fingernail tattoos work? The most basic ones work exactly the way you would think: the tattoo artist puts the ink on a person’s fingernails instead of their skin.

There are a few big benefits to this kind of tattoo. First of all, it’s pretty painless: most people compare the process to removing nail polish. So, if you’re skittish about tattoo pain, this can be a good tattoo to get.

And second, these tattoos are very eye-catching. People will notice your colorful fingernails right away. If you are someone who likes to move their hands a lot when you talk, then the effect can be absolutely dazzling.

There is one obvious downside (though to some, it’s more of a blessing). Your fingernails are constantly growing. Therefore, no fingernail tattoos will last all that long. Within a few months—maybe less—no one will ever know you had a tattoo there.

An Extreme Option


Image from BME

Some people opt for a more extreme version of fingernail tattoos. These tattoos are actually underneath the fingernail instead of on top of it.

The biggest issue with this kind of tattoo is that your nail needs to be partially or fully removed first. While it’s possible to have a medical professional do this for you, most people who get tattoos in their fingernail bed do so after a damaged nail falls off.

Also, while a tattoo on top of your fingernail is pretty painless, a tattoo under your fingernail is extremely painful. In fact, this is one of the most painful areas to get ink done!

Finally, consider the obvious fact that the nail will eventually grow back. If you want to keep such a tattoo visible to other people, you’ll need to continue removing the nail.

All we can say to this? “Ouch!”

The Fake Fingernail Tattoos

catalano tattoo

Image from Riverfront Times

So far, we’ve focused on people getting tattoos over or under their fingernails. But these tattoos can be especially useful for those who don’t have fingernails at all!

Recently, Mark Bertram’s story (and his tattoos) went viral. Basically, he had two fingers that had been surgically shortened after an accident, and those shorter fingers lacked fingernails. He felt self-conscious about people looking at his hand.

That’s when inspiration struck. He had a local tattoo artist tattoo some fake fingernails directly to the ends of his fingers. And Bertram’s story has helped make the tattoo artist famous.

His ink was done by Eric Catalano. Previously, Catalano had used art to reconstruct nipples and areolas on cancer survivors. Thanks to the fingernail tattoos, he’s now got a rep as a body mod expert!

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned more about fingernail tattoos. But do you know where to learn about even crazier tattoo stories?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 to stay up to date on all things ink!


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