The Tattoos Hidden Inside Avengers: Endgame

It didn’t seem possible, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is hotter than ever before. Avengers: Endgame ended up shattering all previous box office records and quickly became the only thing anyone could talk about.

While it’s cool to see our favorite Marvel stars in their colorful costumes, those costumes hold an interesting secret: some hella awesome tattoos!

The core Avengers cast has a real love of ink, and we’ve got the inside story on these tattoos that are hotter than the Infinity Stones after a snap!

Scarlet Johansson

scarjo back tattoo avengers

Image from Yahoo

When it comes to celebrity tattoos, the world has a short memory. And megastar Scarlet Johansson is proof of it!

We actually saw her awesome back tattoo back when Avengers: Infinity War premiered. However, it still came as a surprise to many of her fans when they saw it at the premiere for Avengers: Endgame.

The tattoo in question is a lamb over a sweet floral design. While this is her most prominent tattoo, she actually has 7 others. It turns out her body is a real canvas for some awesome ink!

Chris Evans

chris evans tattoo avengers

Image from Just Jared

As Captain America, Chris Evans is often seen as the heart of the Avengers. And because his character is often so squeaky-clean, many people mistakenly thought that this actor had no ink.

This is quite incorrect, as Evans is rocking 7 tattoos that we know of. On his left arm here, we can see the Taurus Zodiac symbol. This is actually his mother’s sign, and the tattoo is his way of keeping her with him at all times.

On his chest, we have a Buddhist quote. This represents the Buddhist teachings that helped him balance work and life as he became a global megastar.

He has other tattoos representing loyalty, his family, and even a friend who passed away. We may start calling this guy “tat” instead of “Cap!”

Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth tattoo avengers

Image from The Superficial

Chris Hemsworth’s body has been a cause of much inspiration (and even more perspiration) for fans all over the world. And while that body is a bit different in Endgame, you may be more surprised to discover what the body is hiding here in real life!

Compared to some of his costars, Hemsworth has very few tattoos. One tattoo on his right wrist commemorates the names of his children, while a tattoo on his right ribcage celebrates his bond with the MCU cast.

This bicep tat is our favorite, though. It’s from Dr. Seuss and represents all the places Hemsworth and his career have gone and continue to go!

Robert Downey, Jr.


Image from Insider

Like the rest of the cast, Robert Downey, Jr. is a real family man. Accordingly, he has one tattoo on his left shoulder to commemorate his wife and one tattoo on his right shoulder to commemorate his son.

Our favorite, though, is the one on his right arm. This is sometimes referred to as the “Avengers cast tattoo” because five of the original Avengers got this tat (with Mark Ruffalo saying “thanks but no thanks”).

It was ScarJo’s idea (since she loves tattoos so much), and it gave the core cast something that will keep them bonded together long after the credits roll!

Avengers: Endgame Tattoos…Our Final Thoughts

Now, you know the skinny about those Avengers cast tattoos. But do you know where you’ll get your next hot tattoo gossip?

At Tattooing 101, we bring you the latest and greatest in inky goodness. Be sure to bookmark our page and never miss a new post!

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4 Hottest New Tattoo Trends


Image from Joel Wright

When you want a new tattoo, you may already know exactly what you want. For many of us, though, it’s a big question. We find ourselves asking, “what are the hot tattoos right now?”

If you’d like to know the hottest new tattoo trends to fuel your tattoo ideas, don’t worry. Tattooing 101 has got you covered!


lettering tat

Image from Justin Turkus

When you think back to the first tattoos you ever saw, chances are that they were big and colorful.

However, recent tattoo trends show that this may have become a thing of the past.

One of the hottest trends is recent years has actually been minimalism. This includes scripted lettering tattoos and other “fine line” style tattoos.

This appeals to customers for many reasons. These small and intimate tattoos are easy to cover for work while still packing an emotional punch (such as the rise in Sound Wave tattoos). And as far as tattoos go, these are relatively painless to get!

Black and Gray

grey tat

Image from True Artists

Those fine line tattoos tend to have a particular color palette. In fact, these hot tattoos are almost always in the black and gray color family.

Part of this is because of the nature of the tattoo. If you’re having a quote inked onto yourself, for instance, these darker colors will help the words to more easily stand out.

