How to Tattoo for Beginners

For people new to tattooing, the amount of information necessary to become a tattoo artist can be overwhelming. However, unlike most art mediums, where you can simply jump in and learn from trial and error, tattooing requires you to have some beginning knowledge. Without it, you could leave behind a trail of horrible tattoos. Or […]

How to Start a Tattoo Portfolio

If you want to land a tattoo apprenticeship then you need to build a rock-solid portfolio. To do this, you need to know what a potential mentor will be looking for. A well put together portfolio almost guarantees you an apprenticeship in the shop you want to work at. Plus, you won’t have to deal […]

Complete Guide On Tattoo Machine Stroke

New artists often struggle to get clean lines and smooth shades. Picking the right stroke length is the difference between a busted tattoo that can’t be fixed and a tattoo composed of crisp lines and flawless blending.  Using the wrong stroke can lead to:Needle stick injuriesInk pooling on the skin and covering your stencil giving […]

Complete Guide On Tattoo Needles

Choosing which tattoo needle to use when you’re just starting out can be overwhelming. There are countless variations and confusing box labels. As a tattoo artist, you must know how to read the box so that you are able to select the right needle for the job. Different needle configurations produce different effects on the […]

Complete Guide On Tattoo Ink

While basic pigments have been part of tattooing since its inception, technological advancements have enabled artists to craft ink in shades and tints of any colour as well as create new innovations like glow-in-the-dark ink. While you’ll find people using the two interchangeably, technically, there is a distinct difference between “ink” and “pigment.” Pigment is […]

What it’s Like to Work in a Tattoo Shop

Every tattoo shop is unique. From company culture and legal regulations to building layout, there are many factors that determine how a shop runs. Despite their differences, there are a few things that come standard in every tattoo shop. The Waiting Area: When a client walks through the door, they’ll find themselves in the waiting […]

Complete Guide On Tattoo Tubes

The tattoo machine would be useless without the tubes that hold the ink. By understanding the different types of tattoo tubes, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each, you can decide what works best for you. Tattoo tubes have two main functions:Regulate and hold the inkGive the artist something to hold onto Artists […]

Complete Guide On Tattoo Machines

There are a lot of important pieces to becoming a successful tattoo artist. One of those things is understanding your machine. While there’s an infinite number of things to understand, this article will service as a succinct overview by explaining:1. What parts are in every machine2. How machines turn electricity into your artistic medium3. How […]

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