AJ McCarron and The Art of The Chest Tattoo

  Image from Every Day Should Be Saturday Athletes have been some of the biggest proponents of tattoos for many years now. While tattoos enjoyed a notorious reputation for decades, popular athletes getting ink is often a sign for fans that it’s okay to finally get that dream tattoo. AJ McCarron is a former University […]

Halloween Tattoos: When Spooky Meets Ink

  Image from ShishirBindu Forget Thanksgiving and Christmas. For spooky season fans across the country, October is the coolest month of all. It’s a month of chilling movies and fun horror rides that culminates in Halloween. Horror, Halloween, and tattoos have blended together for a long time. It’s why so many horror conventions such as […]

4 Questions to Ask Your Tattoo Artist

Image from Eighth and Grand So, you’ve decided to get your first tattoo. And that means you’ve started asking Google the important questions, like “where is a tattoo artist near me?” However, it’s important to ask the artist certain questions in order to make sure they are a good fit. Keep reading to discover what […]

Biomech Tattoo: Your Ink, Evolved

Image from Improb Obi-Wan Kenobi famously described Darth Vader as being “more machine now than man.” It was meant, of course, to make Vader seem scary and inhuman. But audiences everywhere took one look at Vader and could tell how badass that machine man really was. Of course, no one wants to get nearly killed […]