Plus, the darker colors are likely to still be visible when your skin changes. From sun tans to wrinkled skin, the black and gray colors will ensure that everyone can still enjoy your tattoo.


istanbul tat

Image from Tattoo Ideas

Of course, tattoos with more vibrant colors didn’t go away. They did, however, take a new and interesting form: watercolor tattoos!

The name pretty much says it all. This style of tattoo is made to look free-flowing and

like…well…water! A tattoo artist is typically happy to do this kind of tattoo as it allows them to break out and really be creative.

Plus, these tattoos can be a great representation of your personality. If you are very dynamic and fluid, then you should get some ink that really represents this aspect of your personality!

Finger Tattoos


Image from Inked Mag

The oldest rule of business is also the simplest: “give the people what they want.” And that’s why finger tattoos have become more and more popular.

Historically, these tattoos haven’t been very popular with artists because the tattoos tend to fade over time. However, when customers come up with their latest tattoo ideas, “finger tattoos” never stop coming to mind.

Some customers like that these tattoos are small—it minimizes the pain and the tat is easy to hide.

Others simply like to add more expression to their digits, making this a great choice for people who talk with their hands!

Final Thoughts

Now you have some great inspiration for your own tattoo ideas. But do you know how you will stay on top of what the hot tattoos of tomorrow are?

To get the latest on art and artists from all around the world, stay tuned to Tattooing 101 for all that we think about all of the ink!

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Best Couples Tattoos for 2019

couples knuckle tats

Image from Tattoo World

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many couples are looking to make a “permanent” impression. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a fancy engagement ring to show how serious the two of you are. All you need are some matching couples tattoos!

However, there are about a million and one couples tattoos out there. Some are amazing and unique, and some…well, some are so last week.

Want some modern couples tattoo ideas that are as unique as your love? Keep reading to discover our guide!

Simple Symbols


Image from Nail Art Tattoo

Our advice when it comes to couples tattoos is simple: don’t overthink it. That’s part of why simple symbols make awesome tattoos.

For instance, one of you can get a lock tattoo and the other can get a key. Or you can have matching crowns to tell the world you’re the “king and queen.”

These are the kinds of symbols that will still be cool and meaningful dozens of years later. And that’s a pretty awesome way to show commitment!


tattoo engament rings

Image from Today

Speaking of symbols, the ring is an absolute classic. Ever wonder why wedding bands are so important? The circle shows an endless cycle of love and commitment that is never broken.

While wedding bands do a great job of showing commitment, some couples have started getting rings tattooed on their fingers. And this isn’t limited to married folk: matching rings are an awesome symbol for any couple wildly in love.

As an added bonus, the two of you won’t have to ever worry about losing your rings. The same can’t be said for wedding bands!

Help Each Other Finish

couples tattoos that will make your heart melt | hd wallpapers

Image from Unique Ideas

One classic tattoo concept is words and phrases. Whether it’s one meaningful word or an important quote or phrase, people have been getting words tattooed on their bodies forever.

A fun couples tattoo variation of this idea is to get a single phrase that stretches across both your bodies. That means you’ll have some of the quote and they will have the other part.

It creates a cool story to tell people when they ask about your partial quote. And in a very literal way, this tattoo symbolizes an important idea: the two of you complete each other!

Permanent Memories

disney couples tattoo

Image from Tattoo Arm

The key to any good relationship is actually shared experiences. Romantic ruts start with lifestyle ruts: if you’re never doing anything new, it’s tough for the relationship to feel very fresh.

By the time you’re shopping for couples tattoos, you will have had some pretty cool shared memories together. Our advice? Turn these memories into tattoos!

Maybe the two of you get matching palm trees to remember that awesome summer vacation. Or matching anchors to remember the time you went sailing together.

By making an important memory permanent like this, you give each other a new commitment: that you’ll keep on making awesome new memories!

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve got the hottest couples tattoo ideas of 2019. But do you know where else you will get the tattoo news you can use?

Here at Tattooing 101, we bring you the best bits of tattoo history, tattoo art, and tattoo inspiration. If you’re all about the world of ink, then hit the bookmark button to be part of our world!

