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Tattooing 101 is the world’s largest online tattoo education platform. We’re setting the standard of online tattoo training by offering the only fully-comprehensive program available today.

what we do

Founded by professional tattoo artists ready to share their knowledge with the next generation, Tattooing 101 offers future tattoo artists an alternative to traditional tattoo apprenticeships. Tattooing 101’s Artist Accelerator Program takes students through 500+ high-definition video modules while offering support in a thriving and active community. 

500+ HD Learning Videos
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In short, we help aspiring artists chase their dreams by preparing them to excel in the tattoo industry, without having to put their life on hold for a 2-4 year long unpaid apprenticeship. The Artist Accelerator Program provides the knowledge needed to succeed both professionally and artistically, even for complete beginners who have never picked up a pencil or a tattoo machine before.

Lead Instructors


Canberra, Australia

Diabolik Tattoo
Newcastle, Australia

As Lead Instructor at Tattooing 101, Nathan has eight years of experience in the industry alongside the marketing expertise he gained while working with Diabolik Tattoo, a highly-rated tattoo studio in Newcastle, Australia. He uses this unique combination of knowledge to help new artists develop the skills they need to be successful in an increasingly digital world.







Lafayette, United States

Tattoo Studio
Lafayette, United States

An in-demand tattoo artist with over ten years of tattooing under his belt, Brandon owns and operates his own tattoo shop in Lafayette, TN. While he creates tattoos in every style, he specializes in neo-traditional and traditional tattoos. Brandon offers regular feedback and support to Tattooing 101 students in the Tattooing 101 Mastermind Group to help artists perfect their craft.




Other Instructors


While traveling internationally to learn from tattoo legends such as Ed Hardy and Hiroshi III and understand how tattooing masters perfected their craft, Jay completed multiple guest artist spots in tattoo shops worldwide. Along with his 11 years of tattooing experience, Jay got a degree in business to understand how to run a successful tattoo shop. This combination of experiences has allowed him to understand not only how to create incredible tattoos, but also how to turn that skill into a profitable business with multiple streams of revenue.


With over a decade of professional experience in the tattoo industry, Matt is an all-around artist with skills in graphic design, painting, graffiti, leatherwork, and more. Matt has spent time being tattooed by Lance McLain, one of the few living artists from the Sailor Jerry lineage. 

Why We Do It

The tattoo industry can be a brutal place for newcomers. Many tattoo artists gate keep necessary information to prevent new, talented artists from taking their territory and clients, only sharing their knowledge with friends and close connections.

Over time, traditional tattoo apprenticeships developed as a means of “protecting” the tricks of the trade instead of passing them on. While some apprenticeships can lead to strong relationships and incredible careers, it’s rare. Most apprenticeships require hopeful artists to work for two to four years without pay for 40-50 hours per week. Some mentors even require apprentices to pay up to $10,000 for their tattoo training.

However, in many cases, “apprentices” are not taught how to tattoo and are just used for free labor, often finding themselves spending days sitting at the front desk, cleaning toilets, scrubbing tubes, and running errands. When combined with the “hazing” of the industry (verbal, mental, and sometimes physical abuse), many apprentices walk away from their dreams having gained little knowledge about the craft of tattooing at all. 

In turn, the “secrets of tattooing” are kept hidden from artists with incredible potential. 

...aspiring artists shouldn’t have to suffer, starve, and sacrifice every day for years to pursue their financial and creative goals...

Tattooing 101’s lead instructors, Nathan and Jay, went through these brutal apprenticeships, and came to a conclusion: aspiring artists shouldn’t have to suffer, starve, and sacrifice every day for years to pursue their financial and creative goals. They created a new way to learn, and now they’re passing their hard-earned knowledge on to new artists through Tattooing 101’s online platform.

What to do next

As a professional tattoo artist, you get to be your own boss, enjoy financial stability through art, and find creative fulfilment in a highly rewarding career. If you’re ready to take the next step toward doing work you love and creating incredible art every day, then we’re excited to have you as a part of the Tattooing 101 community. 

Start your tattooing journey today with our flagship program, the Artist Accelerator. 

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