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Tattooing101.com is simply about the art and process of tattooing…

I remember how difficult it was when I was first starting out. I wanted to learn the proper way by finding a mentor to apprentice me. However, just like with most other jobs in the world, every shop wanted me to have some type of experience. However I couldn’t get experience because I couldn’t find a shop to work in!

This led to me getting some equipment, and “figuring it out” on myself and my Navy buddies. Don’t do this! I dozens of unsafe and terrible tattoos, as well as hundreds of sheets of practice flash and drawings. I finally went back to the shops that told me know, with my “portfolio” and found a mentor that would apprentice me on two conditions.

I had to leave the military, and I had to quit ruining my friends’ skin.

Now that I’ve been tattooing more than a decade, I’m seeing many young artists coming into the shop looking for the right way to do things. They’re in the same position I was in 10 years ago. This is why we created Tattooing 101.

There is so much wrong and dangerous information out there, that up and coming artists who don’t know what to do are giving their friends infections and terrible, life changing (in a bad way) tattoo.

We’re here to equip you with the correct information to keep you safe.

With the ultimate goal of getting you into a licensed shop.

To current tattoo artists out there who are pissed that I’m “giving away secrets” and letting “outsiders” into our sacred industry… I get it. However I think something needs to be done about these young artists just “figuring it out” and ruining peoples skin in an unsafe way.

Everything I teach I’ve figured out on my own in my more than decade of tattooing. While I had a formal 3 year apprenticeship, the bulk of what I learned was through self education, seminars, trial and error, and traveling the world meeting other artists.


This includes not only the process of tattooing, but also about what it takes to become a tattoo artist the right and safe way. Before anyone can become a tattoo artist, a good understanding and background knowledge of the process, the equipment and safety procedure is vital. On this website, we will cover various aspects on the subject of tattooing from techniques, to equipment, to tattoo flash, even to tattoo dating.

Feel free to browse this entire site, sign up for the free tattooing e-course, or even write for this website. If you have good content you would like to add to this site, please simply contact us here.

Enjoy this website and if you ever have any questions, you can get in touch with us here.


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