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Inspiration, Tattoo Facts

Everything You Wanted to Know About Fingernail Tattoos (and Were Too Afraid to Ask)

fingernail tat 2

Image from Revelist

We like to bring you the latest in tattoo trends every week. This week, we’re shining a spotlight on something truly special: fingernail tattoos.

Most kinds of tattoos are easy to understand. However, these tattoos come in many different forms, and plenty of people get them for different reasons.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to discover the secrets about fingernail tattoos!

The Basics

fingernail tat 1

Image from Metro

How do fingernail tattoos work? The most basic ones work exactly the way you would think: the tattoo artist puts the ink on a person’s fingernails instead of their skin.

There are a few big benefits to this kind of tattoo. First of all, it’s pretty painless: most people compare the process to removing nail polish. So, if you’re skittish about tattoo pain, this can be a good tattoo to get.

And second, these tattoos are very eye-catching. People will notice your colorful fingernails right away. If you are someone who likes to move their hands a lot when you talk, then the effect can be absolutely dazzling.

There is one obvious downside (though to some, it’s more of a blessing). Your fingernails are constantly growing. Therefore, no fingernail tattoos will last all that long. Within a few months—maybe less—no one will ever know you had a tattoo there.

An Extreme Option


Image from BME

Some people opt for a more extreme version of fingernail tattoos. These tattoos are actually underneath the fingernail instead of on top of it.

The biggest issue with this kind of tattoo is that your nail needs to be partially or fully removed first. While it’s possible to have a medical professional do this for you, most people who get tattoos in their fingernail bed do so after a damaged nail falls off.

Also, while a tattoo on top of your fingernail is pretty painless, a tattoo under your fingernail is extremely painful. In fact, this is one of the most painful areas to get ink done!

Finally, consider the obvious fact that the nail will eventually grow back. If you want to keep such a tattoo visible to other people, you’ll need to continue removing the nail.

All we can say to this? “Ouch!”

The Fake Fingernail Tattoos

catalano tattoo

Image from Riverfront Times

So far, we’ve focused on people getting tattoos over or under their fingernails. But these tattoos can be especially useful for those who don’t have fingernails at all!

Recently, Mark Bertram’s story (and his tattoos) went viral. Basically, he had two fingers that had been surgically shortened after an accident, and those shorter fingers lacked fingernails. He felt self-conscious about people looking at his hand.

That’s when inspiration struck. He had a local tattoo artist tattoo some fake fingernails directly to the ends of his fingers. And Bertram’s story has helped make the tattoo artist famous.

His ink was done by Eric Catalano. Previously, Catalano had used art to reconstruct nipples and areolas on cancer survivors. Thanks to the fingernail tattoos, he’s now got a rep as a body mod expert!

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned more about fingernail tattoos. But do you know where to learn about even crazier tattoo stories?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 to stay up to date on all things ink!


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4 Best Side Boob and Under Boob Tattoo Ideas

underboob central image

Image from Tattoo Designs

Many people like to show off their tattoos. That’s why they get them in places like arms, shoulders, and feet: more people can see the tattoo that way.

However, it’s also fun to have more intimate tattoos. This is why side boob and underboob tattoos have become more and more popular: it makes for a fun discovery for your lover.

Curious about getting an intimate tattoo of your own? We’ve brought you the four best side boob and underboob tattoo ideas!

Floral Patterns

side boob floral tattoo

Image from @david_tattoos

When it comes to side boob tattoo ideas, it’s tough to go wrong with floral patterns. These flowers can be arranged in a nice arch to accentuate your existing curves, and they make your naked body look like it’s constantly blossoming.

As a bonus, floral tattoos come in all kinds of colors. That makes it very easy to find the perfect color to make your skin tone “pop,” which is especially important if you have paler skin.

Tasteful Text

side boob cursive writing tattoo

Image from someecards

Flowers not really your thing? Don’t worry: you can always add some tasteful text to your growing list of side boob tattoo ideas!

Like the flowers, it’s easy to arrange text in a curve or other shape that accentuates your natural appearance. And while it’s not mandatory, making the text cursive makes it seem very classy and upscale.

Finally, a text tattoo gives you a lot of room to get creative. From lovers’ names to favorite quotes, there’s room for just about anything.

A Real “Centerpiece”

sword underboob tattoo

Image from GalKnows

You probably noticed that our side boob tattoo ideas were mostly profile pieces. This makes sense, as they are meant to be seen from the side. Underboob tattoo ideas, though, are all about the center.

Underboob tattoos tend to be bigger than side book tattoos, and they serve one main purpose: to draw someone’s attention to your breasts. Therefore, you should choose a design with an important central element in the middle.

Flowers can work for this purpose too, but some women prefer objects such as diamonds or crowns. For the truly edgy, a sword or dagger tattoo does the trick! Ultimately, any shape that draws a person’s eyes upward is great for an underboob tattoo.

Going in Circles

mandala underboob tattoo

Image from TheChive

If hard angles aren’t a good combo for your soft curves, then we’ve got more underboob tattoo ideas. Here’s one: embracing the art of circular design.

Designs like the sun and the moon make for good underboob tattoo ideas because the person looking at the tattoo will be drawn to the symmetry of the design. Plus, these tattoos are timeless, and there’s a lot of room to get really creative with the design.

There’s also room to meet in the middle (so to speak) with designs that do a bit of both. Things like mandalas or atoms are not perfect circles, but the approximate circle design still helps to show off your body in an exciting new way!

Final Thoughts

Done right, side boob and underboob tattoos can make you look and feel sexier than ever before. The trick is finding the design that’s just right for you.

To stay on top of the best tattoo ideas, be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101.

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Hottest Celebrity Tattoos of 2018

There’s just something about celebrity tattoos. These stars are constantly on our screens, in our movie theaters, and on our phones. And when you’re a tattoo enthusiast, it’s cool to see stars who share your passion.

2018 was a pretty powerful year for celebrity tattoos. Did you miss out on all this awesome ink? Don’t worry: we’re here to bring you the hottest celebrity tattoos of 2018!


Pete Davidson

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Inspiration, Tattoo History

A Guide to Russian Prison Tattoos

The ink worn and created in Russian prisons is a mysterious and often intimidating underside to the world of tattoos. Each marking represents a crime, a vicious act, a hostile set of beliefs or the bearers standing in the criminal underworld. For a cop, they can give vital information and sometimes enough to send that guy back to prison or even to save the life of the man with the badge.

We took a look at a new book – Thief in Law: A guide to Russian prison tattoos and Russian-speaking organized crime (Schiffer Publishing) written by our friend Mark Bullen, the former British police officer responsible for investigating the Russian Mafia, and training Western Europe’s police on Russian criminal tattoos. With more than 100+ original photographs taken in prisons and police stations by the author and other officers, the book decodes and explains what each of these secret criminal markings mean and explains how the Russian Mafia became so dominant in the world of organized crime.

The tradition of prison tattoos in Russia goes all the way back to the start of Stalin’s rule over the Soviet Union and the formation of the infamous Gulag network. Prisoners used tattoos as a way to show their resistance to the new rule of the Communist Party, a secret language using ink was born.  Crude images depicting the NKVD (the forerunner of the KGB) as devils, pigs or wolves and Lenin being displayed as the biggest thief of all became common, as did images showing where the owner was from or the crime that had caused his incarceration.

After the Second World War a split emerged in the criminal world and men began creating more intricate and discreet tattoos, these became a way of displaying their skills and past achievements to their fellow convicts. A feather showed the wearer was skilled with a knife, each tower of a church or castle showed how many terms the wearer had served in the zone and X’s on the hand showed how many escape attempts he’d made.

Russian female prisoners also started to tattoo themselves, not as crudely as their male counterparts, instead they’ve gone down a more melancholic and poetic route. Swans, violins, hearts and roses all denote the wearers’ sexuality or the part love has played in her life or why she’s ended up in jail. Phrases like may my love lie on you like a tombstone and grab grief, fall in love with me became the sort of thing seen on Russian female prisoners as they pass their time as part of the world’s second biggest prison population.

Marks new book is a wonderful companion for anyone interested in underworld tattoos, Russian history, or just a bizarre, often unpleasant landscape and is an easy, enjoyable read. Thief in Law is a fine encyclopedia of Russian prison tattoos as well as a guide to the country’s prison history and culture.

Thief in Law is available in to order now on Amazon worldwide, and will be in all good book shops in the USA after September. More information on the subject is on the authors website


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